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  1. Well back in 1992 I loved my trikes and exo armour so gotta disagree.
  2. I reckon this is a clue that TOW statlines will be close to 8th Ed.
  3. Well, in the End Times survivors of Cathay sailed off to unkown lands with their Emperor … maybe through time and space to the Mortal Realms?
  4. Yellow - Black Templar Blue - Sister of Battle Red - Order of Azyr ranger or female stormcast with crossbow
  5. I wonder if AOS chorfs will come alongside Warhammer tw 3 xhorf dlc.
  6. Wonder if this is due to shipping problems in the UK tbh. Oh well, fine to see them drawn out. Wonder if the rest of the Sacrosanct Soul Wars will be in an SC bundle?
  7. Brexit supply issues potentially. A lot of UK retail is ahving trouble getting products to shelves due to labour and trucking problems.
  8. Reckoning a move from Ghur to Ulugu in 2022. Skaven vis Umbraneth.
  9. I think AOS has outsold WFB by a margin, so no worries. We've had an amazing 12 months of x3 new armies, Broken Realms and a new Ed. 40k has suffered with mostly books since 9th Ed was launched and I think they are brining stuff forward due to the app issue, but getting new kits into their biggest line is no bad thing. When the app gets out, and we get new books, I'm sure some kind of roadmap that we've seen for every game other than AOS would go down a treat. They need to invest more in a dev team for sure, but at this point in the project that is probably a bad idea. I'll be buying the Old World on day one, and still keep my 10k+ points of AOS.
  10. Well, if this carries on I’ll have to build that Titanfall themed Tau human auxillary project after all
  11. App is delayed - I suspect. Mad tying in a digital and phyiscal release like this. My guess is Kill Team and the tomes were swapped out for each other, due to this delay. Pure guesswork tho.
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