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  1. Unlikely wildcard, what about exclusive STL files?
  2. Lack of bits for conversions is one reason, but personally I love etb and ptf stuff.
  3. Well GW need to honour the contract and transfer them to the new platform free of subs or keep the current app up. Personally, I probably sunk £1k into digital comics. I hope they keep the platform up there. My job involves licensing digital content (Academic Librarian) and we have industry agreements in place to retain content if a platform goes under.
  4. Got mine from a not so local FLG. Here is live footage of myself and partner hitting that refresh button at 10am ...
  5. Betting Warhammer + will have all digital rules on subscription.
  6. Same here, I've been provisionally allocated a pre-order 'for the autumn' so I wonder if there will be waves of releases or some made to order stuff? -Never mind, caught up on the other stuff.
  7. What about local game stores with websites? Are they normally 10AM?
  8. Does the allocation after 10 come sequentially after the random allocation of the pre 10am sessions? Or are they truely random?
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