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  1. Keep in mind that september will be an AoS-heavy month with the Lumineth main release. 😉
  2. On the flipside it's also possible that november/december have 40k releases planned instead. For example the new Space Marine codex releases in October and GW have mentioned that the big chapters will be getting new supplement books after that, so those could be released then. There was also the teaser video shown a little while back that showed off new 40k models for a bunch of factions, so we have more concrete info about upcoming 40k stuff than we do about any eventual AoS releases post Sons of Behemat.
  3. Yes, Age of Sigmar does not have a default rule that stops abilities of the same name from stacking, which confused me as well initially. Other games tend to stop you from doing that.
  4. While you’re only guaranteed to lose one model to a failed test in 40k, you still roll to see of each other model then flees (when you fail a morale test one model flees, and you then roll a dice for every remaining model in the unit and for each 1 another model flees). Given how much inspiration 40k and AoS have taken from each other these last editions I would not be surprised to see something similar come to AoS in the future. We might also see Inspiring presence change to once per game as it just did in 40k.
  5. That is exactly what the guy you quoted said, not sure why you quoted and argued with him. 🤣
  6. Looks like a 32mm from all the photos. I have an old Wood elf mage who I put on a 32mm to use as a Cathallar as well.
  7. No, since you stop after the attack roll you never roll to wound or save and the artefact never has an effect.
  8. Main release for the army confirmed to be in september on the AoS facebook page.
  9. Any model in a unit that moves can move UP TO that unit's maximum move. So you do not have to move all the models in a unit the same distance, some can move 5", some can move 4", some can move 2" and some can even stand still (though the entire unit will of course still count as moving as long as at least one model moves).
  10. Just to briefly touch on this; yes, of course it's a pretty large number. Taking active part in an online community is generally something only a small part of any given fanbase does, regardless of whether that is miniature gamers, video gamers, grilling fans, people who cycle for exercise etc. Most people with a hobby or interest generally just go about doing that hobby or interest. Seeking out people online to actively participate in discussions about their interests is not very common.
  11. No, you do not double the wounds inflicted by the Black Fang. Monstrous Mount makes it clear that you only double the wounds inflicted by the Spider Venom rule. So if you roll a 6 to hit you will deal D3 mortal wounds from the Black Fang, and 2 mortal wounds from Spider Venom (1 base and +1 for Monstrous Mount), for a total of D3+2 mortal wounds.
  12. Ah yes, I understand. "At the beginning of the fight phase" and "at the end of the fight phase" are two specific, separate timings when certain models fight (those with rules saying so). If the Lumineth player has any models with such rules, you cannot use the Lightning reactions rule when these models fight. Similarly, if your enemy has any models that fight at the beginning of the phase then those also fight before your regular dudes like normal. After any "fight at the beginning of the phase" units have been resolved you then go on to resolve all regular combats, and this is when you a
  13. What do you mean? Each time it is your turn to pick one of your units to fight, you can pick another unit to fight as well. So in your opponent's turn your opponent will first pick one of their units to fight, then you will pick two of yours, then opponent picks one of theirs, then you two of yours etc. If it's your turn you start by picking two of your units to fight, then opponent pick one of theirs, then you pick two of yours etc.
  14. Correct, they can belong to the Great Nations. What they cannot do is be given our vanilla command traits or artefacts, since those are only for Scinari and Alarith heroes, and you cannot give those keywords to the custom hero. But as said, they can belong to a Great Nation and be given that Nation's trait and/or artefact.
  15. Until we get an FAQ we can’t know for sure, but it seems his mention in the spell lore is an editing mistake. He is not a wizard and does not have any rule saying he can cast spells.
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