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  1. I think you can if its the pdf type version, but not if you bought it through the app as it only works in the app and if you have an Android and an IPad, you have to but it for each app. Its not transferred.
  2. I don't think so as the errata changed the Dreadblade Harrows to 90 but they're 100 in the pdf AoS battletome and in the physical book but 90 in the 2020 GHB...
  3. Khorgorath done. Pleased with this one thanks to Duncan and his videos 😁 Just finishing the base off.
  4. Yup. I do think it's inevitable that electronic versions will be the way forward and physical copies will stop which is fine by me, the caveat being they use the full potential of electronic media, update the products fully and they are sensibly priced.
  5. Agreed. I didn't say how much I'd be willing to pay If it added things like how AoS Reminders and Battlescribe work, which IMO work better than the Warscroll Builder, then it becomes a better price.
  6. If I have to pay for an app then I would want the information in it to be updated regularly within that cost. I bought my first battletomes on the app and then found out they don't update them with the new errata so I then had to download that too. In my mind, a digital book can be updated with a new upload. I get the errata were free on the app but having to open different free apps is actually more of a faff than printing off the errata, cutting them out and putting them in the relevant page of the tome. (The other thing I was surprised about was buying the physical version and not getting a digital download too which seems a bit out of date.) Update the books and update the rules and I'd pay.
  7. Bloodsecrator and Bloodstoker done now. Just the Khorgorath and Mighty Lord of Khorne left!
  8. So that's the Bloodreavers completed for my Beasts of Khorne army. 5 Blood Warriors, Bloodsecrator, Bloodstoker, Mighty Lord of Khorne and a Khorgorath left to do. Why do I do this to myself?
  9. Well they're out of stock everywhere including from Games Workshop. So I'm either going to wait or get 20 Gors or a Slaughterpriest in the meantime.
  10. Well I have about £30 to spend at the moment so that's 3 x Bullgors, 20 x Gors or 10 x Bestigors if I want to build up my Beasts with models I can use with the Start Collecting Khorne or a Slaughter Priest if I want to add just to the Khorne side. The problem I'm having is that the more I look at the Bloodbound models, the more I'm tempted to go for a Bloodbound Khorne Army completely and just run the Brass Despoilers when I want to mix the two together! I hate this plastic addiction... said no one.
  11. And maybe get the Khorne book so I don't make stupid mistakes like that. Blooming keywords, I mean, who even uses keywords! 🤣 I'll look into the Daemon Prince too but I was going for Mortals (with or without the keyword )
  12. I'm new and not fully versed in the whole lore but my take was that the Grand Alliances were more thematic to allow for Armies with a SIMILAR ethic to work together on the table, it meant you didn't need the individual battletomes to play a game, where as now, time has moved on, battletomes are easier to get hold of for all factions and so the need to lump together thematic armies is less. Unless the GHB2020 says it, the GA's are still there and no one really knows what the new coalition table thing means in terms of the rest of the rules anyway so until we do, it's all speculation, however insightful that speculation is.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. So get Bullgors, get more Gors and break up the Bestigors. Got it. And there can't be enough Ghorgon love! All of this list is Mortal and so can't the Bloodstoker whip all of them when in range? It would be easier if I had the Khorne Battletome I guess! Also, don't the Gors count as battleline when running Brass Despoilers?
  14. “Hold this point you band of wretched souls!” screamed Gathus at the Horde of Chainrasps and the Spirit Hosts he had ordered to guard the edge of the Wyldwood. The trees had not seen a Slyvaneth in so long their magic had faded and it had no sway over the small copse, and so the taint of chaos had taken over and twisted the limbs into a deadly, unforgiving force. The perfect place to hide behind and use to your own advantage. The Nighthaunt had been sent by Lady Olynder to destroy a particularly troublesome Army of Beasts that were growing in stature and the victories were threatening the hold Death had over this particular region of Ghur. Having followed their trail, the Reaper Brigade, now lead by Gathus, had found them building a herdstone near to an abandoned Azyrite Town and so they waited. Gathus and Rasark were brothers in their mortal lives. Brothers who hated each other so much that, by a dark coincidence at the height of their hatred, they had both slipped out of their beds in the dead of night, travelled to each other’s homes and murdered each other’s families, only to return to their houses to find their own grisly scenes. The emotional destruction of their souls ended with a bloody fight to the death. As their souls left their bodies, Nagash took them for his own and forced them to be together for all eternity as Spirit Torments, taking the souls of others as they had taken the souls of their families. Having been summoned to Lady Olynder, Gathus had been placed in charge of the Reaper Brigade, taking the helm from Keldimir after his defeat in Witherdwell, and he was determined to show to the Mortarch that her faith was well placed. She had given him the Shadows Edge and the ability to Rule the Spirit Hosts and with these new powers he would rule the Reaper Brigade with an iron fist. Looking at the lay of the land, it was clear that the Beasts were looking to build on the Herdstone and were using the powers of Chaos to tray and pull a feral Ghorgon into their Army, so to strike now would be a better option than waiting. He had sent his brother, stripped of any powers and weapons, with another horde of Chainrasps to make a frontal assault on the Beasts and to try and draw the attention of the loose Ghorgon that was roaring and stamping around the old ruins. His surprise attack was Keldimir, to whom he had given the pendant of the fell wind, another gift from Lady Olynder, and 2 bands of Bladegheists that were travelling via the Underworld and would come up behind the enemy lines and attack the Herdstone and the Beasts around it. The Beastlord looked on as his Great Bray Shamen tried to tame the Ghorgon that they had found wandering through an old town. As the Ungors screamed during their sacrifice, the Chaos powers were amplified by the Herdstone and the Ghorgon was beginning to calm. It turned towards that Beastlord and sniffed the air. It blinked and took a step forward. Then in a heartbeat, its ears swivelled around, it raised its huge head, let out a most tremendous roar, span around and charged towards the trees line on the other side of the town. The Beastlord was confused until he realised that by living in Ghur, the Ghorgon had only survived on its own by fine tuning it’s senses to detect the faintest hint of danger, and had learned to face that threat with its full power. It was defending. The Beastlord shouted to his Bestigors and ran in the same direction as his tamed Ghorgon raced after the other followed by another Shamen. Rasark heard the Ghorgon crashing through the trees and could see above the ruins that he was heading for his brother. He had no care for him and pushed his Chainrasp further towards the enemy lines. He would be victorious, and his brother would be dead. The feral Ghorgon caught sight of Gathus and charged at him, the Chainrasps and Spirit Hosts rallied and attacked the huge monster as its butchering blades tore the spectres to pieces but they weren’t quick enough to protect him and the Beast launched a ferocious attack that Gathus had no reply to and before he even had a chance to fight back he was gone. The Ghorgon continued with his assault, sending all 3 Spirit Hosts to the grave and decimating the Chainrasps. The Reaper Brigade were in trouble and it hadn’t gone unnoticed. Lady Olynder rose from the Underworld. Giving Gathus the lead of the Reaper Brigade was a test. One which he had failed miserably and that could damage the Mortarch of Grief herself. This task was too important to have left to an impetuous gheist that was more pre-occupied with his brother than his allegiance to Nagash. If they failed here, Nagash would want answers. Quickly assessing the scene in front of her, she called for Keldimir to raise up and attack the Herdstone. It was being guarded by a Cygor and some Bestigors. If Keldimir could hit hard and fast enough the Beasts wouldn’t even know they had been defeated. As for the other Beasts, their leader and the others were too spread around to stop the Nighthaunt if they were fast and brutal. She turned to the Ghorgon and started to lift her veil. As mortal as the Ghorgon was, it’s bestial brain was unable to fully comprehend the horror that it saw and so where most lesser foe would instantly die, the Ghorgon remained and so she screamed the Wail of the Damned and then charged at him, her Maidens screaming alongside her. This was the beginning of the end for the Ghorgon. Keldimir, wearing the pendant of the fell wind, rose from the ground next to a huge skull of a terrible lizard and his Bladegheists formed up either side of him. The Shroudguard thought as one and in a blink of an eye he had formulated a plan instinctively and as he charged at the Shamen chasing after the Ghorgon and killed him swiftly with the Sword of Stolen Hours, the unit to his right charged into the Bestigors at the Herdstone and the other unit charged into the Ghorgon in the middle of the town. The Bestigors failed to see the danger as the Bladegheists hit like a Wave of Terror, killing them all before they sensed the danger. The Ghorgon, being alerted by the charge by the feral one, was not caught off guard and the Bladegheist had a fight on their hands but with Rasark and his Chainrasps almost there, it was a fight it would never win. Turning back to her own fight, she raised the Staff of Midnight and attacked, the Ghorgon writhed and roared but the damage was too much and as the claws of her handmaidens finished him off, she looked around. The Ghorgon was as good as dead, the one in the centre was too and Keldimir and his Shroudguard had made little work of those defending the Herdstone. Victory was hers. With her spectral power she spoke to all the Gheists in the Reaper Brigade. “All are one in Nagash” And in unison they all replied “Nagash is all”.
  15. Khorne Bloodbound Start Collecting on the way so my initial list will look this - (1740 points): Leaders Mighty Lord of Khorne Bloodsecrator Blood Stoker Battleline 5 x Blood Warriors (Goreaxe and Gorefist) 10 Bloodreavers (Reaver Blades) Others 2 x Chaos Spawn Khorgorath Battalion - Brass Despoiler Beastlord 10 x Gors (Gor Blades, Banner and Horn) 30 Bestigors (1 x 10 and 1 x 20 all with Banners and Horns) 2 x Ghorgon (I have a Cygor too so that could be used instead of a Ghorgon) Thematically I want it to look like a Beasts of Chaos army that have taken on some human followers rather then the other way around, although I am aware that it has to be Khorne Army and I lose all the BoC abilities. With that in mind. Where does this, admittedly not hugely competitive list, need bolstering? Suggestions so far have been 2 x 10 more Gors and to invest in some Bullgors. I'm happy with that. Are there any Khorne units that would help too, that maybe a Khorne Army needs to gel together better - Slaughterpriests for example?
  16. Excellent stuff! I'm going to have a look at what you've said and see what I can do with what I've got and then list build 😁
  17. Gotta feel sorry for the guy who bought 2019 last week after getting fed up of having it on the app... ...oh that was me then 🤣🤣 Not to worry. Something else to buy and hide from the missus 😂
  18. See. It doesn't take much Many thanks.
  19. I'm confused... although it doesn't take much to be fair. I don't see the difference between these two comments The Stormcast Eternal reserve mechanism is the Scions of Storm so what is the difference?
  20. I'm looking at expanding my Chaos army which at the moment is about 1500pts of BoC. I can put a lot of that into the Brass Despoilers battalion (2xGhorgon, 1xBeastLord, 30 Bestigors, 10 Gors) so they have the Khorne keyword so I'm just wondering what could be good options to look at next. I'm not after a competitive list, just a fun one that looks interesting and I'm not looking for a complete Khorne Army either as such, more one that thematically looks like a Beast of Chaos army with some Khorne hangers on. I'll need battleline and it would be great if I could a Blood thirster type/size model too. I don't have the Khorne battletome, or any idea really of what would be good. Any suggestions for battleine/centrepiece units that would fit with this theme and makes it all work, and also, what do I need to be aware of when adding BoC to Khorne in this way?
  21. Bear in mind that any buffs on either side, you or your enemy that would trigger in the combat phase don't count either as you would be fighting in the hero phase and not the combat phase.
  22. I'm new to all this compared to others but I would always charge my Bladegheists for the +1 and then a possible WoT and then move the Support up next turn. If you do it the other way, well any time to be fair, is that you could still end up with the Support charging and getting there but the Bladegheist failing. I'd rather have my Bladegheists in without the support than the support in without the Bladegheists.
  23. Thanks everyone. I think I'll continue on with my plan to get one then as I have 2 Ghorgons and a Cygor from the Start Collecting boxes.
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