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  1. Even with Indomitus it took over two weeks to have some rules after the unboxing. When it's close to release they won't shut up about it believe me.
  2. Battle trait: Gift of Prophecy: Once per phase, when a friendly units shoots or fights, roll dice. On a 2+ the unit has +1 to hit. On 1 it has -1 to hit. Command ability: Risposte: Pick an excelsis units within 12. For evry 6 save roll, the attacking units takes 1 mortal wound. Command trait: Cunning foe: can retreat and charge, and when it's used gains +1 to hit and-1 to be hit. In the right place: redeploy d3 units at the start of the first turn Darkest secrets: heroes within 3 cant use command abilities Artifacts: Glimmerling: once per battle, you can replace one hit, wound, charge, or run roll for the bearer with one of your choice. Rockjaw: Choose a unit in 8. On a 3+, deal d3 mortal wounds Gryoh-feather charm: add 1 to movement and -1 to to hit rolls targetting the bearer Spells; Amber spear: 6+, pick a point visible to the caster in 24, any unit under that line takes a mortal wound on a 2+ Flock of doom: 6+, pick a unit in 18 of the caster and roll 12 dice, for evry 6, that unit takes a mortla wound Cower: 6+ pick a monster in 12, roll 2d6 against his leadership. If you win that monster cant charge for the rest of the turn. Toughts?
  3. They montion them when: the races of mankind, duardin, and aelf have settled some of their differences and dedicated themselves to taking back as much of the Mortal Realms as they can. Likely talking about cities. Now i really want the detail becuase if it's like they write it's a pretty disappointing ending for the destruction substory... especially compared to the other books. Like all the buildup and it ends in nothing?
  4. Nope. But i have a storng suspect on when the next one will be.... https://ageofsigmar.com/?utm_source=WarhammerCommunity&utm_medium=Banner&utm_campaign=AoS11052021&utm_content=AoS11052021
  5. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/04/05/this-dad-and-daughter-duo-just-love-hunting-witches-together/ Our first new models. Coming with an unknown Broken realms book. They're really putting us in evry single one of them aren't they,
  6. In general a lot of the recent armies suffer from the fact that GW seems to be more intersted in releasing new armies than expanding the old ones.
  7. Yeah, forgot the mention they cant use the whole "ways of the free peoples" package.
  8. Okay it seems you can take daughters of khaine in the ususal 1 in 4... but you can only take darkling coven, ordo serpentis, scourge privateers and shadowblades. Priests get a prayer that makes hits roll of 6 count as 2. Command ability remained the same. Command trait:1) gain an extra wound and heal one at the hero phase 2) becomes a priest, if it is already can use the city prayer twice. 3) becomes a wizard, if they are already they can cast an extra spell. Relics: 1) pick a unit in 36, on 3-5 take a mortal wound, on 6 d3. 2) -1 to hit for shooting attacks that target units in 6 3) after using a command ability on a 5+ gain a coomand point Spells: keeps all the old spells, plu three new: 1) on 7+ a visible unit withing 12 gets +1 to wound rolls against it till your next hero phase. 2) 6+ casters can fly as if it has 16 movement 3) 7+ pick a visible unit within 18, roll 2d6 against their movement, for evry point higher they take a mortal wound.
  9. Reviews are starting to come out. misthavn ability is for evry duardin, freeguild and darkling coven, you can deepstrike one ordo serpentis, shadowblades or scourge privateers unit. Command ability is once per turn you can pick a unit that enters with the city ability in 12 of a hero, it moves d6 but it cant run. Command traits: 1) using the city command ability for free 2) on 6+ ignore wounds 3) becomes a wizard Narcotics: 1) heal d6 wounds, but you cant run or charge 2) can fly until the next hero phase 3) until the next hero phase, after your character fights and all the attacks have been resolved, pick an enemy model in 1, on a 4+ it takes d3 mortal wounds 4) till the next hero phase add 1 to cast and unbind roll for the user Relics: 1) once per battle at the start of the enemy shooting phase, enemy units subtract 1 from hit rolls for units within 12 of the bearer 2) once per battle, pick an enemy model within 3 of the bearer. On a 6 or lower than the enemy wound, that model cant attack. 3)add 1 to save rolls.
  10. The broken realm thing is a good news in more than one way: other than further radicating us, it also seems to focus on the dark elves side, which is one i feared was in the way of a squat because of malerion shadow elves. Doesent completly saves them, but it gives them some chances.
  11. Ok i finally realized that i probably wont have a physical game for a good while so i decided to go in TTS. Played two games: one againt gloomspite with goblin spam, and one against ironjawz. Remember when you guys told me i had little in term of rend? The second battle showed it clearly. I hoped i could bypass it by weight of dice.... and all i can say is that 6 hand of gorked gore gruntas proceeded to kill half my corsairs first turn. It pretty much setted to tone for the rest.
  12. 1: sorry for the super late reply 2:no. things are starting to reopen now in my country.
  13. Thank you for the advices guy! Now i have a clear idea of what to get... when the quarantine ends.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions! I comed up with a list, what do you think? Tempest eye Sorceress, general:hawk eyed, aura of glory Fleetmaster, adjutant, zephirite banner Hurricanum with mage 30x corsairs 20x dreadapears, retinue 20x darkshard 20x black guard 3x gyrocopters (anti horde) 2x gunhaulers (heavier targets) Emerald lifeswarm
  15. Long story short, i had ammassed a small collection of models before End Times. I was a fan of fantasy before and that killed the game for me at the time. After finding out about Cities i said to myself "why not?". I'm not sure were to go with what i have, any advice to make a list using like a 60% of this models? Anvilgard isn't a must. 20x darkshards 20x dreadspears 30× corsairs 10x drakespawn knight 1x kharybdiss Thank you in advance for the help.
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