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  1. 1: sorry for the super late reply 2:no. things are starting to reopen now in my country.
  2. Thank you for the advices guy! Now i have a clear idea of what to get... when the quarantine ends.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions! I comed up with a list, what do you think? Tempest eye Sorceress, general:hawk eyed, aura of glory Fleetmaster, adjutant, zephirite banner Hurricanum with mage 30x corsairs 20x dreadapears, retinue 20x darkshard 20x black guard 3x gyrocopters (anti horde) 2x gunhaulers (heavier targets) Emerald lifeswarm
  4. Long story short, i had ammassed a small collection of models before End Times. I was a fan of fantasy before and that killed the game for me at the time. After finding out about Cities i said to myself "why not?". I'm not sure were to go with what i have, any advice to make a list using like a 60% of this models? Anvilgard isn't a must. 20x darkshards 20x dreadspears 30× corsairs 10x drakespawn knight 1x kharybdiss Thank you in advance for the help.
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