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  1. To add to this, they CAN fix battalions for everyone with a generic change. Yes, it is possible, I know people have concerns for specific factions, but we don’t know the full scope of changes so we can’t say for sure they don’t have ways to mitigate the issues for those factions specifically. They cannot however fix all sub-factions with generic ones. I also think that generic doesn’t have to mean boring. The structure can be the same and still be interesting. They may even have generic battalions that are like take 3 monsters or whatever. Just my 2 cents.
  2. The rumour is they will be replaced by generic battalions.
  3. Hey, hopefully an example will help to explain this. If you have a unit with bravery 5, and 5 die, you roll a 1 for the bravery test, you would lose 1 extra model from the unit. (Bravery 5. 5 models lost + 1 from the dice roll = 6.) Another example. Bravery 10, you lose 15 models in the turn, you roll a 1. You would lose 6 more models. (Bravery 10. 15 models lost + 1 from dice roll. = 6) Any number of losses above your bravery plus the dice roll are lost.
  4. If FEC get rolled into gravelords, then we have 3 horde battleline options in skellies, zombies, and ghouls.. they all do basically the same thing. I would hope they differentiate them all from each other in terms of actual role in the army. I actually hope they do not get rolled back in, the hopes of it all being balanced would be slim.
  5. Curious which store told you this? I got told the same at the Chermside store in Brisbane Australia.
  6. I wouldn’t lose all hope yet. This is actually typical. They don’t write strong rules for sub-game models. Like underworlds, so this should have been expected actually, and the zombies / skeleton warscrolls are literally just the existing ones. It’s likely the SBG book will buff the army and vampires.
  7. Looking at the sprues on the website, I don’t think the hero’s will be split up in the actual SBG release. The two ogres and all the other hero “villains” except for the main ogre Vampire guy share the same sprue, that includes the Varskyr. It also looks as though the skeletons in cursed city are mixed arms and you can’t change that, as they are just two pieces per Skeleton making them practically worthless in my opinion. Edit: The zombies are also sharing sprues with the skeletons, as well as the bat swarms and zombie rat swarms, so these are clearly not the same sprues that will be used for AOS itself, but I still don’t see them releasing the heroes separately based on how they have laid out those sprues, if an individual release was intended they would have grouped the parts differently.
  8. Take a tidecaster, avalenor, and mountain spirit for possible -3 to be hit, combined with shining company for -4 to be hit. Of course it only affects one unit with the -4 but could be pretty hilarious against some hard hitting enemy units that think they can hit on 2’s. It’s also only 100 points for the tidecaster, but yeah, this is more just for the funny moment more than anything else. I doubt it’s a competitive option.
  9. Take 1 vanari legion and 1 Alarith battalion plus 1 Dawnrider unit and you have 2000 points. 3 drops, and best of both worlds. No Teclis though, and your taking min Units of stonegaurds to fit it all in.
  10. Do you guys think there will be situations where our wardens sit 3 inches away from the enemy, and wait for the charge, but the enemy just goes nope? Because I keep foreseeing this scenario in my head and it makes me laugh. Also I do worry that our army relies a little too much on castling, and we won’t be able to compete on objectives.
  11. For those interested in how my test model came out.. base is unfinished.
  12. The only other two considerations is buffing bigger units gives more benefit, but the only real buff in reality to give them would be speed.. all our other buffs are actually rebuffs to the enemy in the form of minus to hit etc. and bigger units can take more losses before losing shining company and the wizard status.
  13. Yep. blue and purple for his clothes, silver and gold for the armour.
  14. Just got to start painting... obviously a WIP. what do you guys think?
  15. So... I was re-reading the aetherquartz abilities and it says you add 1 to the save roll (not that it modifies the save itself) so would this work with ethereal? I know the default answer is no.. you can’t modify the save if you’re ethereal, but the wording has me thinking it’s not doing that? I’m sure I’m wrong, and it doesn’t work, just want to double check.
  16. Except it stated that at the start of the game you roll off and the winner decides what realm your playing in.
  17. In Illiatha they get a command ability. Strike in Unison. I’d also assume that any command ability used on a illatha Vanari unit counts?
  18. Oh yeah, I don’t plan on doing either of those things in friendly matches either.
  19. For games with friends, I’ll definitely pass the bravery debuff to them instead my units, but I doubt I’ll force them to take my battle shock test, it’s probably the one thing in the book that I see as being a negative play experience for the opponent.
  20. This could be good, but also for 100 points idoneth have a mage that can give -1 to hit to an enemy... which would stack with the shining company and battle cattle aura... -3 to hit on an enemy unit seems pretty darn good.
  21. I don’t think their bad, but you have to really build into them to make them good. You have to go Ymetrica, and then stack the buffs on to get them to be good. Even then, they are really only going to be durable, not overly punchy, but definitely very viable.
  22. Unfortunately Stoneguard and the mountain cows are not mages. Just everything else
  23. Going second seems like a huge risk to me.. even if they don’t kill Teclis they will gimp his auras so badly that he won’t be buffing anyone anymore. If you’re going against something that has no way to hit Teclis turn 1 then absolutely I agree. I just worry he’ll die turn 1 haha
  24. MSU at least with wardens doesn’t seem worth it.. they lose their shining company too quickly if they are just a 10 man unit.. everything else certainly can be done MSU but you’re then stretching your auras and buffs really thin and probably won’t get them on everyone, and the stacking buffs really seem critical to me to make this army work well.
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