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  1. Well, You have convinced me. I joined the mawtribes today with a BCR SC.. How do you suggest I kit out the Mournfangs?
  2. Thank you for the response, that makes sense. Overall, do you feel like mawtribes have a good amount of versatility at a semi-competitive level? I know that there’s a good list of armies that can only really be played one way and for me that can get boring pretty fast. What is your guys experience running different types of lists (heavy infantry [no pun], heavy magic, heavy shooting, etc.) Do all of those army comps. have a different feel when you play them or does it all kind of fold into the same general style of play. I appreciate feedback from anybody, I’m pretty indecisive when it comes to picking an army so I feel like finding an army that can play multiple different ways will help me avoid some of that burnout. Thanks!
  3. Why do you consider a hunter an auto-include for balanced lists? Just the back line harrasment?
  4. Thanks for all of your guys comments and advice. It definitely seems like marauders are a popular choice, but I have also heard good things about them in other armies too (Hedonites of Slaneesh) Is there anything the STD book that buffs them in a similar/better way then these other cases? PS. What I know about the marauders and HOS is from before they were changed around so maybe they are not that good in that type of army anymore, I am just not caught up.
  5. Hello, I have been considering an ogor army since before their new book came out, but have been hesitant to pull the trigger because, well, life. Now that I have some unexpected free time I feel like the time is now. I am trying to figure out the most efficient way to start an ogor army. I know that 3 beast claw start collecting boxes has been mentioned but I am not certain that I want a full army of BCR. If anyone knows of an alternative that will not break my poor wallet but maybe is a little more flushed out then 3 SC, that would be great to hear! A whole different question I have that i related to starting an ogor army is, generally how do they play? I have only seen 1-2 battle reports with ogors involved so I haven't been able to grasp their style all that way. I just really like the models haha. Anyway, I look forward to and appreciate and advice or suggestions, Thanks much!
  6. Hello all, First time poster. I have been deliberating back and forth on whether or not I should start a STD army. I began reading through this forum and saw some pretty mixed opinions on the army and wanted to get a little bit better of an idea of how this army performs in different metas. I would consider myself a pretty casual player but I also like doing local FLGS tournies. Anyway, what are your guys experiences with STD and also why do they seem to receive such negative press? Anything else you guys want to add relating to these things would be awesome too. Thanks!
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