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  1. I guess we will have to wait another week minimum for more infomation. Come on gdubs throw us a bone here.
  2. I was planning on making a rider on a japanese Itsumade using the flamespye pheonix as a baseline, but thanks for the enourangement, I will have another look on things like shapeways or other 3d sites to find a basic mask then get to work with the greenstuff.
  3. thanks for the reply, that just makes your whole project even better. Welp, I will need lots of practice if I want to do my conversion idea now. back to the drawing board.
  4. I have to ask, where did you get the mask from, as I have my own idea for a conversion of an alarith spirit but don't know where to obtain the mask.
  5. Oh that power combo of Teclis and Alarielle would be painful. but I agree sylvaneth would be a wonderful choice. and give me a reason to buy some after I picked up the book then ignored it.
  6. As order we should get stormcast, and cities of sigmar, and in the storyline teclis and morathi were talking so we may also get daughters of khaine. I don't think we will get idoneth just due to the antagonasim between the clash of identites. we may also get seraphon but I don't think anything else realy fits.
  7. Well the sisters one was around that price range, so it it seems about right. even so, I still think its too early for them to release it so I don't think it will go up for order anytime in May.
  8. I found this on the warhammer community page in the Ultimate artisans article on the lumineth, so it was released after they showed the stoneguard off in the reveal video, so I would suspect it may be a 1 per box style arrangement.
  9. the warcry rules were spoiled back on page 84 but they have since been deleted by the server. however the sidebar of the white dwarf article is viewable at https://spikeybits.com/2020/05/teclis-lumineth-realm-lord-rules-teasers-spotted.html
  10. Not a problem, I think we all feel this frustration slightly about the faction. but at least what we have is cool, and besides, we can always convert what we want.
  11. It's possible they wanted to break away from the sterotype slightly, since the Asur were always associated with the sword, from the sword of khaine, to sunfang and the fangsword and ultimately as these are not Asur they also wanted to break the weapon mould hence they have two types of hammer?
  12. I'm looking forward to giving the book a read, just like Court of the Blind King I want it to expand further about the every day society of the lumineth and the roles of the various castes. And it helps the artwork is gorgeous.
  13. looking through the core rules, you can, technicaly declare ANY model to be your general, "you see that spearman at the back of the unit of 30? yeah that one, he is my general." albiet you do sacrifice command traits. Just a thought.
  14. Oh, I would be overjoyed to be proven wrong on this matter, but for the moment I will hold my horses and be content with what I can see at the moment. I do think you are right though, there must be at least one more kit but I am ok if there is not
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