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  1. Hello! I didn't manage to paint as much as I wanted due to animal crossing related distraction, but I still managed to get stuff down. Two quick skink priest conversions waiting to be painted: And I also managed to solve a conundrum posed by the current lock-down: “How to paint metallic gold without gold paint?”Hopefully it will also work on smaller surface. Now back to my island of solitude.
  2. Hi! I feel your pain... As said by Charleston, battlemire paint is easy to replace if you have some sand/small gravel at hand. Just mix it with some PVA glue + a drop of paint. If you don't have any sand at hand, go get a look at the pet section from the food store. I use the sand that is usually destined for chinchilla and octodon because it's fine, clean and cheap. Shale is an amazing material! Complement it with a hammer and you can do some nice rocky bases with it. There are some nice example on minisocles (warning: very, very french). If you have milliput at hand (the yellow grainy kind), you can use it as an alternative. Make a fin layer, let it dry and then chip it with your hand. You can also make thicker layer and break it with a hammer for additional volume. Example using milliput: Finally, if you're lucky and live near a forest, there are some basing material to find there. Scoop up some dirt, leave it to dry and then sieve it. You will be able to recover plants roots to use as wood or sticks on your bases. Coniferous bark(only take the one on the ground! don't hurt the tree) and dried leaf are also nice. Dried moss can be used to make small bushes. And special mention to the birch. The small scales of the fruit can be used to make nice looking leaves on your bases. Also if you're lucky and courageous, you can find owl pellets. It's a mess to clean but you can recover tons of rodents bones in them. Just give them a quick bleach and you're good. example done with forest material: Hope it helped and good luck!
  3. Love it! The result is great t and you make it look accessible. I can't wait for the next video.
  4. Good question! I kind of went with the colour scheme without thinking. Bur since I love the old-world fluff and that coalescent is a thing, I decided to go for something inspired by the descriptions of old Lustria. I decided to go for a swamp theme after finding a tutorial from Mengel Miniatures. It looked easy, practical and didn’t necessitate the use of any fancy or esoteric material. Only problem, I didn’t own any Nurgles rot and I wanted to use a bolder, more saturated colour anyway. As such, I made my life more complicated by trying to replace Nurgles rot with ardcoat. Here are the three first version (from left to right). First try, I used ardcoat mixed with scorpion green for the first layer followed by three layers of ardcoat + incubi darkness. The theory was that it would build some deeper colour and a nice gradient thanks to the transparency. The result was a mess because I completely forgot that ardcoat has a very different surface tension than other mediums I work with… Also, the weird texture of GW bases was still visible, making it look too gritty for water. Second try, I sanded the base and painted the green gradient directly on it. Again, I had an amazing idea! Using an old PA water effect that I nabbed god knows where. The result was mitigated, the gradient looked a lot better, but the water effect was too textured for my taste. (Also, it took forever to dry!) Third time's the charm. I tried two layers of ardcoat on the green gradient and it gave me the best result. It’s glossy, it’s fast and it look like algae/duckweed riddled water if you squint hard enough. And I’m happy with the way the saturated green contrasts with the muted tone of the skink’s skin. The only disappointment is the lack of vegetation. It could use something to make it a bit more jungle-like (maybe some aquarium plastic plants?). But I can’t do a thing until the shops are open. Finally, a picture of two more skinks joining their brothers. I love skinks. They are a real pleasure to paint! I think I may go for a fang of Sotek theme later just to paint more of them. Next step: More skinks, check the pile of grey plastic for possible saurus and find out how to take better picture.
  5. Thank you! But don't let the poor picture fool you, the paint on that one is thick enough to count as heavy armor 😂 You made Birdhead very proud! Thank you!
  6. Hello, After 10 years out of the hobby outside of some occasional painting, I wanted to take advantage of the sudden free time to pick up where I left. Which mostly means finally painting that lizardmen army I promised myself when I started during 6e. They are still called Lizardmen, right? Here are a couple of miniatures I painted the last couple of years when I had some free time and tried to get into AoS. A necromancer inspired by Drachenfels: Birdhead, my little favorite: Some burly boys I found in my grey pile of shame: A guy inspired by Gardens of Hecate: Some skellies: And finally, the first skinks of my future army. I’m still doing some small adjustment to the color scheme but I’m proud of the overall result. But I still need to decide how I will base them. (Any ideas are welcome) And just for fun, the very first miniature I ever painted (Chestnut ink and gold because yes!). And now back to painting, I have a lot to catch up...
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