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  1. I'm loving this, maybe this week we will actually get a Road Map!!
  2. So we may have a 40K Preview in November but other than that possibly nothing until Christmas.
  3. It's sad to say that I think the Online Previews are done for now while we can do Live Events. It means they're definitely going to be more infrequent but hopefully more will be shown off? GeoCon wasnt a good example of this to be fair.
  4. Just realised we have reached Page 3000 of the Rumour Thread!!
  5. Maaaate I'd love for it to be true but I'll try and temper my expectations and expect a December release.
  6. Last Season of Underworlds was released in December so I could see it happening again!!
  7. Fingers crossed for an Underworlds article tonight. The idea of a Road Map has me salivating.
  8. I was so confused as somehow I've been quoted but it was @novakai who made that comment haha But this is very interesting indeed!!
  9. Could just be a native species thats been mutated by Varanite. We've yet to see it depicted on a model thus far.
  10. I'm so excited about all the possibilities!! 100% mate. I'm Arachnophobic but have 0 problems with Scorpions for some reason. Probably for the reasons you described. I'd love a monstrous Chaotic Scorpion with 4 pincers, 2 tails and 20 legs!! FIREBELLY GANG RISE UP!! A new plastic Firebelly with updated Gluttons or even better, Fire themed Gluttons would be ****** incredible. My expectations have been raised!!
  11. Scorpions would be a much better choice!! They scuttle and sting and dont encroach on the Spiderfangs Arachnids!! I love this mate, cant believe I didnt see it before.
  12. The burnt ring of snow is such a perfect idea mate I love it!! Your Ogor force sounds incredible mate, I love people such as yourself who put extra thought and background into their army. I fully understand what you mean mate, I'm hoping that between this Season of Underworlds and Warcry that we get at least one Ogor Warband in some form or another!!* *Alongside a range update please.
  13. Molten lava and the Sea? Underworlds Harrowdeep? Idoneth and Chaos Duardin? Aqshy? Fyreslayers? FIREBELLIES!?
  14. Underground Aelves!? Could be Shadow Aelves?
  15. That's the one thing I hope for as well, non-Chaos Warbands.
  16. Dont this to me Whitefang!! Do you believe it's a Warband or Monster such as the Fomoroid?
  17. Hopefully tomorrows Rumour Engine will shed some light on Warcry. Also the This Week in Warhammer post did say there would be articles on Underworlds this week.
  18. 100, I'm no longer a Kragnos conspiracy theorist!! I really hope this Rumour isnt true, poor Bonesplitterz.
  19. Very true mate!! I love the idea of Kragnos but am in the camp of conspiracy that he may not have always been for Destruction.
  20. Oh damn. I agree though they wouldnt do back to back Previews. I really hope it's something for Spiderfang and not something for Chaos. I wouldnt be too dissapointed at a Chaotic Spider if it's a single monster like a Fomoroid Crusher but I dont want Factions to have their identity swapped between Armies. It would be weird for example if Destruction started having a bunch of Dinosaurs in their armies and Seraphon didnt get updated.
  21. Its Monday again which means we have another shot at a model reveal. 40Ks Black Templars have all been shown off as has the SCE and Kruelboyz UW Warbands so today could we see either a Specialist 40K game mini or could we see yet another peak at a new Underworlds or Warcry mini?
  22. Itll be interesting to see what comes next for AOS because right now we have the rest of the SCE and Boltboyz and that's it for confirmed releases.
  23. I'm guessing it could just be a Battletome and maybe a single Hero mini or nothing at all release. Nurgle seems most likely.
  24. This will be interesting then considering the amount of Stormcast to be released, especially as it will most likely be over another 2 week window. Do you think Chaos Battletome will be November or December then?
  25. So the rest of the Stormcast releases and potentially the Dragons will go up for Pre Order on the 2nd for release on the 9th of October. Meaning the October Chaos Battletome is definitely a November release. November for the Chaos release could mean a December release for Underworlds like last year.
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