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  1. Saturday morning I ordered myself some GS from eBay, unsure of the brand but it was £2.50ish for a 6inch strip (1/3rd the price of GW!) Anywho it turned up today, so after watching GoT I sat down and attempted to GS for the first time in my life! Heres the results! I watched this video from Vince Venturella on some basic tips, which helped out quite a bit. Hobby Cheating 50 - Basic Greenstuff Techniques Thanks for the help everyone, if you've got any other tips or techniques I'd be interested to hear/watch/read them!
  2. Do you know which episode it was? I don't have a podcasting service, so I'm probably missing out on loads of info!
  3. So my plan was to add, a mound of "putty" to the bases I want to produce and then just leave to set. Obviously, if it has to go on the oven, these would have to be done after the fact and be used to add rumble etc to the bases. I've never worked with actual greenstuff before so thanks for the advice on it being super sticky. I'm going to continue to do research, but maybe oven baking a load to use as ruins / broken terrain might be the best idea. I'm painting up Chaos after all...
  4. So I've got these from a Kickstarter a while back! I've seen the rollers before but was wondering if green stuff is best for this kind of application or something else. I'll check the video out!
  5. Hey all! Recently bought the Wrath and Rapture boxset for my OH and myself. We've been looking at the textured moulding blocks in order to add texture to the bases. What have you found as the best thing to use, greenstuff, Milliput or other alternative's? I've used Milliput in the past for some gap filling however found that it started to crumble when it dried. If you've got examples of bases done in this method and what you used that would be excellent! Thanks in advance!
  6. TomTheHobbit

    Tabletop Scotland


    Date spans over a year, messes up the events calendar
  7. for those wanting help with calculating renown costs, I made a Skirmish Roster that allows you to use drop down's to filter your choices and have it ready to game with in a matter of minutes! you can get the link in my signature!
  8. Thanks guys! If anyone has any suggestions I'm open to tweaking it and trying to make improvements, next on my list is the ability to choose multiple heroes should you want too!
  9. I havent tested it in excel, I wrote it in google sheets, I can test it in excel when im home later but for now as far as im aware it only works in google sheets. sorry!
  10. I've just restored to an earlier version, as it would appear people had been mucking about with it, sadly I cant control that but I can restore, have another go now and see if it's any better
  11. You select, grand alliance, then can begin typing the unit name under warscrolls to begin filling out your roster. When you add the amount of models of that unit it will calculate the cost. Was anything, in particular, you needed help with?
  12. Okay, do we need fully painted then as I have my Khorne guys instead
  13. Another quick question, are compendium units available? or is it just units within the skirmish book allowed? as I was wanting to bring my empire knights
  14. Morning Ben, quick Renown query, Game 1: 50 renown Game 2: 60 renown? Game 3: 70 renown? Thanks in advance!
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