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  1. Yes multiple Spirits of the Wind present a problem for any army without much shooting, their armour is made of paper but that’s no help if you can’t get to them. Lumineth are pretty overtooled and lack any real weaknesses besides having relatively few bodies. Ive been noodling around a list using multiple Mortis Engines. Like 4. Not exactly reliable weapons of war but they might have some legs with fewer big units around..
  2. So there’s certainly a few bits I’d rearrange. If you have another 20 Grave Guard get them in. It’s a double Dragon list so you want bodies and extra threats besides the Dragons. To fit them in I’d cut the Wight King, Necromancer and sadly one unit of Fell Bats. Make the Dynasty Kastelai so the Blood Knights make up your 3rd Battleline. Otherwise play the objectives which you can do much better. Keep an eye on what spells are going off. Save those dispels for stopping Power of Hysh on the archers. You’ve got no chance of stopping Teclis so let him go. The archers are so so without the PoH on them.
  3. The other thing is Kainans Reapers come with Mir and they are surprisingly tough for 5 single wound guys. Had one of them survive 2 chaos knights and a Lord on Manticore for 2 turns by himself! 5 extra bodies is so helpful in Bonereapers.
  4. It wouldn’t have hurt to just have a line in the FAQ just clarifying this. But I think so, we’re restricted on Command Abilities like everyone else. Even more RDP will be flying around but harder to use them effectively. At least Petrifex is back with a bang!
  5. Cheers chosen_of_khaine. That’s what I figured but as I’m only just starting out with Age of Sigmar thought it best to check.
  6. Hi everyone, I’m starting to build my Mortek Guard and wanted to know if there was ever any reason not to equip my Hekatos with the SoulCleaver Greatblade? Cheers
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