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  1. Thanks man, I think that I'll go with the Daemonettes. The unavoidable 9'' charge if you summon them near the enemy lines as a hammer is bad, with no way of auto-improving the result through innate +1 or whatever to the charge roll, but I don't see much else. From what I gathered, still, the Daemonettes/Bloodletters/... can't use Destiny Dice because they aren't Tzeentch models, right?
  2. So, now that the Gaunt Summoner has been nerfed and the units he summons to the battlefield all cost 110 points... what is the consensus/mathhammer on what should be played? Five pinks for a 25-wounds roadblock? Bloodletters? Daemonettes?
  3. That part is easily solved: my second army is Tzeentch and my horrors are ready to serve another master if needed for the match He also has some daemonettes and bloodletters that he once used and can be summoned. Truly, the StD battletome is quite unique. The more I read it, the more tactics and combos and lists I think of!
  4. A) unfortunately, he doesn't. He's extremely fond of Chaos Warriors and Knights, that he plays as Cabalists to fuel his wizard's spells. B) I tried to make him buy some Greater Daemons, but he prefers the mortal side of things. How's a Gaunt Summoner just mediocre, though? 200 points of free Pink Horrors (50 wounds) and 60 points of Sorcerer with 2 spells seem glorious! The horrors will tie up an entire flank, preventing unwanted charges, while the rest of the army marches on. C) How viable would it be? I tried to sell him the idea, since he reeeally likes knights and chariots, with
  5. Hi guys! Could you please lend me a hand for some list building? A friend of mine loves to play Slaves to Darkness and I'm currently coaching him in order to help him grow his AoS skills: what he really needs, at the moment, is a good list! We only play at 1250 points due to time constraints and my inability to field more than 1500 points of squigs (I could bring out my Tzeentch army, but I'm not here to skin him alive). He has access to loads of old chaos models thanks to his past with WHFB and is willing to buy whatever is needed to field one or two mean lists for our future matche
  6. Nurgle guy plays plaguebearers, the big hairy flies however they're called, a general with scythe riding a huge monster spitting out a geyser of saliva and blightkings. Skaven friend plays 80 clanrats with jezzails, engineer, clawlord, gnawholes, plague monks. Slaves to Darkness mate brings Chaos Knights and Marauders, sorcerer lord(s) on foot (because he still can't find a Lord on Manticore, always To Be Restocked here in Italy), Demon Prince. I know, they don't have the newest power creeped units, but I thought that squigs were the weakest part of our battletome, only there be
  7. An open question for all you gitz. This is the 1000 points list that I usually play. It only includes squigs because ****** yeah squiggies! and I refuse to play goblin blobs, spider shamans and whatever because this is my "for fun" list, picked for that precise reason. If I wanted to stomp people, I would bring out my pink horrors, flamers and assorted tzeentch ****** for a tense match. Loonboss on Mangler Squigs Fungoid Cave-Shaman Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig 12x squig herd 12x squig herd 10x boingrot bounderz Malevolent Moon The play
  8. Yep, I know. This was his last "try" at making a list and I steamrolled it with 20 base squigs, 20 Boingrot Bounderz and a Loonboss on Mangler Squig. We're talking of bouncing red testicles with a tendency to roll 3'' movement and have a seizure when they die, killing my things around them. I won by turn 2. He'll now go back to his well tested 9x Jezzail and I'm trying to hammer into his head that he absolutely needs to fit his Screaming Bell into the list in order to avoid wasting a CP/turn for battleshock tests on the Clanrats. Unfortunately (for me, since he's the only player a
  9. Sure. I'll try to do my best to remember the last composition he tried (I don't play skaven models, and I have a tendency to call most enemy miniatures "that fat guy", "shorty over there", "rats", "tank") 1x Clawlord - WARLORD, with a relic blade that gave -3 rend or whatever it was 1x Warlock Engineer (unbind + neat magic trick) 40x Clanrats 40x Clanrats 10x Plague Monks (for the gnawholes) 10x Stormvermin (slightly tougher objective holders on the flank without my Moon's support) 1x Plagueclaw (he wanted to cripple my squig cavalry and herds before they co
  10. Oh. In that case, my friend is just cheap. He's probably stuck into his old WHFB mindset and doesn't understand why his previous army doesn't work. At least this explains why he's failing so hard during the matches: he just doesn't feel like buying the right models or learning how AoS really works... And here I was, thinking that he had missed out on so many newer models released after the death of WHFB.
  11. Thanks for the inputs, guys, it's been already relayed to my friend and I hope that he'll put them to good use! Making him buy more miniatures will be a chore, but I trust that he'll open his wallet as soon as he realizes that his current lists and available models don't work anymore (he has a huge WHFB skaven army, but lacks most recent releases and their power). One last question. I love the Doomwheel and, hadn't I already drained my credit card with the squigs and Disciples of Tzeentch, I would have definitely played them: are they as good as it seems from the battletome, or they're ju
  12. DoT / GSG player here, sorry to intrude (the Horned Rat can get ******, that furry welfare God, hail Tzeentch is always in my mind, friend here). A friend of mine is always trying to play his Skaven army against me but, even though I now constantly resort to my "for fun" mono-squig army, built and painted just for the laughs, he gets trounced time and time again. We usually play at 1250pts. Leaving aside some obvious tactical mistakes, like falling for some bait etc etc, I don't understand how his army can blow up so badly: 40+40 clanrats, stormvermins, plague monks, some ultra
  13. Here we go again! In preparation for the upcoming (one year or the other) return to normality, while I slowly kill my eyesight painting a Lord of Change I've prepared three different 1000 points lists for my Disciples of Tzeentch. I have yet to play a signle match with the birdy boys due to the lockdown, and I'd really appreciate any help or insight! Each list comes with a small explanation on why I put those units together and what I presume they should do on the battlefield. LIST 1 LIST 2 LIST 3 I already own a non-competitive a
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