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  1. Hey all, Looking to do a bit of converting, to create some space duardins. Do anyone know if Grundstok Thunderer/Arkanaut Company arms fit on Ironbreakers/Irondrakes? Thanks
  2. 1. Find an aos army that i want to build and play 2. fully build and paint army 3. play with army
  3. Thinking either dark silver, or bronze with a little nihilakh oxide
  4. Hey all, Starting my beasts of chaos army, and think i have settled on a realm, it was a toss up between chamon(Metal) and Ghyran(Life), but chamon would be the most unique. But the hard part, is to integrate it into the army. Thinking of painting metal flakes into the wood of the shields, and maybe metallic horns. and gold or brass herdstone, or maybe just parts of it. But what about the skin? In the book, they have different suggestions for some of the realms, like bight light skin for hysh and grey for shyish. Was thinking metallic skin, but that might be a bit too much. So any suggestions for how to paint an army from Chamon, and conversion ideas, Thanks
  5. Hi all, I will be getting my shipwreck today, and I have no idea how to paint it. I think I will start by basing it white. What colors and stuff is used the get something like the one gw have painted? Thanks ?
  6. What enclave are people going to use? .. are aany of them standing out, or are they fairly balanced? .. or to depending on how you wanna play ?
  7. Just remember that monsters can't benefit from cover. Also if you run or charge you can't benefit either.
  8. A little sneak peak at the Sharks:
  9. Think the leviadon will be used to buff nearby units with cover, and act as cover for more fragile units, as they will have to target the leviadon. And it looks like the eels have full command, would really like to know what the banner and musician does
  10. New article, not really any new info. A little more lore, nice as always, and a small look at the leviadon stats. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/04/13/monsters-and-war-beasts-of-the-idoneth-deepkin-apr-12gw-homepage-post-1/
  11. What about using a mixed dark elves force, using generic order alligence? .. is there a benefit of being able to include all the different dark elves units, over only ally 400points?
  12. That sure is a lot of woods, don't think i can fit that many woods on our gaming table, we use a lot of custom terrain. Might start with buying a few and see how they fit. Is it viable to use few woods?
  13. How many wyldwoods should i get when starting sylvaneth? .. And how do the 2 revenants units peform, compared to dryads?
  14. Is it possible to run a freeguild army with a relative low model count? .. with focus on mounted units and greatswords? Maybe a single grand company, with support of outriders/pistoliers and some demi-knights?
  15. I see a lot of people only using darkshards, what about bleakswords and dreadspears? or are the black guards/executioners just better? How about generic order mixed dark elves, are they worth it over an darkling covens army?
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