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  1. The last warscroll might just be the underworlds warband sadly
  2. Will there really only be 2 mortal slaanesh non named heroes? .. the lord of pain and the shardspeaker? .. seems to go against the "norm" of having a hero on a mount of sorts
  3. that's a strange match-up question, as we don't know the rules for most of the hedonites in the picture , and what 30 ? .. just any 30, does keepers then count, there is a daemon in the picture after all
  4. Could see them doing something similar to katakros, where the painbringers, cook, and other models die, and looses their bonus as the model takes damage. Can't image glutos os much of a fighter himself
  5. Got something in the style of tyranids, but then again, looks like nothing they have. Could be linked to those strange eggs there was in another rumor engine? .. silent people stuff?
  6. This could happen to any army, with the next faq, or a generals handbook. Properly not a good idea do base army choice on that, unless you are a high level tournament player
  7. hey all, might restart my bonereapers while I wait for more vampire news, and the release of warhammer quest and the, all too awesome, underworlds warband. Thinking of starting with a 1000 point list, so wanna hear what units are good to run, and how the different units perform. might go for a mounted army, if viable, else one focused on mortek and harvesters. thanks in advance for the help
  8. So the axe zombie and the shield skeleton are most likely for warhammer quest aswell ?
  9. Great preview, really looking forward to warhammer quest .. But sad that there are no info about soulblight gravelords.
  10. Wait, so no soulblight for AoS this time?
  11. hmm.. no signs of vampires in that preview preview
  12. No idea what those are supposed to be. The right one looks like the fox spirit
  13. Believe it is pretty close, think we will get the preorder preview next weekend
  14. Will say that this time, GW have hyped the release up to be something big. More so then they usually do
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