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  1. The friend I usually play with plays khorne, so I guess I'll get a trial by fire, tho he doesn't lean into the anti-magic. Hopefully I can actually win a couple games... my current win/loss ratio is maybe 2/7...
  2. So I decided to make a joke seraphon 2000 pt casting list based around Kroaknado. Soooooo... here it is. Starborne, Dracothion's Tail. Leaders: General: Kroak (Spells: Mystical unforging, Stellar Tempest. CmdT: Ancient Knowledge. Artifact: Godbeast Pendant.) Saurus Astrolith Bearer Skink Oracle on Troggy (Spell: Fiery Convocation. Artifact: Cloak of Feathers.) Slann (Spell: Celestial Equilibrium) x2 Skink Priest Battleline: Saurus Guard (x2) Skinks (boltspitters and clubs) Skinks (boltspitters and clubs) Other: Terradon Riders (Javelins) Battalion: Shadowstrike Starhost Endless Spells: Bound Balewind Vortex Bound Chronomatic Cogs 1990/2000 pts Yeah, 3 slann. So here is my calculations for Kroak. Kroak: Balewind Vortex, Chronomatic Cogs Spells: 4+1+1, 6 total (Shield, Smite, Celestial Deliverance, Comet's Call, Mystical Unforging, Stellar Tempest) Casting Bonus: +1 (Kroak), +1 (Astrolith), +2 (Celestial Equilibrium x2), +1 (Ancient Knowledge), +1 (Sacred Asterisms), 1 Reroll (Ancient Knowledge) Range Bonus: +6" (Astrolith), +6" (Balewind) Save: 4+ (base), 4+ feel no pain (all wounds, Dead for Innumerable Ages), +6 feel no pain (all wounds, Astrolith), Godbeast Pendant I'm not entirely sure about the double Equilibrium, but dang. +5 to cast makes most spells automatic successes, and the others can get rerolled. The two slann will use Equilibrium and work toward summoning. The Troggy will skip jauntily around, using the deep strike and Lords of Space and Time to taunt the enemy and channel spells. The battalion is there merely for the Cloak of Feathers (and a bit of meat shielding). If you want to help me make this into even more of a joke (at least, an OP joke) please let me know, I'd love to crush other players with magic might.
  3. Made a 2000 pt. list for Seraphon, Coalesced, Thunder Lizard. General: Stega w/ Skink Chief, Cloak of Feathers, Prime Warbeast, Sunfire throwers Battleline: Saurus Guard x10, Skinks x 10 (javelins), Stegadon (skystreak bow) Other: 3 units of Terradon Riders x3 (Javelins) Thunderquake Temple-host: Engine of the Gods (fusil of conflagration), Salamander Hunting pack, Bastiladon (laser) Bastiladon (ark) Comes out as 1,980 pts. I tend to play casual games, but I am hoping to win a bit more often. Terradons are for caps. Any suggestions?
  4. Who else thinks that ‘Sacred Asterisms’ (shown in the Warhammer Community post) will just be the slann’s old ‘Celestial Configuration’ ability, getting rid of that old ability?
  5. For the summoning allegiance ability, can you get summoning points from non-general casters? And can you cast the summoning spells from them?
  6. Anyone else really hoping for a buff for saurus warriors? Just making sure I’m not alone...
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