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  1. Good point......the warstompa is 10 points cheaper than the gatebreaker which must be a factor
  2. And theres the last of the mercenaries....very nice (bet you can get a lot of skaven around that big ****** base) So when it was announced that mega gargants can ally with all armies in AOS, dose that mean that the only way for, let's say bonereapers for example, to have a mega gargant is to have big drogg fort kicka in thier lists......as in only sons of behemat and possibly other destruction forces can use a default mega gargant in thier lists?
  3. So the megas have "jump up and down".....brings back 8th edition memories. Starting to get excited now. Also love the paint scheme on that warstompa gargant....I'm gonna be giving mine a ginger beard for sure
  4. I'm thinking of kit bashing a mega gargant to fit in with my ironjawz and I've been looking at some 40k ork stuff to use....there are some models called "tin canz" and I think you may get a nice helmet for a mega.....like an ard boy type look. I'm just checking the sprues out on gw website to get ideas at the moment mate
  5. This is awesome lore, love how behemat had a scuffle with gorkamorka. Plus the part where it states Some even claim that one day, another World Titan will arise from the ranks of the Sons of Behemat… all hail king brodd!!!
  6. Fee fi fo fum, watch our enemies turn and run, Be they order or be they dead, even chaos will cower with dread ......time to bring some destruction to the mortal realms ladz!!!
  7. Ironguts are phenomenal mate, I always field 8 (although that's for 2k battles)......the damage output is ridicules. Are you sticking with gutbusters or would you consider throwing some beastclaw raiders in there? If so a frostlord on stonehorn has always done me proud. But if it's just 1k you are interested in I would say you cant go wrong with a butcher or slaughtermaster......same points for both, you have access to magic and dispel which is always useful, they are great fun to kit bash if you dont like the original GW model, they are pretty hard in combat and are cheap at 140pts.
  8. Bit of a noob question (and not technically ironjawz sorry), but do you get 2 big stabbas for 100pts?....as in 4 orrucks, two gorktoofs in total? Cheers guys
  9. Read through your tournament mate.....that whole event sounds epic! Sounds like big stabbas are the way to go.....40 wounds on archaon! I'll try my ironjawz against my new opponents and if after a few games I'm getting slaughtered I'll pick up some bonesplitters and have a read through the big waaagh section of my battletome
  10. Again mate thanks for the advice there. I do actually have 5 brutes that I forgot to mention about....is thier a place in the ranks for those hulks or are they a bit meh when you can use ardboyz? Big waaagh huh?.....never considered that. Do you think some bonesplitters would be useful against fyreslayers and slaanesh?
  11. Hey dude, thanks so much for wapping up those lists for me.....so the best way to go is ard boy heavy, in smaller units so as to take advantage of smashing and bashing? I'm happy with that, I'll probably consider a shaman too......like you said fyreslayers are gonna be my biggest problem and they struggle with magic right? You think I need a warclan?
  12. That's just what I was thinking mate, not everyone enjoys hacking thier models to bits and chucking green stuff all over them so it would make sense to have additional parts.....or....wait a minute.......ok, what about if the 3 mega gargants we've seen are destruction/order models, then last minute they show us a chaos/death box set allowing 3 additional models!
  13. Thanks for that advice mate, looks like I have a tough job ahead then πŸ˜„ I'd say I quite like the bloodtoofs warclan idea so I get the free alpha strike and can eliminate the need for a shaman (although against slaanesh I may need that dispel it seems) wonder if hand of gorking gordrakk would be a good shoutπŸ€” I think I want the best ironjawz army build around gordrakk......if that's gore gruntas then so be it.....I'll have to get my wallet outπŸ˜„
  14. More with friends at the moment but we are quite competitive and one day I would like to take part in tournaments. My mates have just brought two new armies to the table (mine is ironjawz), and it looks like I'm going up against slaanesh and fyreslayers so if you could advise what list and tactics I could take to deal with those two specifically that would be great. Thanks mate
  15. Alright guys, just started an ironjawz army.....I have a start collecting set, ironskulls boyz, a megaboss on foot and gordrakk ( I know lots of people say he isnt worth the points compared to the megaboss on maw krusha but I have a soft spot for legendary heros)...oh and grimgor ironhide but I'll be using him as ard boy boss probably. Wondered if you might be able to advise some lists for me....I normally use mawtribes but fancied going back to my 1st army from the 1990s, orcs.....my how they've grown! Cheers guys, appreciate any input πŸ‘
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