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  1. Nice one mate.....you've been a big help there🍻
  2. Nice one dude, I'll make sure I scout through my bits box for that beast skull banner and get my charges re rolled 😄 I'm also assuming that the abilities still apply when you start losing models....as in if you lost 2 gluttons in the previous turn, the rule of '1 in 6' still applies?
  3. Alright fellow tyrants. Just a quick question to which the answer has probably already been given in this thread at some point. I have looked through FAQs and have had no joy so I'll turn to you guys..... Say I have a 12 man block of gluttons, do I get 2 standard bearers (1 tribal banner and 1 beast skull)? Also will I get 2 bellowers that stack and reduce the enemy bravery by 2? Any light shed on this will be greatly appreciated. Cheers 🍻
  4. Dont forget gordrakk only wants a fight with sigmar.....I rekon if gordrakk gives sigmar a good kickin he'll be satisfied and call it a good days work.....order just let's them leave and says "well played guys, you had us worried there for a second"
  5. Well we have seen lots of ramshackle weapons on some of the rumor engines (one that even looked identical to a weapon used by an old orc chariot).....maybe we could see a new faction of orruks?
  6. Cheers for the advice mate, i havnt tried using wrath of gork with my shaman yet.....and i must admit that brutes are my favourite ironjawz models so might have to give that a go
  7. Alright dude, thanks for the compliments, it took me a while to get the colour scheme but in the end I settled for the bloodtoofs (I wasnt feelin the yellow ironsunz either mate). With regards to your lists I'd say they are all awesome...my favourite is the first list, those warchanters are point for point some of the best units in the game with thier violent fury ability plus warbeats. Option.....you could drop the ironfist battalion and take a megaboss, take the bloodtoofs clan, then use the hand of gork artifact to deep strike a buffed up unit of ardboyz or brutes into an enemy unit you want rid of.....works great for me in 2k battles.
  8. So are we saying the next chapter will be 'broken realms, prince sigvald the magnificent'?......that would be an interesting twist nobody saw coming. Only 2 hours before we find out 😬
  9. Can anyone explain a bit to me about these zoats?.....I have collected warhammer fantasy into aos for 20 years and have only heard about these recently (with the new 40k and bloodbowl models). I never imagined they would have anything to do with wood elves....or did I just manage to avoid them in my WFB days?
  10. I too have been waiting for morgoks krushas......come on azyr app, get with the times! 😄
  11. That makes more sense now, cheers mate.....so basically roll to save as normal, then apply the rend and determine the damage 👍😉
  12. I think it's all in the wording mate.....it basically says you dont need to make a save roll, but you can if you want to (at least that's how i read it) Perhaps GW has published an FAQ on this topic.....surly thier are other armies that have a similar ability to this
  13. Yes you can mate....I've checked out loads of sources because this question was on my mind but it says here in the core rule book you CAN attempt to make a save roll if you need a 7+.....which you would with a glutton taking a -2 tend or more
  14. I too would love some new models for my ironjawz army (🤞🏼Grimgor), but I do believe after seeing the recent rumor engine (the one that looks like a club) we can expect to see a nice big overtyrant/frost king model for mawtribes.💪🏽
  15. I loved the aos solo missions, the quest to slay the troggoth king was really enjoyable during lockdown......although I still had my son roll for the troggoths so it didnt feel completely solo 😄
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