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  1. In order to start the retreat/normal/run move when engaged in close combat you must be WITHIN 3"... But the moment you start the retreat move you must end your movement BEYOND 3"... So not moving is not actually an option ...
  2. So many blank eyes references ... what does it mean..???
  3. Can you please let a man dream for more than 15 minutes...you savages
  4. The City of Har Kuron...everybody is thinking Har Ganneth....BUT Har-Kuron---->UR-Harkon Some Hooks and swords depicted seem familiar
  5. I think that it is clear about who was responsible about something going wrong with the deepkin's creation...
  6. Silent People or Vampires...or both Lost Bloodlines of Warhammer Fantasy "The Mahtmasi are a lost bloodline created by Maatmeses, the Vizier and Grand Chancellor of Lahmia. Maatmeses was a corpulent, corrupt, hedonist who would help himself to the Queen Neferata's treasury. He was eventually found out before the fall of Lahmia and escaped to the desert where he knew he wouldn't be pursued. In the desert his fat, and flesh were eaten alive by carrion swarms. He eventually found tribes of warrior in Araby which he converted to his servants, and a few to his children. "Mahtamasi" means children of death. They are insect-like in both appearance and behavior. They cooperate in tribe like units to fulfill the desires of Maatmeses. They enjoy working as mercenaries. And overall just enjoy killing the living and devouring them. They are insane. And they feed like the Strigoi. They are great assassins and wear can wear face-scarfs and hoods to pass as humans."
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