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  1. Iron golems felt very lack lustre vs Nighthaunt, and the Ogre breacher seems very tame compared to my Skaven Rat Ogors. Will see what they are like vs a few more factions.
  2. we try 2 of the originals against each other in this battle report. link to battle report We have noticed that some of the later warbands are quite hard to deal with for some of the initial warbands. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just us?
  3. we try them vs Seraphon this time. Really need to get round to painting some more. battle report From a few games, I am getting more convinced the Stonewardens are not worth it with move 3. Similar reservations about the caster. Going to try one of the cheaper heroes and some more archers.
  4. Eager to try the new Lumineth rules, we used a collection of Aelf models to give them a go. Battle report
  5. Is it this months white dwarf?
  6. Sooo many leader options. Some factions really limited, others get more leaders than Maggotkin get cards lol.
  7. Channel debuted for the Ossiarch Bonereapers Video link
  8. I need these models. Such a nice theme, unifying new aesthetics with old Dark Elf vibe. It is also promising they are making specific minis for other warbands. I can imagine there will be more.
  9. Here is a battle report to give you a hobby fix in these depressing times (I am running low on EVERY paint I need now lol) Video Link
  10. Link Hope the lockdown ends soon, running out of these vids lol
  11. We pit one of the originals vs the ethereal horrors of the Nighthaunt. Video link
  12. Yeah it’s a fun game. Nice and quick, small footprint (22”x30”), and the small model count is great to “try out” an army. Some scenarios lend themselves more to certain factions, but there are more balanced set ups if this is a concern. We just pull cards and have a good fun game. Will hopefully get some more games in soon. Painted 3 new war bands lol.
  13. Battle Report Ryan has a go with the Gloomspite Gitz to take on the might of the Mawtribes.
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