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  1. I've subscribed but only recently - mainly as a way of getting some extra nighthaunt minis plus the free gifts. Will likely end my subscription after the second or third delivery. I managed to get an extra issue 1 from WH Smiths, and issue 5 is out now with the exclusive mini - they had one in Tesco yesterday so i picked that up. £2.99 for the first issue is good value tbf.
  2. Hi all, Long time hobbyist here but I'm completely new to Age of Sigmar I've been in the hobby since 1993, just before the 2nd edition release of 40K and about a year after WHFB 4th edition i think. I played WHFB but confess I'm a AoS rookie - the lovely Nighthaunt minis caught my eye and I got sucked in. I'm 40 and married with a 4 year old son, so nowadays I prefer the modelling and painting side of the hobby, but i do manage to get in odd battle here and there. I've been playing Blood Bowl a lot and some of the specialist games from the 40k side of the fence. I'm workin
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