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  1. I also agree that the art isnt horrible, I dislike the taste of hammers for elves still though. but then that is what conversions are for, and swapping a hammer head for a awesome axe might be what the doctor ordered for me then. I'll reserve full judgement till I see the models, I do really hope the dawnriders are a dual kit and we can give them some bows too. Even if we cannot legally have bows, I might magnetize a conversion so that way if I ever decide to play Ninth age or some old school WHFB then I can swap them to be reavers. I think this article posted more info than I initially thought, I was really super bummed out at first but it seems after getting off my ****** and perusing the forums here yall have renewed my vigor for the army... I do have to say though if we do not get dragons and dragons are the Malerion route, then I will 100% be buying them and they will probably happen to have the same color scheme as my LRL with a few different highlights.... I mean they are both order so if the LRL don't get dragon knights on dragons, shooting dragons magicially at enemies.... then I will just have to ally with the guy who will LOL! Oh I also heard someone on rantcast about the lumineth realm lords predict that the rock or base that everyone is saying is from the rumor engine and is terrain, may be a caster lord style character or a support caster. If you look at the rumor engine there is something coming off the rock. Not saying that is what it is or isn't, it could be energy connected to nothing but with how dynamic and monopose GW has been lately with floaty (albeit good) models... it could be connected to a lumineth realm lord caster of some type. Edit: to add a point and not double post.
  2. throw in my 2 cent about the release stuff, I think that we also have to figure that they might release the new lizardmen, saurians? is that correct? before they release the LRL. that also might change what kind of battle forces or boxes we might get and how the story might or might not introduce our beloved Aelves.
  3. while I agree that they will probably show him and hopefully all the LRL mages some love... hopefully making him on par casting wise to Nagash at least. this is the company that talks about how eldar weapons melt all armor, flesh and harness the power of stars.... but then they give them in game 5+ to wound and AP5 weapons... sorry not to be a negative nancy, I am sure GW will give the LRL the love they deserve. and I feel like GW has gotten a lot better over the last few years in general. It's Just sometimes the company is not good at matching fluff to game play or vise versa.
  4. Yeah I am pretty amped about Malerion, if his army is one third dragon, elf and demon then I am on board. those will be my two armies, LRL and Malerion elves. I am mixed, I kind of want them to do a dual release so I can buy two small armies of each and play with some friends who dont have models. but at the same time I am like.... no I want them to space them out so I have time to paint my LRL first.
  5. I keep looking at other armies and like them enough to entertain the idea of buying them... then I look at all the aspects of the other models I dislike and decide to wait for LRLs.
  6. I think you could still do crystalline or some other appearance to the bases. could do them as an invading force to any other realm if you wanted. I am thinking I'll either do the naturey bases trees and stone work like they have been showing already or I might go with a lava style base. I do usually like to do snow though, and could go that way snow and ice crystals. granted I could take the base style they do for the LRL and still add snowy scenes to it.
  7. I agree, I think the space at which the tidbits we get are so far apart and the lack of any real information has kind of turned me off a bit. almost like I would rather just not look at anything till a majority of the info is out... too bad I am like a GW crack addict and probably wont be able to stay away from each release rumor, even if I am just disappointed afterwards reading it lol.
  8. I hope I am not the only one that if we only get lore about the dawn riders and no other model previews for this coming Monday, that I'll be a little annoyed. I get trying to build hype but I am already hyped!!! I need some more model pics!!!
  9. I'd be cool with summonable elementals, I dont know if I really want a unit of light elementals, unless its knights on light elemental dragons. then I would buy that up in a heartbeat I cant second this enough, I agree so much. I am so tired of the dying elves trope that gets recycled over and over again... especially in a game where thousands of them die all the time but there is never really any dent in the population... are they really dying at that point.
  10. Thanks Kramer, I agree that modeling and painting is by far the largest part about this army. i just didnt want her to start an army she enjoys painting but then is completely turned off form the game not cause she dislikes the game but how the army plays and possible confusion by the army. It sounds though like if she decides she likes the aesthetic of this army it should be fine in play and may get better in a year or two when a new battle tomb drops. I appreciate all the info from everyone!
  11. I second this, I dont think we will see clones of the old high elves, I think we will see inspired models. when I said they have to balance AoS high fantasy and new with nostalgia. I think it would be cool if the dragon riders became knights who rode crystalized light in the shape of dragons into battle. not sure that will happen in fact i feel like it is unlikely but would still be pretty damn cool! I also have to admit, I am not overly a huge fan of the white lions and the sword masters, although the latter were not horrible, just not my preference. I did dig the reavers, shadows and all the mages and dragons though! So if the Lions and sword masters come back I really hope they get a super unique twist and change to them that makes them super cool, fun, and exciting.
  12. I agree, while I have not played a game yet only read the rules and have an understanding of how the game works and flows. that to me seems like the biggest miss for the game. The hero customization, the wizards being able to take specific load outs on units which makes them cost more. that is the one thing that feel less deep to me, I understand in a lot of ways why they did it... I mean it's easier and much more simplified, but I think I will enjoy the older way of doing it better when I get my LRL and start playing. That being said, nothing is stopping me or anyone else build systems like that or play with an old world style magic system where you pool up a number of dice based on your wizards plus a roll.. if that is how your private group of friends wants to play.
  13. Thanks, @chumphammer, I am thinking that we will probably be doing smaller armies like somewhere in the 500-800 point range to be starting, not sure if that is a good enough amount to get in a good number of units. I dont want to buy in to any army and have 90 models to paint including one or two center pieces. and I think that would probably just scare my wife away as a start painting and see if you like it. on the bright side it sounds like it would be a pretty decent army for me if she doesnt care for the game or like the army. I appreciate the candid response though!
  14. Good morning my fellow AoSers, With the lumineth realm lords I am planning my re-entry into the hobby. My wife has also peaked a bit of interest into the modeling and painting and with that some possible interest into learning how to play the game rather than just hobbying with me, as she enjoys painting plaster houses I feel she will at least enjoy the assembly and painting portion of the game. We have discussed what aesthetics would draw her into an army to paint, and she has disclosed to me that she would be more interested in painting an army that is a bit more sleek and feminine, not so bulky and man-ish. DoK is the one army that came to mind, as it is almost entirely comprised of female units. Hell even the masculine units in the army do look more feminine and I don't think would be that much of a stretch for me to convert to being female. I have a lot of experience with Warhammer 40k, and a decent amount of experience with the older WHFB but have never played AoS, not even with my old vampire counts model when they originally did the switch over. I cut my teeth in 40k with Eldar, and played a melee army when they were bad at melee in 3rd edition. Everyone told me I was playing them wrong, and I wasn't ever going to win, and with enough time and losses I figured out how to make a good aspect wind army that would actually preform well on the table top. I have no issues with loosing and struggling to learn a tougher army. I have no issue rolling DoK into a second side army (especially if my wife is still painting and modeling them) if my wife doesn't care for the game as a whole. This leads me to my question for y'all. Is DoK a good army for someone new to the hobby to play? I dont think she needs the most powerful army on the block (not that I have any knowledge of which armies rank where in AoS), However is it pretty easy to understand and fun for a beginner to play and not going to be an uphill battle for her? I know the most important part of this hobby is do you like the look of and feel of your army. We wont be showing up at tournaments, it will be casual play more than likely between myself and her at our FLGS. it will also probably be the army I use to teach any of my other friends who might be interested in playing the game and I dont want to be setting them up for a confusing or bad start in a demo. Most people generally dont enjoy being face stomped in a demo lol! But anyway, sorry to ramble a bit, so how new player friendly is DoK? Thanks for y'all's time and helping a new AoS player.
  15. I think that GW will have an interesting balance in this army, figuring out them to be new enough and AOS-ey enough for new players but also nostalgic enough for old players.
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