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  1. interesting as there are really just the leaders with special guns, but the twohanded weapons are a bit overly granular as halberds/glaiveguards shielddorfs/shieldfreeguild could be the same. and its always chaff as the most expensive is 200, (the most viable leader the repeater dude) and all others 80 average. so having no flagellants but still lots of bodies with multiple targets to buffs per turn
  2. no flagellants is just no but then they have all those fancy guys with torpedos, muskets and flamers. having ammunition in hostile land is easier than having faith and fury! i see snipers, snipers, snipers everywhere
  3. why no flagellants? they would make the most sense as some kind of whacky fundamentalistic crusade without return to reclaim that once order stronghold. also they are the most cheap i bet. some elf ranger with bow / imperium bowmen musketdude/crossbow irondrake with flamer dorf with axe halberdiers/dark elf spear dudes dark elf corsair as some kind of mixed unit outrider generic cavalry or lizard dudes fancy elite sword dudes / elfs / longbeards STEAMTANK (i hope not) well we all know it will come the other way and we get all gyrocoptersetups, hydras, whatever...
  4. why are people on the net meaning gors and bullgors have the bestial charge ability too? did i miss something erata or are they just wrong?
  5. girafarig

    15 New Warbands

    i dont like the fact that even the lowliest stormcasts are absolutely more elite than chaos warriors, blightkings and blood warriors. they are on par with minotaurs which doesnt even make any more sense....
  6. always icon over generic blightking, he isnt too cheap to be viable if its not a matter of 5 points and i would have more speedbuffs spread out than not.
  7. the saurus all have that bite-ability, still only strength three but possibly the largest damage output of all units.
  8. looks like the leaked knight is the squadleader with a forgotten rune. cavalry seems now very cheap, as the whole army seems very cheap. the sarus warriors are a bit ... disappointing, would have seen them a bit stronger but so they are just gors with better runes and worser move and pointscosts.
  9. cold blooded saurus, so the movement is appropriate, but the low strength is really irritating me. more strength at fewer attacks would make more sense as the cavalry is a mobile lite-hammer, not a critfisher. but who cares anyway as all seraphon lists will consist of flyers, like every other armies out there who arent made of as most monsters as possible. game is going from petty small scale gang warfare to some elites standoffs.
  10. the problem with that list is that its fluffy as hell too. but maybe its autowin for that idoneth you will play against, or that ranged builds.
  11. Plague Monk with Stave Plague Monk with Stave Plague Monk with Stave Plague Monk with Stave Plague Monk with Stave Plague Monk with Stave Plague Monk with Stave Plague Monk with Stave Plague Monk with Stave Plague Monk with Stave Plague Monk with Stave Plague Monk with Stave Bringer-of-the-Word count the 13. your enemy will hate all those 6´s, but even more the digit 2 in the reach profile of the monks weapons. fast and hits like a small nail, a million small nails.
  12. chimera kit is old as time, just repacked for the release of warcry.
  13. and when we calculate the buffs like rampage or rip gore and tear? having in the case of the leader 9 2h vs 15 dual attacks when 16,... percent of the hits are crits, it seems a bit different as we have more quality 2h hits landing compared to withouth rampage. in terms of the archers, i think the arrowboyzs option represents their ability to shoot and then still close in while the ungors ability isnt dice-dependent and gives flat +1 / +2 shots in that turn. ungors only point is to shoot, arrowboyz can charge with their hp in melee too and are more expensive while beasts of chaos have for this job ways bigger guys compared to the used mass of nearly all the same mediocre bulky bonesplitterz if we compare the statlines and extreme scales of the 2 armies. nonetheless are both armies basically jack of all trades armies as they are rather fast, enduring and hart hitting at once.
  14. dual gors have the advantage they maybe get more attention by the enemy than they need due to their more attacks and lower defenses which seem tempting to get target over other more important stuff in melee minotaurs loadout, which is statwise better? any maths already done? i think the 2h axes seem pretty good per hit but then the dual weapons are much more attacks...
  15. are spears for ungors even needed? i think their main use is to occupy enemies so they most of the time go in for 1 inch anyway to keep the enemy from disengaging and the t4 shield helps them to wither enemy shooters. its more or less the question of shield(un)gor or dual gor and then if or not ungor raiders.
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