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  1. Blood knights are back in stock on the GW at least in the US.
  2. Its probably a new alliegence ability like the locus of diversion for slaanesh that gets empowered by greater daemons.
  3. Probably a white dwarf. Those are all new battletomes and they seem to be doing newer battletome updates in white dwarf articles.
  4. So destroyed is actually defined in the core rules section 1.3: "A unit is destroyed when the last model in the unit is removed from play." In any case this clearly requries an FAQ as this is a total mess. I have to agree with PJetski here that there is a contradiction in the rules. RAW models in a unit are not removed until all wounds are allocated to a unit. However, a model that has been slain cannot be allocated more wounds. Once a unit is destroyed it negates all other wounds but as per 1.3 of the core rules quotes above a unit is destroyed when the last model in the unit is removed. Since models cannot be removed until after all wounds have been allocated this means that technically a unit that has been overkilled cannot actually resolve the attack sequence. Clearly this is not intended as it means the game could not end so there is a paradox in the rules.
  5. The value of brutes for me is the rend -2 with the new book. Ironjawz always struggled with high armor saves and with the new edition and save stacking high rend is super important. Having a high damage unit that doesn't evaporate and get deal loads of -2 2 damage attacks is really helpful in the new edition. Brutes are for sure slower but the megaboss being able to issue 3 mighty destroyers at once means that you can move both a unit of brutes, a unit of gore gruntas, and a megaboss in the hero phase for one command point which is amazing.
  6. It's +1 damage to one ironjawz not +1 to hit. I wouldn't run any ironjawz without playing at least one and if you are playing pure ironjawz I'd play at least 2.
  7. If you are taking ironjawz you are going to want at least one warchanter to buff the brutes and get the 2 big waagh points. I'd take one instead of the megaboss personally
  8. This really makes annoyed since the new kruleboyz heroes have a 3+ save and have way less armor than a megaboss on mawkrusha who apparently now has a 4+
  9. I'm guessing everything but we will see when they go live. Looks like this one was accidentally uploaded like usually happens.
  10. Where did you find that? The faq page still hasn't updated for me
  11. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/08/09/gobsprakk-uses-swampy-magic-bad-smells-and-a-screaming-plant-to-dominate-the-battlefield/ Here at the bottom of the article. "As luck would have it, the new book is up for pre-order later this month, so keep an eye on Warhammer Community for further grimy glimpses – and to discover that all-important release date."
  12. I know a lot of people are down on the vanari banner blade but I actually think he has some potential as being the hero that you stash inside the shrine luminor. Since he is a totem he can use the free command point on a range of 18" rather than 12" and you can still use his once per game ability in a big radius later in the game since he will be measuring from the shrine not his model. He also is a cheap hero that you don't mind stashing in the shrine unlike something like the cathallar that wants to be more forward to ensure that she can hit the enemy with her spells and absorb battleshock for your wardens.
  13. A Kastelai soulblight list with blood knights and direwolves looks to be competitive and would be all calvary. Idoneth is the classic full calvary army with eels and sharks. Beastclaw acts as a monstrous calvary army and may or may not be what you are looking for. Ironjawz double mawkrusha and gore gruntas with warchanter support also is good but with a new book coming out it is hard to tell what might change.
  14. I think you are looking at the old warscroll. The current warscroll specifies friendly soulblight gravelords units.
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