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  1. Good Gravy, I have been looking for something like this since forever. I also would love to see your progress on these!
  2. Another newbie question. This there ANY reason not to take an existing skyport when making an list? I see the Stick to the code options if you decide to not pick one, but I guess its not really worth it?
  3. Thanks for all the info, that gives me a great idea for what to work with!
  4. So is that just 3 to 12 Endrin Riggers? Or balloon boys in general? Thats a good number either way to work with. And I honestly don't have any real game plan yet as I acquired my Aether War box before the pandemic hit and haven't gotten my Start Collecting box yet. But the Spell in a Bottle just sounds like a ton of fun, but we, as you say, have so many options. I'll definently keep Warp Lightning as a note. Thank you for your time to answer my questions!
  5. Hey I have a couple questions: How many Sky Wardens/Endrin Riggers do people tend to have in their collections? What endless spells do folks use with their Spell in a Bottle, or find to be the most effective?
  6. @readercolin I was considering getting atleast one SC next paycheck. I'll figure out what I wanna do past that. Thanks for the suggestions!
  7. So I just got into AoS with the KO half of Aether War and I don't really know where to build towards. I'm really digging the the Barak-Thryng port rules and I like the other duardin faction models as well (I really like the gyrocopters). Any suggestions on what my next potential purchases should be?
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