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  1. I must say, the new allegiance sounds quite terrible. I wonder if we're meant to get some other synergy off of it, like a certain number of stacks giving penalties and the like? Because a handful of mortal wounds here and there at the end of the turn sounds really mild and unimpactful. But if actually debuffs opponents with enough tokens, that can be really interesting. I have also heard that BKs stay at 4W (some people thought they might go up to 5 after seeing Fecula's bodyguards being 5W themselves), and that while we don't have our own endless spells, the "neutral" ones we cast will count as infected and add tokens for the new allegiance.
  2. I do genuinely believe we could see an extra wound, if anything because one key element in our new book is that almost all of our units need a bit of a boost, but my scepticism over the info on that article is mostly rooted in some stuff feeling like they simply didn't pay too much attention, rather than it being a secret wink to a tome that wouldn't be announced for months. Perhaps it was, but I'm not very convinced. On the flute? I really don't know. When it came out, my friends and I thought about it, and ended up feeling that it could be smth Nurgle-related, this being a flute and the fingers weird, or some death model, who also has models with similar fingers. Perhaps it is for us, perhaps not. Or perhaps it is smth Nurgle-related but that we won't see until months later, getting some random new model? I don't know. Much like you say, this kind of "I reject hope" is very thematic for Nurgle, so at this point I have made peace that what we know presently seems to indicate we aren't getting new things, be it an actual mortal range like Hedonites, endless spells, or something else such as the flute rumour. If we get a surprise announced before December, fantastic. Otherwise, I'll simply concentrate on our new rules and book.
  3. 6 non-hero units. Literally 2 units of mortals, the second being a mount version of the first with the mount from another one of our units. Our line does a supremely poor job of representing our range, except for daemons who have it alright. "everything you'd want." Edit: For bonus points, we're also the only Chaos faction without endless spells. Which isn't the worst thing in the world, but still a funny detail.
  4. Pusgoyles already count as 2 models, what is this "they get 1 extra wound to count for 2 models"? The suggestion from the June article was because those writing it just paid little attention to how Nurgle works. iirc the article had several mistakes/errors. Also, I've already heard a few times the Wheel might be going away (which I'm fine with, really). And, tragically, the article was fairly clear that we're getting nothing but the new sorcerer model (yay, waiting 4 years for 1 re-done model).
  5. BoC would fit the initial Ghur push, too, so it's not a crazy thought. Hence why I personally feel like Skaven and BoC have a stronger possibility of being the October Chaos army. And yeah, the mortal range for Nurgle is Blightkings, and Blightkings mounted on drones. Not particularly amazing.
  6. Perhaps actually read the post. There's a reason I speak of non-hero units (spoiler: it's for the non-hero units). A million heroes and 6 units is a straight up weird balance. End of fantasy is not long ago, but it's not AoS. This is also not a competition, it literally doesn't matter how old other kits from other armies are. GW isn't going around by kits age or necessity, and an army's release isn't going to depend on whether it'll make other people feel bad about their armies also needing stuff. To say that Nurgle doesn't deserve more units because other armies have older models makes 0 sense. Your personal take on endless spells doesn't change the fact they were introduced with the idea of being for almost every single army, and that Nurgle lacks them. It's not something anyone "needs" because no faction "needs" anything, everything is extra. Again, that comparison is great for dishonest arguments, but it's still not a competition. Nurgle needs more non-hero models, independent of what other factions have and need.
  7. A hero is the last thing Nurgle needs, rather. Same for terrain piece. Nurgle, ironically (as it looks like a big faction), actually needs a pretty big release. It lacks endless spells, and an actual (AoS) release (it has 6 non-hero units, from 40k and the end of Fantasy basically), Slaanesh-style. Do I think we'll get it? Eeeeeeeeh, not really. Much like you say, I do believe we'll get some random piece like a hero, endless, and book. And age doesn't mean much to GW, as they release stuff according to their own mysterious plans, and not book age or meta state.
  8. 99% sure it's not Chaos Dwarfs. To begin with, they did mention 3rd edition would be more about reinforcing the existing armies than bringing new ones, so I don't expect Chaos Dwarfs until reaaally late into the edition, if ever. My guess is on Skaven or BoC, too. As a Nurgle player I'd love to finally get the update/extended release I need, but I'm not really expecting it, and nothing seems to point at Nurgle as a possibility.
  9. I mean, at this point 40k will have had, what, 2 roadmaps for Codexes since 9th released? For AoS we know that we'll get at least 1 Chaos-related release in October. Perhaps in September or smth we'll suddenly get a roadmap but, for now, we're kind of kept in the dark.
  10. No no, it's just us in AoS who get no roadmap because... reasons.
  11. We already know that October will have a Chaos-related release, so that's not a rumour but something confirmed. The question is what exactly, especially since most of Chaos still needs expanded releases.
  12. No. Fly High is an ability to re-set up, it has nothing to do with flying (ironically).
  13. BR: Teclis does mention that Tyrion is busy fighting something "even more dangerous than Nagash."
  14. In order: The sanctum becomes quite good, rather than decent. Put it on a Lord Regent to save on 2+, have -2 to hit. You do not cast it. The sanctum requires you to position it outside 3" of enemy units and with the caster inside, which is impossible if you're locked in combat. You would have to retreat from combat, yes. The rune... kind of? If you get it off, it can be insane. But it's CV 8. Even with being Zaitrec for the bonuses and using their aetherquartz, if it fails then the runes are kind of wasted 70 points.
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