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  1. BR: Teclis does mention that Tyrion is busy fighting something "even more dangerous than Nagash."
  2. In order: The sanctum becomes quite good, rather than decent. Put it on a Lord Regent to save on 2+, have -2 to hit. You do not cast it. The sanctum requires you to position it outside 3" of enemy units and with the caster inside, which is impossible if you're locked in combat. You would have to retreat from combat, yes. The rune... kind of? If you get it off, it can be insane. But it's CV 8. Even with being Zaitrec for the bonuses and using their aetherquartz, if it fails then the runes are kind of wasted 70 points.
  3. I guess the problem with that approach is that they are using the Ymetrica scheme for all painted models and lore, meaning named characters are tagged Ymetrica. So if they leave Ymetrica as is, and add another great nation for Hurakan, we might end with a weird mix of named Hurakan that work best in Ymetrica.
  4. They would, but they are Vanari. To be fair, the same things were said about Hedonites' previews, and they ended up being complete reveals, with no hidden amazing abilities. Personally, I don't think we're gonna see any kind of bodyguard rule, or dmg 2 on 6s to wound. Just the standard sunmetal and wizard abilities.
  5. At 100 points they'd be quite amazing, I think. While not an insane unit except vs hordes, it still feels very reliable. If it's anything less than 120, it feels like an auto-include.
  6. I feel like Bladelords will make it or break it depending on points. Hoping/expecting them to be 2 wounds on a 4+ save, but their attacking profile feels moderately elite only. A maximum of 5 damage from your whole unit unless vs hordes is kinda weird. But if they aren't too expensive, I can see them in play.
  7. Well, I don't have much time, but I will leave one key thing: The Blessed Sons superbattalion no longer exists. It was transformed into the Blessed Sons sub-faction. On a different note, if you want to play mass Blightkings (the most popular Nurgle list right now), consider the Blight Cyst battalion, as it gives them a much-needed rend 1 to their attacks.
  8. Sunday Preview – The Call of the Wind - Warhammer Community (warhammer-community.com)
  9. People are going crazy over the rules, but they seem to forget this stuff is only for Hakuran. You're not going to see Bladelords or Dawnriders flying 16" into anything.
  10. I don't expect much more lore cuz there's still many more factions to go; we simply got the short end of the stick and have no importance to the BR lore. Perhaps I'm just pessimistic, but it feels like a random throwaway battalion. Daemons are the least player "faction," because they are a worse anvil and a worse hammer than Blightkings. So unless this battalion solves both problems at once... Certainly hoping for warscroll changes though (cuz otherwise Bilepipper makes no sense here). Although I was hoping for smth related to Horticulus and Beasts/Nurglings, this could be competitiv
  11. Well that saddens me. Although I guess it somewhat still falls in option number 2, GW dropping the ball at overestimating the book's strengths couples with no real synergy added with the new units.
  12. That doesn't make much sense to me. I had initially considered this a possibility, but summoning is already self-limited, so it wouldn't make sense to overprice the entire book for it. I mean, it's max 1 summon per turn, and pretty much impossible to do turn 1. Then you have to properly farm it by doing tons of wounds but never finishing off enemy units, which can be very counterproductive. Even more important StD units still create DPs and ignore this supposed tax. Long story short, I don't think this theory makes sense, same as the idea I've heard around that these costs somehow balance
  13. Pretty much. As models need to pile in closer or as close to the nearest enemy model, if you have 2 units on either side of an enemy unit, at 2.9" (so that it counts as being tied in combat), then the opponent cannot pile in at all (or their unit would break coherency right the middle) unless they have super melee reach, as their models in each extreme would have to move in opposite directions. It's mostly a theoretical trick, cuz maps aren't that huge and you're basically using 2 units to tie 1 up, so it's quite inefficient. But it can work in a bind, or to tie a middle unit while your u
  14. That IS true. The whole AoS 3.0 edition theory makes sense, cuz the same happened with 40k and points, but it does not explain the terrible internal balance of our book, and the amount of non-bo that we have. And, unfortunately, that can't be fixed with a General's Handbook or an FAQ.
  15. Well, we do pretty much know that the DoK book was meant to come earlier, closer to BR: Morathi. So the theory does have some credibility; we did discuss it briefly after our book came out and we all were shocked about our points values.
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