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  1. I used an old digital camera. I really need to upgrade my set up, I've just bought a new background today as the one I've used for the Sylvaneth is ever so slightly blue.
  2. Thanks for the compliment. I don't really enjoy painting for competition so i've never thought about Golden Demon. If someone commissioned me to do Golden Demon then I'd probably be more interested :).
  3. Last year was great. I painted up a full army, I attended my first and second tournament ever. GW decided to ditch the old persona and began the great process of renewal. My commission painting company grew in clients and painters, all in all things are good. I played more games last year than the past three, but still not nearly enough (there's never enough gaming). After my last tournament I was a little burned out. I cant stress enough I really enjoyed the events I went to and will definitely will be looking to attend some events again in 2017. Matched play is a great way to play and for many fellow gamers/hobbyists it covers all their needs. for me though I found I enjoyed the events and the social aspect of meeting new people, but there's still a little bit missing. I'm a creative person. I love coming up with and reading the background and stories, and really just solely playing matched play games for me is limiting what I want to achieve with my gaming. So new year has come and with it a new project. My goal for the year to come is to definitely start exploring the narrative side of the game. I've recruited and reforged a few anti Aos friends to do a simple slow grow path to glory/1000pts. in the next few weeks i'm going to attempt a small campaign write up, and hopefully fingers crossed my friends will stay focused enough to get some games in. My first project for the year is Sylvaneth. I did technically start this last year, but you can forgive me for having a little break. I wanted to push the standard of this project to something as high as I could without it becoming too detailed and unobtainable. I have been quite strict in what I plan to paint so not to get distracted or overwhelmed. My project is as follows 20 dryads two x ten with slightly different schemes five Tree Revenants Branchwych Treelord Ancient Three Kurnoth Hunters Branchwraith Four Sylvaneth wyldwoods As always many thanks for reading, comments and questions are always welcome. until next time. M Now for some pics of what I've completed already.
  4. I meant from a structure and rules perspective it requires less content from Gw. I agree that it certainly requires more communication. I think it's a style of play everyone should start with, as the less structure encourages the social aspect and teamwork to make a game better? Not very clear in my first post, I got distracted by a Christmas cheeseboard.
  5. I think I see your point and yes a book dedicated to narrative with a full framework would be great. Basically taking everything they have already released and making it more universal, plus adding all the extras you listed? I think that would be well received. I still believe they have defined what narrative play is reasonably well up to now. As for Open play I think it's very different to both Matched and narrative as it's just simple. Bang some models on the board pick a scenario and play.
  6. There is loads of themed battleplans which encourage choosing different forces than the stories, time of war rules, path to glory tables with progression for units and heroes. There's examples of different campaigns in the ghb which you can use to structure the scenarios you want to use. The purpose of narrative play is to make your own structure to best tell a story you want. I understand all these ideas and "tools" are spread out over the different books, but to me narrative play is defined by simply telling a story using miniatures, and GW has given players loads of great content already.
  7. I think narrative play has been defined considerably. Look at all the realmgate books, all the battletomes, and the majority of the ghb. That's full of tools to play narrative games.
  8. Excellent post! it has also been on my mind today after reading far too many comments on fb
  9. As a death player it's disappointing that the ring has been FAQ but I understand it was very powerful on a vlozd. I worry that there's so much negativity from people losing their battalions and compendium builds but remember that it's only early days for Aos. We still have a lot to look forward too. You might be losing something now but getting something so much better in the future.
  10. Battleine combine! keep battleline restrictions but allow you to combine them into 1-2 units eg, pay points for 3 units of 10 skeletons but can combine them into one unit of 30 but still meet the requirement? Maybe introduce x amount of units that dont break allegiance in matched play I think grand alliance spell lists might be a cool addition. I would really like to see a character creation system done for narrative play using a set number of 'hero' points to spend on stats, abilities , keywords etc. Im still very undecided on the initiative system from my games. it has won and lost me games equally so i suppose that is balanced
  11. I am wondering what people's thoughts are on using this as an alternative Mourngul? I have the original forgeworld mini but want to try using 2 in a list I'm fully aware that this may cause excessive expletives to come my way but I'd just like to know what people think.
  12. The scenery requirement is 4 pieces of painted scenery, luckily I have tonnes so that was no issue. The case i have my GHB in is just an A4 plastic case from tesco (uk), it was only a few £ and it holds my lists and event printouts etc...
  13. Its from ikea. I believe it was full of screws before it was re purposed
  14. What size objective markers are people using for matched play?
  15. I've always wanted to attend an event and often between life, money, and kids it's always been just an idea that's never blossomed into a reality. A few weeks back I was casually looking through the events section on this site and noticed a one day 1000pt event in Leeds. Not being very far I mentioned to the wife that it might be cool to go, not really expecting a response (she often goes deaf when hobby is mentioned) she responds with "cool you should go,". I paused expecting some sort of bargaining scenario to begin, involving me looking after the children for a full 7 days while she spends it with her girlfriends in some tropical resort. To my amazement this didn't happen, and not only did she show mild interest, she even paid for the ticket! it's entirely plausible that this is just to get me away long enough for (insert vocation of choice) man to pop round , but really this doesn't bother me as i'm going to a tourny! Initial preparation began with WTF how do I prepare? Luckily two podcasts came out this month touching on this very subject. I certainly don't have any goals other than just to experience playing at an event. I have my list sorted, though a unit of Dire wolves inconveniently required painting. luckily and probably due to my excitement these have been completed pretty quick. As for other preparations, I've read the rules pack and currently trying to learn the matched play scenarios word for word. The scenery requirement is no issue as I've loads of painted scenery and I've even bought a cheap tablet for the AOS app. Many thanks to the Mortal Realms Podcast as they have produced some DIY tokens which I've just glued to 25mm bases. The biggest question I have now is do I forgo paying my water bill and buy an official combat gauge, and rangefinder, or make do with the basics? Will post soon, probably with a write up of how my games went and how I found the whole experience. Happy hobbying M P.S will this be enough?
  16. In small units of 10 then the 4+ to hit is better yes, but I've done all mine with spears. It gives me better options when I want to field bigger units and means I don't have to paint more skellies just for +1 to hit
  17. I would say the mourngul is the sister. It's basically a right nasty spirit full of rage and hunger etc... Kinda fits in with her death and maybe the collective misery of the brothers is what summons it?
  18. Hotdropmartin

    Spirit hosts

    From my games I've found my big unit of 6 is a great tar pit if it gets in cover/Mystic shield, but will rarely gets all its attacks in. They take up a decent amount of board space too which can be good for blocking and screening. When I've ran the smaller units of 3's they often don't last the game where as the 6 often holds on until the end.
  19. Spears on big units, (20+) as the buffs for extra attacks and Vanhels makes the extra reach count more than the +1 to hit. Effectively your getting two more lines of skellies fighting and at 4 attacks all buffed up that's nice. Swords on units of 10 is maybe the better choice, but spears look cooler I think.
  20. So my thoughts on the current 'filth' discussion; What I think people mean when they use the term 'filth', are armies that are points and rules efficient with very strong combinations. They often work by killing or nerfing your opponents army before they have chance to reply. I've seen a lot of comments that 'filth armies' don't take skill to field, when really they just perform to a high level and are normally up against similar lists at tournaments or at gaming clubs. Many players play at this level and enjoy this style of gaming. To win an event you have to play well and have a powerful army, so I think the term 'filth' in these circumstances is not a great description. For the other 95% of games I think the term 'filth' can be better applied but in specific circumstances. I personally don't want to play a game which I feel like I haven't won on merit (good tactical choices, knowledge of rules etc...). I think this is where players have to take responsibility for list choices and why they are playing. If you take a powerful army to curb stomp your opponent and your only objective is to win then yes I think players have every right to call your army filth and it shouldn't bother you. I normally play at my local GW and often take a Mourngul in my death list. It's a powerful unit and often gets accused of being 'OP' or 'filthy' and against some armies it is very good. I do try to offset its power by taking less powerful choices throughout my army. The last game I played I obliterated my opponent. I didn't go into the game to make my opponent feel bad, or to win at all costs, it was just a bad match up in which my tactical choices and combos worked very well. It's a shame because my opponent didn't enjoy the game and complained that my army was filth. It was disappointing to me personally that my opponent didn't enjoy the game and if we play again I will reduce the power of my army to make the game a better experience for him, but I think the term 'filth' was not a fair description of my army and me as a player. I'm certainly not completely innocent as one of my first games was against a moonclan list before points which had 4 mangler squigs and fanatics and I really struggled to deal with it. At the time I felt "this is filth" and only afterwards after some analysis I realised it really wasn't, it was powerful and I didn't have the tools the deal with it, but my opponent didn't take those units just to curb stomp me nor to ruin my hobby. it was just a bad match up with slightly imbalanced armies. Strangely enough I learnt so much from that game and it's made me a better player not just from a gaming perspective but as an opponent also.
  21. You should be pleased, it's a really solid paintjob on your slaughterpriest
  22. Great work! It's great to see halflings still knocking about. I think there's still a place for them somewhere in the mortal realms
  23. Hi peeps decided to show a quick wip pic of my £5.99 slaughterpriest Only spent half a lazy Sunday on it and I have to stress this is a crappy phone pic Started on a Base too M
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