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  1. This is the thing they perform similarly to Liberators but have a much higher damage potential at a 10 point tax, I think a lot of people are over valuing the lay low ability, it's at the end of the combat phase and as we all know 10wounds with a 4+ and a built in +1 to their save isn't that hard to remove. I feel like you've hit the nail on the head here, decimators were poor from release due to being solely dependant on the enemy to increase their output, this new edition they've changed and I personally feel like they are worth a look. Vanquishers are in a similar boat right now they require more enemies to perform at their best but I've been looking and they appear strong against many armies due to most armies having 10man battlelines which is where these guys excel, they aren't going to mulch hordes nor slaughter monsters but they really do have an element of being able to face most foes and put on a decent showing we're on about a 125point unit it's not exactly breaking the bank, yeah reasonably it could do with a slight points drop or a little buff, I think the banner and horn are a typo honestly and will be FAQ'd to 1in5
  2. No worries dude, I was worried my maths was off, I may be incorrect here but their bonus activates at 5+ models and certainly in my meta that is the most common unit type. I usually see units of 5+ and 10+ models roaming with very little with a lower body count though obviously it's a meta by meta basis for this. At 3 attacks each they still match liberators with lay low the tyrants only boosting them to outperform at 3+ save or better. This is my math between vanquishers vs liberators with shields (prime with grand weapon and lay low added), still the outperforming on the most common saves (4+ or worse) and the difference being negligible at higher saves but at the cost of survivability Indeed, they are effectively discount decimators but in my opinion they have a place as I've found our greatest weakness is getting swamped in tarpits (I got stuck against pink horrors in my last game which meant my units weren't fighting where I needed them) and this unit is a cheap affordable counter to tarpits in my opinion
  3. okay... I feel like you really don't like the unit. You've said so yourself that this unit that's only 10 points more and slightly outperforms in terms of raw damage. Less resistant yes if you compare shields to them whereas with dual weapons they are the same and the vanquishers outperform them by more than a small margin, I'm not sure where you are getting you maths from, as this is my maths and the difference is noticeable Save Vanquisher vs 10+ liberators 2+ 3.11 2.22 3+ 4.67 3.33 4+ 6.22 4.44 5+ 7.78 5.56 6+ 9.33 6.67 - 9.33 6.67
  4. On your top and middle point I'm seeing most factions with 5-10 man units with minimums edging towards 10 over 5 so I feel like they will perform well, I get your bottom point, I feel like they'll get moved to 1 in 5 personally but that's my gut feeling I feel like this unit shines in MSU format whereas vindictors work as a block of 10, I've played a few games with vindictors and I feel they are ****** honestly, my liberators and sequitors outperform them in most cases with them needing extra support to make them the defensive block unit
  5. Heroes feel heroic and monsters feel monstrous. I feel like the "epicness" of the setting went up as the big stuff hits hard and makes an impression. The game feels more interactive and their is a more tactical air meaning you can focus on more than just slaughtering your opponent
  6. Hi All, I've been looking through the new tome and to be fair the new units and the reworked older units all seem viable, however it appears as if many people believe Vanquishers have no real place within the army. I disagree having looked at their stats and doing some mathhammer they seem a reasonable unit since in the majority of cases they be doing 3/4 attacks each which makes them quite effective as "mini-hammer" units, for a generally aggressive melee army they seem like a practical choice especially as they seem to compete with sequitors specifically setup for maximum damage and outperform other battleline units in terms of damage What are people's thoughts?
  7. Played a 1k tourney practice game today, my list was: Lord Arcanum with Master of magic and Arcane Tome (WB) Knight Vexillior with Meteoric standard (WB) Knight Questor with Hammer of Might (WB) Liberators with dual weapons Prime with grand weapon (RB) Liberators with dual weapons Prime with grand weapon (RB) Sequitors with 2x Maces and Prime with Mace (WB) Evocators with Swords Prime had a Grandstave (RB) Holy Commandment: Call for Aid Hammers of Sigmar Warlord Battalion (WB) (extra artefact) Redemption Brotherhood (RB) My opponent's list: Ogroid Thing Changeling Soul Grinder Pink horrors x2 We had Apex Predator (I think? The one with three objectives that characters can only hold) I got first turn and went for two objectives with my KQ and a unit of Libs on one, the centre I positioned my evocators in front of my LA with Sequitors holding the rear but slightly left of the LA to prevent getting charged without support, I hit his Ogroid, Grinder, Changeling and one unit of horrors with the standard and spread a few wounds across them, I sent my KV and the last unit of Libs towards the last objective. advancing meant I held two objectives and was in charge range of the third for his turn he rushed up, his Ogroid took the objective I couldn't and the changeling went with the grinder and a unit of horrors to knock me off the centre, magically he couldn't get a spell off and shooting was terrible so he charged his grinder into my LA but brought himself into range of my Evos and Seqs, he hit hard knocking my LA down to one wound before getting my evos pile in stripped wounds away and lightning arced his changeling to nothingness the sequitors and LA knocked the grinder down to a couple of wounds and pink horrors piled in to the Evos dragging one down. Turn 2 I get priority and Thunderclap the Horrors followed up with an arcane bolt that destroyed the grinder freeing my LA and Seqs from combat, my Evocators cast empower on the libs closest to the Ogroid and the seqs moved up ready to charge him also the LA steps back just in case, the KQ and the other libs move in to take on the horrors so I can clear my right flank and push up on his last horrors and Ogroid. Evo's, KQ and libs attack the horrors and shred them over the next two combat phases, the sequitors and other libs charge to strike the Ogroid, by the end of turn 2 the Ogroid has 1 wound remaining but had destroyed the libs and with the help of the 2nd unit of horrors wiped the seqs which I utilised Call for Aid to bring them back ready to move up and charge the Ogroid again. Turn 3 I keep priority again allowing my LA to buff the Seqs with Celestial Blades, debuff the Horrors with Thunderclap and the Evo's to empower themselves. his Ogroid heroic recovers one wound, my LA is back up to 6 I charge with Seqs, Evos, Libs and KQ (the benefits of the vexillior can't be ignored) everyone bar the Seqs crash into the wall of horrors the Seq crash into the Ogroid, I channel weapons and take slay the warlord, my opponent concedes immediately to save himself having to remove and replace horrors as I beat them into a pulp. Honestly this books feels really good, you don't feel like an instant win but you definitely have flexible and strong choices available, this was my first outing with the new book and it felt refreshing that units played a role and that I was limited to certain specific choices to be playable
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