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  1. They can, because you use 1 enhancement to give every wizard in your army access to 1 spell from a spell lore. Edit : See @Beliman's post for pictorial evidence.
  2. I think it's mostly people fearing that GW would consider all of the BT updated when only one of the 2 (now 3) factions in it gets new stuff, for example that Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz have had their 3rd Edition update with the addition of Kruleboyz (which pure IJ and BS players don't necessarily care about).
  3. I like this new rule, but it feels a bit weird for certain units (like chaos warriors, max 15 seems quite low).
  4. I'm still waiting for new chaos dragons/return of Galrauch (one man can hope), as I think they could really be awesome with the usual AoS spin on things.
  5. Please let it be fimir (although I don't really believe it myself)
  6. I just noticed while browsing the GW website that the Black Coach now shows up when you use the "unit" filter. It most likely doesn't mean anything, but that implies there have been changes made to its entry in the website. I don't know whether this indicates that we'll get it or not and I'm probably just extrapolating, but I'm so hungry for news that I couldn't help but mention it.
  7. Big dragon with twin tails (therefore potentially associated with Sigmar), fighting Kragnos, which also fought Seraphon and was (if I understood correctly) sealed by the Slann, ...sounds awfully like Dracothion to me!
  8. It seems that the hatching insect egg RE was for Kragnos in the end (if that silouhette is him, but it looks like it). I'm really looking forward to see if he has a connection to the Silent People (his people are gone, and he is carrying a bunch of eggs, maybe trying to prevent other races to suffer the same fate?)
  9. Seeing all this talk about whether the good guys or bad guys win more often, I think that something worth considering is that AoS is not divided between good and bad guys. People think about factions, not good or bad guys. This is especially relevant when arguing over who wins most of the time because there are so few 'good guys' in the setting. Even if all of Order were 'good guys' (which they aren't), for every GA to win as often as each other, the 'bad guys' would have to win 3/4 times. I don't really have a horse in the race, as a TK enthusiast I enjoy seeing Nagash fail, but at the s
  10. Hi, Before commenting on any specific points, I just want to say that this is a very cool army, which fits AoS (in my opinion at least) while staying true to the feel of Tomb Kings as they were in WHFB. I find most of the rules you wrote here nice and quite balanced, although there are some points which I think may need tweaking (even though actual playtesting would probably give more insight on that than just my thoughts). First, a couple of observations on design : - recently, GW has been changing most abilities from "within" to "wholly within", as it prevents people from spre
  11. Wow, these are incredible! Really cool ideas, and extremely well executed !
  12. Hi, For the bodies I think Black Guard are a good choice (you even have halberds included if you want your unit equipped that way), along with Black Ark Corsairs like you mentioned. For the heads however, the best I can think of is Blood Knights, or the Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon kit, but both of these are really expensive and have very few heads in them.
  13. Hello everyone, I'm Takyz, a 17 years old french guy. I started Age of Sigmar around a month after 2nd edition came out, and since then I've been mostly trying to convert a Tomb Kings army. I also have some Sylvaneth and am currently planning on starting a Slaves to Darkness force (with at least 2 mammoths in it). Thank you all for welcoming me ! Takyz.
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