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  1. I got the box (together with an Ogroid Myrmidon), and while I've never played before, the abilities seemed pretty 'pedestrian' - at least to my very untrained eyes. I can post some pictures (if allowed?) or write a summary later today if there's interest. EDIT: Love most of the models though. Easy to assemble, and some of the designs are great/hilarious - e.g. the duardin rager or the clueless-looking beastman with helmet on 😂
  2. Tiberius: Yeah there are a lot of dragon-related possibilities- hope they go with something like what you're outlining. I could also imagine though, that 'good' dragons belong to the Stormcast faction now, with their chunky design style.
  3. It's easy to come to the conclusion that there is a (significant) relationship between rules and model releases, but I don't find that it's (always) a 1-1 relationship. If one were to look at all the releases of e.g. 2019, I believe that you can find just as many balanced (Gloomspite Gitz) or even lackluster (Forbidden Power) releases. I also think that GW do model designs meant to last and provide revenue over longer time. An example from 40K are the Centurions, who were originally ridiculed (not unlike the OBR with the skeleton-in-skeleton style), but I'm now seeing people fielding 12 centurions because their rules suddenly become incredibly good
  4. Man, these look great. Feels like like they translated the design feel of the Varanguard to these guys.
  5. Hi everyone, new member here from rainy Copenhagen, Denmark. I've been playing 40K for years, and started with AoS when version 2 came out. I'm currently playing legions of Nagash, which I'm enjoying a lot despite getting destroyed on a consistent basis 😅 I've really been enjoying using the forum, and hope to be able to participate and contribute to the community now as well. See you all around! /Smenk
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