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  1. Ideally we would have gnashtoof and vulture cavalry... ideally
  2. Thanks for doing this! So at present they have 3 more units released than the boyz. I guess we can just hope that there is more and that bin guy hasn't ruined the warclans battletome. Wouldn't mind no more models if the rules are good rather than what's been teased so far but their is certainly space for some cav!
  3. would be nice but seems stormcast is the major focus rather than the warclans....
  4. Can that preview have Orruk terrain/endless spells and some baby gnashtoofs?
  5. Yeah I'm kinda on the same boat. I bought GSG for the amazing models and the battletome is still really bad 3 years later. Defo want to see full battletome/rules before investing cash in models, though understand that narrative players won't have the same issues. It obviously wouldn't be an issue if they were willing to update/errata battletomes properly but you know you will just be stuck with the same rules for years.
  6. I think sin/bin is fine as long as everyone gets a bit of both. The previously prevailing theme seems to be that chaos and particularly order get a lot of sin. Destruction consistently gets more "fun " (GW code for bin) content. Fun content normally just means random and thematically named but weak/niche rules. GSG exemplifies thus as well as its awful keyword bingo. Kragnos also continues all the classic destruction issues. Random MW on massively wordy/overcomplicated charge rule where the highest probability outcome is no MW, niche narrative rule vs drakes, +1 bravery rule in destruction (just why?) and of course... wildly overcosted. Plus narratively also just ****** in this case. So when I see the third over-complicated/low power -1 to hit rule for Kruleboyz (with thematic name), that throws up the bin red flags.
  7. Looks cooler and that is where the positives end.
  8. Yeah all the different over-complicated -1s to hit are also worrying me quite a bit. But I would much rather we had a competitive faction in destruction than another "fun" or narrative faction. All the factions are narrative anyway so we don't need more bad rules being justified under the "fun" hat - see gloomspite. I have an even greater concern that they might have made IJ less competitive due to adding the so far very mediocre Kruleboyz.
  9. Its clearly a bin guy book so at this point I am just hoping that he hasn't ruined IJ alongside the ongoing lacklustre Kruleboyz rule teases.
  10. When I see convoluted wording and over limited abilities etc, it always makes me worry that we have the theoretical "bin guy" writing the battletome.
  11. sounds interesting but really hope there isn't to much morale stuff as that's normally not very good for anything. Though if linked to bonuses may not be terrible.
  12. Have there been any more rumours or hints about Kruleboyz? Really hoping they have decent Rules... I'm also kind of hoping they haven't messed with IJ.
  13. Damn... they look excellent... haven't even made mine yet!
  14. If I'm buying into Soulblight and want to run Vyrkos or Avengorii.... what should I be buying for a good core? Thanks
  15. Really hard to know I guess. There was that quite confusing message that Kruleboyz were a “horde” army but then all our troops are overcosted for what they are and also overcosted for what are considered horde armies. 30 gut rippaz for 540 is not a horde army.
  16. Currently they are overpriced bad chaff, with a different aesthetic to the rest of the army and not battleline or covered by the allegiance abilities. I guess they are good for narrative players but if you are more concerned about your army having good stuff, then they miss in every way possible.
  17. Why do hobgrots exist?? They seem like a completely random addition
  18. Not much spicy, they said that something gave a +1 to hit aura and a way to increase damage but it was all vague
  19. I think lots of factors like this affect activity on the Destruction forum: Destruction is the least competitive so attracts little of that player base/mind set with essentially one cookie cutter list in ironjawz for most of AoS 2. Very low variation in army construction with factions often having very few choices e.g IJ/BS/SoB and even GSG just got pushed into narrow subfactions with little variation due to keyword bingo. Overall army design often provides little longevity in playstyle and there’s far too much so-called “fun” being used in the design process which just seems to equate to low-power gimmicks. If you compare releases, SoB is so low effort compared to non destruction factions. One sculpt, minimal rules, more gimmick. There’s almost nothing to discuss/solve. Then there’s the ridiculously overcosted Kragnos who again has an over complicated MW on charge rule but really is another watching paint dry design who was randomly inserted for sales. Again adding very little to most destruction armies. Kruleboyz - we have a new SUBfaction being released for destruction rather than a proper faction, so is already less likely to attract the attention of new players who were not interested in orruks. Lots of this stuff adds up and I reckon puts people off destruction. Maybe Kruleboyz will be different?
  20. ....I just don't have the energy anymore to discuss wtf GW are doing with sentinels.... Seems that it's all working as intended... jokes
  21. I do think there will be some serious abilities coming in the battletome but am getting slightly wary of buying more than the dominion box (to save later expense) until we have more than pretty pictures and dominion warscrolls.
  22. The gutrippaz special rule is the worst sort of garbage.... tonnes of conditions to occasionally get -1 to hit against another unit. So over-complicated and underwhelming simultaneously.
  23. I struggle a bit with this answer, as the sentinels are clearly and widely known to be oppressive. Mortals on 5+ with a ranged unit that doesn't need LOS is absolutely bonkers and has been widely abused by people running lists with like 80 sentinels. This is pretty common knowledge stuff and is about as NPE as is possible in a game like AOS as it requires nil effort to do with little ability to counter/interact. No-one except LRL plyers were pleased to see the GHB taking a light touch on sentinels. The rest of it is probably ok.
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