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  1. So I had my first game as the Bonereapers and actually only my 5th game of AoS ever. We played a 2500 points Battle for the Pass game in the realm Ulgu and we also used a random twist card from the open play deck which added +2 movement and +1 to run and charge rolls. It was a fun game but I ended up losing to my opponents Archaon's list that had an allied Lord of Change after giving away for the first turn, allowing my opponent to run to the objectives and me messing up and not being able to get the charge I wanted first turn. I made a lot of mistakes, which can basically be summed up with
  2. Thanks for the info! So basically, if only one person has only one "first at start of..." ability, they go and if it's their turn, they can then activate a unit as normal?
  3. Hi everyone, Just a quick question. The darkoath warqueen has the "This model fights at the start of the combat phase" rule. The question is, if it's my opponents turn, do they get to fight with the warqueen AND then choose another afterwards as their first activation? Or does the warqueen count as the first activation? Could someone point out to me where in the rules it states this whichever way it is. Thanks!
  4. I reckon I will run the list with the 2nd Battallion, as like you said, the shrieker is unreliable and at least the helm can help out. Slap on the god bone armour on the 2nd boneshaper and have the soul mason a bit further back just buffing, hopefully keeping out of the way of of harms way but able to get the spells off. I've gone for Empower blades, Empower Shields and drain vitality. The others seem pretty good but these seem the strongest, and especially so considering that I would like to get that mortal wound protection as well. Another thing I am a bit worried, and like you said wi
  5. I have my first big 2k game coming up next week against my friends Slaves to Darkness. I have this list, but I am not sure how to handle StD, as it all seems quite overwhelming with how much overlap there is and all the marks that they can have. This is my list: Liege Kavalos - General God Bone armor Mortisan Boneshaper Artisan's key Mortisan Boneshaper Soulmason Mortek guard x 20 Swords Mortek guard x 20 Swords Mortek guard x 10 Swords Necropolis Stalkers x 6 Got
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