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  1. So I had my first game as the Bonereapers and actually only my 5th game of AoS ever. We played a 2500 points Battle for the Pass game in the realm Ulgu and we also used a random twist card from the open play deck which added +2 movement and +1 to run and charge rolls. It was a fun game but I ended up losing to my opponents Archaon's list that had an allied Lord of Change after giving away for the first turn, allowing my opponent to run to the objectives and me messing up and not being able to get the charge I wanted first turn. I made a lot of mistakes, which can basically be summed up with "oh, (insert number of inches) is shorter / longer than I thought) mixed with "I have no idea what I am doing". A lot of my mistakes were also just positioning issues which meant that when I inevitably failed the needed charges, it let the big flying monsters (i'm looking at you Archaon) swoop in and do the damage to the units that were out of place i.e. I used the deathglaive battalion and so these units were in front my the mortek - thinking they would be able to charge first....silly me. Although I did manage to use the teleport from the Ulgu realm to teleport a unit of 20 mortek and take back an objective. But that allowed my opponent to send over the Varanguard, Archaon and Lord of Change over to the weaker side and basically overwhelm me there. On the upside, a unit of 10 Mortek held up both Archaon and a unit of Varanguard for a good amount of time. Was amazing to see a 130 point unit essentially survive against 1100 points of units. I think the things I need to learn (in a general sense) are: - Zoning out and screening the big flying threats (still looking at you Archaon) so they have to make big charges to be able to get into the back. - Just generally get better at judging things and having a solid game plan in mind. I was very reactionary and basically let my opponent dictate the flow of the game. After the teleport I mentioned, it meant my right side was without a 20 block. Which meant I had 2 x 20 mortek on one side (I couldn't teleport the one on the left side as I had used all my spells and I foolishly thought about doing this last, with a caster that was out of sight of the unit already on the left - I could have also just not done that and spent another turn just shuffling up as one. It is a 5 round game after all!). With no large block on the right, I had to bring the un teleported block from the left to the right, something which basically cost me a turn not holding a point. I also could have just cut my losses and try to really overpower one side. Anyway, lots of things to learn and work on in general. I am happy though that I do have this army to learn with. It seems to be unforgiving when you aren't doing well....but seeing 10 Mortek laugh in Archaon's face makes it all worth it!
  2. Thanks for the info! So basically, if only one person has only one "first at start of..." ability, they go and if it's their turn, they can then activate a unit as normal?
  3. Hi everyone, Just a quick question. The darkoath warqueen has the "This model fights at the start of the combat phase" rule. The question is, if it's my opponents turn, do they get to fight with the warqueen AND then choose another afterwards as their first activation? Or does the warqueen count as the first activation? Could someone point out to me where in the rules it states this whichever way it is. Thanks!
  4. I reckon I will run the list with the 2nd Battallion, as like you said, the shrieker is unreliable and at least the helm can help out. Slap on the god bone armour on the 2nd boneshaper and have the soul mason a bit further back just buffing, hopefully keeping out of the way of of harms way but able to get the spells off. I've gone for Empower blades, Empower Shields and drain vitality. The others seem pretty good but these seem the strongest, and especially so considering that I would like to get that mortal wound protection as well. Another thing I am a bit worried, and like you said with the buffing, is that the RDP points can get used up quickly with more units. May try lumping the Morghast together perhaps to save up on points, and I imagine seeing a 24 wound flying unit would create a bit of a distraction carnifex. Still two units of them taking out important heroes or stopping varanguard and chaos knight charges would be my initial idea for them. I definitely expect this game to be a bit out of whack with all the things moving, but it will feel good to see all my models on the table at least !
  5. I have my first big 2k game coming up next week against my friends Slaves to Darkness. I have this list, but I am not sure how to handle StD, as it all seems quite overwhelming with how much overlap there is and all the marks that they can have. This is my list: Liege Kavalos - General God Bone armor Mortisan Boneshaper Artisan's key Mortisan Boneshaper Soulmason Mortek guard x 20 Swords Mortek guard x 20 Swords Mortek guard x 10 Swords Necropolis Stalkers x 6 Gothizzar Harvester Mortek Shield-Corp Bone-Tithe Shrieker 2000/2000 This is what I am thinking of as I don't expect the one crawler I have to do much work for me with their high armour saves. I am not exactly sure what I would be up against exactly, but probably some combination of: Archaon The new Chaos Lord on lizard Chaos sorcerers (either with or without mount) Chaos warriors x 15 Chaos Knights Chaos Marauder Horsemen Chaos Chariot Daemon Prince and some Tzeentch units? I am not sure how the ally system work in bringing in over units from other factions into StD. Anyone have tips going against Slaves? What to look out for the most and what to target first? Any help appreciated.
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