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  1. You are correct! Just keep in mind that "Leave None Alive" will only trigger if there are still enemy units within 3". It is a seldom time that it won't work but sometimes it will be easier for an opponent to take away from the front if they can deny you that second swing.
  2. I know that in the book the Blood Blessings can only be attempted once regardless of how many know them, but I was wondering if it was the same for the warscroll prayers. It doesn't specify but I don't want to assume I can if I am missing anything. Thanks!!
  3. As said above, marauders (at least in Khorne) are anything but worthless chaff. They benefit greatly from the bonuses the mortal side in Khorne provides and can be a very powerful first wave.
  4. Picked up the book last weekend. Honestly it is well worth the investment. I enjoyed the lore (a lot of big characters in play and some interesting reveals for the future), and the rules overall are pretty cool. The subfactions are interesting. I know a lot of people are judging it like they didn't do anything, but free rules are free so can't complain. Khorne got running and charging bloodthirsters. Getting a game in with that faction the command ability that comes with it along with the relic helped out a lot more than I expected. Tzeentch just has more tools to play around with. Nurgle benefited the most as they have 4 subfactions and access to a locus that is well worth its weight in gold. I'm thinking Munificent Wanderers will be a fun faction to play with. Slaanesh getting even more rules, though some are harder to judge than others. I personally love Godseekers, so I got most likely the worst subfaction, but oh well. Chaos Ascendant is a nice callback to undivided daemons, and Belakor having a personal subfaction is great. All of the buffs come from being within (not wholly), so he has gotten a lot tankier. Knights of the Empty Throne had some cool ideas behind it, but it honestly just isn't great. Varanguard being heroes is cute but not very impactful in the long term.
  5. I am a huge advocate for Warscroll Builder. Azyr is nice, but if I'm paying monthly for a subscription to build a list that I can just whip out on the fly, why bother? When it comes to list building I'm either on my PC or my phone, but on my phone I'll always open the webpage. You can save the lists as a PDF and it looks a lot cleaner to me. I usually will combine my list with AoS Reminders and I am always ready for a game. I enjoy my gaming peripherals so I don't need to be burning my battery to keep my phone up in case I have to look up a rule.
  6. Khorne definitely falls apart to good shooting. Being capable of kiting them while shooting is also an important thing as most of the units only move 5" plus their D6 run move. This might change a bit once people get some more play with the new Wrath of the Everchosen book (run+charge Bloodthirsters in Tyrants feels like it will push itself into some level of prominence). Another big flaw is the lack of multi damage combined with rend. One thing that really bites Khorne is that beyond characters, anything higher than Damage 1 is few and far between, not to mention that rend is either on the extreme or nonexistent. A buffed anvil unit will typically just wall even our heavy hitters. Rend -1 is prevalent to some extent, mostly in our characters, and a few units, however sometimes that just isn't enough. There is a decent rise in units just having a 3+ save (be it OBR, Cities, etc.), and if any re-rolls come into play the rend is typically a wash.
  7. I mean were they just constantly unbound? Because that sounds more like you just rolled bad. The LoC is still great for their points given the scary amount of damage you can put out in the hero phase with it.
  8. Easier said than done. You gotta force 20 damage in before this happens. Unless you have a rule that will let you single out the banner this may not happen as often as we would hope.
  9. Got my first game in with Baleful Lords on Saturday. It was some Adepticon Team practice, and I will have to get more reps, but I very much enjoyed what it offered. The Insensate Rage Bloodthirster almost always swung at full bracket with that command ability, and +1 save was huge!! Against Ironjawz and Slaves, it came up a lot because of all the -1 rend attacks. He ended up sticking around a lot longer than he should have, and it helped wall some of the opponent long enough for my partner to carry us to victory by the end!!
  10. I guess to toss in my two cents because I can: I'm struggling to understand how people are mistaking the DD ruling. They only added the caveat of "if you use this for Battleshock or Saves, modifiers still apply". The DD itself is still the unmodified roll. That hasn't changed. Applying the logic of what people are saying now (that the die roll is now modifiable), then every player in the old edition using daemon banners was cheating because the rule was always "if you rolled a 1"...which if you took battleshock you would never have done because "oh it gets modified so it is a X" instead.
  11. Just to comment on the casting spells with no targets: that was entirely intentional. Ben Johnson on the official GW podcast openly said this was a tactic you can do when they were going over the different factions and how they were changing when AoS 2.0 was going to be dropping. All of the wording permits this as well, as even choosing a target for a spell isn't done until the spell is successfully cast. This is done purposefully, to encourage critical thinking during the hero phase of what spells are on the docket for your opponent, and what you should prioritize or let through. Yes, it does permit spells to be cast with no valid targets, and yeah that only really benefits Tzeentch because of how Fate Points work, but let's be honest here: Fate Points are the worst of the summoning mechanics for the god armies because of how volatile magic itself is.
  12. I'd trade out the bloodmad warband for gore pilgrims. much cheaper and overall provides a better buff. I'd also look at if Blood Hunt is really worth it. I've used Karanak in about a dozen or so games and he's only ever pulled his weight once. Hitting on 4s against anything that ISNT his quarry is rough. He just doesn't push out the damage that he really should.
  13. A thing to consider with this topic as well is understanding the speed of yours and your opponent's army as well. Take your GG list for example: beyond the squig knights, you are a very slow army that is relying heavily on magic that just won't reach your opponent in time. You also lack any way of relocating any of your units, and no real way of hiding them. If you're under pressure of having to "walk into the line of fire", change up the spells you're taking (both lore and endless), and/or change up some units. I feel mangler squigs would be extremely helpful in this regard for a GG army as yes random movement sucks but it is large enough that if it gets far ahead it will force guns near it. Goblins are an annoyance for shooting lists, but not when they are the only real threat being presented.
  14. A lot of people forgot that, especially when comparing things to the book previously. The cry of mortal/beast side being trash is an odd thing to swallow because the very beginnings of our book (and for a while until the next generals handbook that following summer) it was all Tzaangors. Changehost then became popular after some price hikes but the Tzaangors were still outrageously powerful. However it just kept falling off slowly as the books were being updated. Tzeentch had a bit of an overtune and some oversights in mechanics, but the book overall is very well written. Wrath of the Everchosen is also opening up even more avenues for us to explore, pushing for aggressive magic spells and a more Mortal focused combat force. Now that a lot of the big things have been roped back, I think the win rate will overall taper out back into the 60ish% and they'll retain their strengths without being a volatile play experience.
  15. I'm more interested in Baleful Lords. I think run & charge bloodthirsters is going to be powerful, especially when you will always have at least one swinging top bracket in a Tyrants battalion.
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