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  1. Thank you all for your replies, much appreciated.
  2. Judicators would actually work i think. do you recall where yo saw that?
  3. Hello, I have 8 castigators which I don't intend using at all. Does anyone have any idea of what I could kitbash them into instead? Any conversions someone has tried that work well with these models? Kind regards Luke
  4. Thank you for your reply. So i looked around on GW's store they dont seem to have the Abhorrant Archregent for sale at all. If i understood you correctly, the materials i ordered should be able to provide me with a bashkited one?
  5. So i am looking for some advice on both assembly and pitched battle compositions. I have ordered the following and will be getting it shortly, 2x FEC start collecting boxes 4x Crypt flayer boxes 2x Crypt ghoul boxes 1x FEC Endless spells box Iam a bit confused regarding assembly since people are saying you could kit bash and make units into something they originally arent. With that material at hand what would you create and is it worth it assembling the horrors or should/can i make something else of them? Any advice is much appreciated! Kind regards Luke
  6. similiar position here but different starting point, if you dont mind me asking. Is a Battleforce box a good expansion on the Tempest of souls box if yo want to go for a sequitor heavy army ? Thinking in terms of building up for competetive play and the fact that you would come out with even units.
  7. Thank you for you answers Honk, much appriciated.
  8. Which box specifically do you mean? 😃 Also i found this list, is that a nighthaunt specific army or LoN?
  9. Thank you for the clarification , Ghouls are something i never used in my army lists playing WFB , looks cool they got something going on their own now. But that being said there are so many cool and many detailed models now what i can see among the plethora of miniature choices between the factions and races. Honestly there are many more races besides from those within death and order which looks cool and would be fun to collect. But atm iam satisfied with expanding SC and NH for the time being, they have some cool looking models which i would like to collect, paint and play with. So Game wise raising the dead back into your ranks is something that really sparked my strategic mind when i used to play and the gimmicks around the undead which seem to be somewhat same thing in AoS . And in some way its applicable for other non death races to i presume?(calling in reinforcements in one way or another.) So to the point, i am looking at learning the game through basic playing in smaller numbers to get an i idea and gradually grow the sizes of my army and playing larger battles. With that being said, i would like to get to know the competetive aspect of it too. So is it possible to play it casually for the time being but learning the competetive aspect while at it? As for WFB there were units etc which became obsolete or just not worth spending points on, i have understood its the same case in AoS when it comes to building something for competetive play and meta? And money isn't an issue so feel free to make as wild suggestions as you like, but within the competetive framework to start with. I dont know how far off AoS 3.0 is but i would like to possibly invest in the soul wars too, to get the rulebook and a good amount of models. Although i have no idea if you get the correct models which are needed for competetive play on either side which is offered in the package. Any purchase tip and popular army compositions are most welcome. I hope the not to long answer gave you an idea, but if there are any further specifics you would like to know around the aesthetics please let me know.
  10. Thank you honk for your answer. That seems pretty straight forward and cheap to get started with FEC .
  11. Thank you for your answer. Forgive me but what does the KO Abbreviation stand for? So in summary, what would you recommend me to purchase in order to get a complete SC force considering what I already have?
  12. Hello everyone, I am a new player to AoS, however i used to collect and play Warhammer fantasy 4th,5th and 6th edition back in the day, playing Undead and Vampire counts. I recently picked up a Tempest of souls + paints box mainly because i felt like just paint and collect . Its something i really enjoyed as a kid. I wanted to introduce my nephew to the game since he recently has shown interest for roleplaying games like D&D and miniature games like Warhammer. My question is: 1. Is there a way i can expand into a 1000/2000 points army with the units i got from the ToS box? If yes, what would you recommend me getting ? both on the Nighthaunt and Stormcast side. 2. If i would like to start playing FEC, What would you recommend buying to get a 1000 points army? Thank you for taking your time to read and answer my post. Kind regards Luke
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