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  1. Very true! I think this shifts the "use" of Endless Legions. Currently we can pull a whole destroyed unit out of a grave for 1 CP. In numerous games I resurrected my 20 Grave Guard (that's what? 280p every time?) to crash them into my opponent's lines again. But now we only get half the unit back and it's at the end of our turn. Which shifts the ability - in my view at least - to a much more defensive option. I strongly assume that we will have 4 graves (the article only mentions 2 but the Warscroll cards have 4 graveside markers). It will be hard to deploy the recycled unit on a forewar
  2. I don't think we will see customizable Vamps. Sadly. Because no army out there has any customisation (to my knowledge) that goes beyond a Warlord Trait, Artefact and maybe some bonus ability gained from their subculture. Worse yet that often a specific WT and artefact MUST be taken if you take clan/bloodline/subculte XY. I just hope that the bloodlines will get cool and good abilities without an autotake that trumphes all others. Also I agree that Vamps should get stronger. Bump their points a bit and make them melee powerhouses. Hopefully GW will move away from giving every melee h
  3. Oh come on. Why is it that people here start getting the pitchforks every time we see the teaser for a new and powerful unit? It's ONE unit and the Stormcasts are pretty mediocre right now so I'm all for them getting some love. And I don't even play SCE! This was a problem with OBRs because Petrifex gave the whole army such a good save. Let's wait and see until their Battle Tome is out before we start condeming them.
  4. How so? Their base size is waaay to big for a generic Vampire Lord isn't it?
  5. Awesome models but a bit disappointing that almost all of the new models are unique characters that we won't be able to customize...
  6. Question for you guys: Do you think GW will show us some new units for the Gravelords? Obviously I'm all over the updated models like the new Wight King. But so far the only new stuff we've seen are Rat Vampire and the female Vampire with spiky hair. If all ghost-type models move over to Nighthaunt I think the army could use a few new units. Obviously the Gravelords won't be starved for diversity like for example Ironjaws but I'm itching to see what GW would envision for our updated Vampire Counts 2.0 We've talked about Vampire infantry. I would also love to see something for the Gr
  7. I think the difference between Skeletons and Zombies is that Skeletons are raised by actually calling the spirit of the dead person and plopping it into his calcium mech-suit, whilst a Zombie is just the body being reanimated by black magic with no soul in there. Wight Kings and other "higher undead" have their whole personality restored, whilst the common lowly skeleton may only be a shadow of their former selves.
  8. This! In Nagash: Undying King there is a whole tribe of people who raise their dead relatives. The heroine has the skeleton of her brother by her side and they commune via telepathy. He's still capable of thought etc. but his character is very... muted.
  9. Oh, what's this, yet another plan of Neferata that fails? If the lore we have read so far is anything to go by then the Lumineth will now find that ritual-site and foil Neferata's plans because the Queen of Intrigues and schemes is so far extremely incompetent in the AoS fluff... Hopefully I'm wrong and the Lumineth finding out about this is "just as planned" and Nef kicks their haughty butts.
  10. No one is even mentioning Khorne? All this army wants is to get into melee and for stuff to die to get those sweet Bloodtithe Points. But to be fair, the god of brutal melee combat is sadly not that deadly ATM. Another great choice would be Ogres! You could also go all in on Troggoths from the Gloomspite Gitz. Very cool aesthetic and Rockgut Trolls hit for 3 dmg a swing. Ouch!
  11. The Crimson Court is in a somewhat unique place: Every other warband is comprised of a leader who is often a hero option and a battleline. Thus you often have one good profile in there from the leader and a bunch of bad/mediocre attacks from the rest. But the Vampires are all elite models. So it's hard to guess how that will play out. My take: The warband will be around 240 points or so. Prince Duvalle will have standard Vamp Lord attacks, Vellas von Faine will have many attacks with low rend, the bat guy will have bad attacks since he is the most feral and undisciplined of the bunch and
  12. This. Also: Manny, Nef and Arkhan are made from one mold form. Those forms cost a LOT of money to make. Taking Arkhan's model away would invalidate the mold form and GW would have to make a new one just for Manny and Nef and I can't see GW taking those costs if they aren't updating all three mortarchs.
  13. I can't comment on moving to a different country. But I've moved three times in the last two years, I got a bunch of cardboard boxes for packing stuff (they are called "Umzugskartons" here in Germany). I lined the bottom of these with bunched up newspaper and then layered my minis. Heavy or big things like Imperial Knights, my Ironclad, Mortis Engine etc. go on the bottom. Then I put a layer of filling material on top and added more minis. Repeat until the box is reasonably full. I can report that almost all my minis managed to survive those three movings without damage. Even the fiddly Skelet
  14. So, since the CC models now don't seem to translate to new SGL units what do you think we will get in terms of actual new units? After all for example the Zombie Ogres don't seem like they will be their own thing but just part of that mega-warband. I would like to be wrong with this, because Zombie Ogres are dope! Hell, give me Zombies FROM OTHER RACES GW! Why is it all humans all the time? And why is it almost always peasants? I want to see Soldier Zombies in armour, Ork Zombies, Ogre Zombies, Elf Zombies etc. None of those would need special rules. Just make them part of the Deadwalker Zomb
  15. True that. And I would be pleasently surprised if GW decided to make a new Arkhan model. But on the other hand I can't see a reason for that. His current model is still very cool and even relatively new. It is also a shared kit with Manni and Nef and if they replaced Arkhan with a new model they would have to change the mould for the Mortarchs kit - which we know is very expensive. Thus I can't really see Arkhan getting discontinued or getting a new model. He'll probably not exist/be dead in the lore for a while and some day be resurrected again. And since the OBR book is still pretty new
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