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  1. I've converted a chariot from the StD version and some Savage Orc Boarboys and can catergorically say that I regret only doing head swaps for the crew. The bodies of the Chosen and Marauder are properly diferentiated for the Bestigor and Ungor but the poses are far too "human" and not dynamic enough for the children of entropy. Also the chariot body could have done with a bit more work to make it look less pristine and more feral. A couple of dozen skulls would have gone a long way I think. The boars are rad though!
  2. The Tzeentch spells that produce spawn all produce TZEENTCH CHAOS SPAWN whilst the Gavespawn command ability requires GAVESPAWN CHAOS SPAWN to activate.
  3. Should have made that a bit clearer sorry! The Shaman is there as a force multiplier, to use command abilities on the Bulls and to throw out magic as required. Typically I give him Viletide so I can get MW output or throw out the Wildfire Taurus. Devolve is also super useful if my opponents try to run away from the murder cows. Going to give it a go with 30 Raiders as well, ambush the Raiders and shaman turn 1. Try to clear up screens with 2 turns of shooting and 1 of magic before the beefy boys give them the horns with a turn 2 ambush. What could possibly go wrong?
  4. So how is everyone going with the new GHB command abilities? I've been having some joy running great weapon bulls Darkwalker ambushing with a shaman and Cogs up. The reroll 1's to hit ability has been a (chaos) godsend!
  5. I've got him on the 90x50 and yes he overhangs but looks fine anyway, not ridiculous at all.
  6. I normally aim to bring on Bestigor or Enlightened on discs for that first summon. They seem to give us our best bang per summoning point and can actually have an effect in their minimum unit size. Later in the game I'll go for Ungor or Gor to objective grab with my leftover summoning pool. Specific case summons are Cockatrice if I need to mortal off some characters or the mighty Tuskgor chariot if I need to chaff up Morathi or something similar. I'd be keen to hear if anyone has had much joy with the Allherd summoning builds? Who's brought on a Chimera!
  7. That Doombull looks like more than 8 wounds to me!
  8. I think it's in part because they have lots of options but really only one effective style of play. It's not the end of the world and if they had been a brand new army with a limited run of models there'd be no gripe. However people have got their Gor, their Cygor, their Chimera and their Bullgor and want to get them on the table but feel silly if they do. Seeing no variation when you have lots of options is a little sad really.
  9. You are probably right with that. Amberglaive did do good work on the beef chief and this would look like an upgrade on it. Will try that out on my midweek opponent.
  10. I've found the Claw of Anraheir with a great axe Doombull to be a bit overkilly. If I'm getting additional attacks off, whatever it's fighting normally evaporates anyway. Going to try the Amber Glaive out this weekend. +1 hit on the Doombull sounds spicy.
  11. The simple answer is that they are in a decent spot versus most GHB armies but are up against it if your opponent brings a Battletome. Against GHB armies you have an advantage in mobility (less now that everyone can access the movement commands), cheap bodies and heroes/wizards so you can get lots of scoring units onto objectives and normally cling on through attrition. Most GHB armies lack the fire power to just blow you away blocks of 30 models turn after turn although there are exceptions (played a Slaneesh Daemon army with 2 Exalted Keepers recently and they were horrifying). In my experience the armies I worry about are things like Arcanites, Bloodbound and KO that can delete lots of models at will. Particularly when multiple units are getting hit, your bravery is abysmal and you need Inspiring Presence to keep things manageable (luckily you won't be spending those command point on anything else). I'm less concerned about armies that concentrate on high value units with good attacks like Stormcast and Sylvaneth or mortal wound output like Nurgle or Sacrament. A mortal wound kills the same number of Gor as a standard wound and a Scythe Hunter is wasting that rend on Ungor. It's an up hill battle here though as you will struggle to kill units and risk getting ground off objectives instead of blasted off. My nightmare opponent is DoK. As quick as us, with flying units. Bucketloads of attacks and bravery debuffs. Lots of bodies and heroes for scoring and some big anvil monsters that you can't kill.
  12. The changes to Deadly and Damned terrain definitely make herdstones less impactful so you're not losing as much being out of range. Although with the new rules for placement anywhere in your territory at set up you can throw it down where you want to be in a turn or two. Put it next to an objective or plonk it over the top of a gravesite. Not saying there's any dramatic advantage to be had but it can gum up your opponent a little more. I think I might be falling out of love with the allegiance a little bit and am thinking about mixed chaos some more. I can get ambush through the battalion (which I'd take anyway), herdstones are weaker and our best artifact the Herdstone Axe is now 90% less fun. My last "Take it off!" moment with axe was against the unkillable Treelord Ancient so at least it went out with a bang.
  13. Hmm, I'd say use Wildstalker and then build from there but the unit requirements are steep. A couple of chariot drops instead of Bestigor, minimum strength Raider units and 20 man Gor blocks with shields will net you around 1400-1500. What do you end up spending the points on though. I keep coming back to Tzzangor flyers but then I end up thinking why not just do Tzzangor?
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