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  1. Clang...... clang........ clang went the hammer on the boiling bloodforge of Khorne. Red lacquered armor was being constructed by the Skullgrinder known as Kranar Bloodhammer. His Brass Anvil, glowing red with the incandescent rage of the blood god Khorne, produced some of the finest armor in the realms. "Kranar, you have been summoned by Khul!" shouted a voice through the dense smoke of the forge. Kranar slowly dropped his hammer and looked back, in a low gravely voice he responded, "Tell him the armor is ready and the weapons are thirsty for blood." Kranar walked towards the Dreadhold carrying his massive brass anvil and flanked by a ten warriors of the blood god. Soon enough the thirst would be quenched he thought. Kranar Bloodhammer and Ten Bloodwarriors of Khorne have been completed and added to the growing army. Thank you to all of those who viewed last weeks post and liked it, it is much appreciated! Next week I will be working on an endless spell and a second Slaughter Priest. Until next week, blood for the blood god and skulls for the skull throne.
  2. The blood red sky drenches a desolate span of the Scarlands. Khorgos Khul, the mighty lord of the Goretide has caught wind of the rise of the Ossiarch Bone Reapers of the Black Pyramid. At this time he gathers his lieutenants around the Dreadhold to discuss how they will destroy this menace. "There is only one lord of Skulls" Khul decries. "Where is Kranar Bloodhammer my trusted Skullgrinder, we must start the forges of war!" This week I will be working on painting Kranar Bloodhammer a Skullgrinder for my blades of Khorne army. I am basing the Skullgrinder off of the paint scheme of the bloodwarriors posted on the Youtube Warhammer Channel by Duncan Rhodes. I will also be leveraging techniques by Tyler Mengal depicted on his website. Below are pictures of Khul himself and his current lieutenants.
  3. Hi all, My name is Tom, and I am from the Seacoast New Hampshire area. Long time player of Warhammer and Age of Sigmar. I have finally decided to take the plunge and officially join an online community. I have been reading TGA for quite some time now and enjoy the dialog, information and the positive aspect of the community. You can find me playing Age of Sigmar and Warcry at my FLGS on Thursday nights and weekends and painting up a storm in my workshop. I made a new years resolution to start a blog on this site and I am looking forward to it! Cheers!
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