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  1. Ok. Got it. But teleport is for fresh summoned dryads not availible?
  2. Frage: Darf man dryads beschwören und dann teleportieren? Ich dachte, sie können nicht normal bewegt werden, sondern aufladen
  3. Thats true, but think of the fact, that you habe to pile for the nearest modell, so the 6" are very powerful nearly only at large bases or monsters/behemoths
  4. Oh no... i misscalculated... thought of 230 points for 20 guards... so 140 points left, and that means 10 guards on top. would be this list: Katakros (500) Soulmason (140) 20 guards (260) 20 guards (260) 10 guards (130) 3 stalkers (200) = 1490 points. Any suggestions? the szenarios we will play are -starstrike - border war - shifting objectives i think, that these missions are not that fast, more statik and slow. good for our guards and katakros. what do you think?
  5. Hello everybony, Im new to the community, also new to the obr, and i like to join a regional tournament with this army next month. 1500 points Katakros Mason 2x20 guards sword 3 stalkers 200 points left... Harvester for more durability? Crawler to snipe champs? More stalkers? Riders? Help me pls 😋👍
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