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  1. Sunclaw battalions require an Oldblood on foot (not keyworded in the battalion) or a Sunblood. It would be nice for and Oldblood on Carno to be in that battalion as the benefits would be great for the unit bad sadly not available.
  2. I'm spending so many points filling out the battalion I don't really have any points for any Warherd unless I drop the archers. Sadly also the Trumpet only works for Brayherd Ambush so Darkwalkers redeploy doesn't get any extra benefits.
  3. Building a an Ambush based list based on the Marauding Brayherd (+1 to charge rolls when they arrive from Brayherd Ambush) battalion taking Cogs and Brayblast Trumpet Artifact (+1 to hit for friendly Brayherd units wholly within 18" that arrived via Brayherd ambush). Still undecided if I should go Darkwalkers or just take the CT Bestial Cunning to ambush on turn 2. Looking for any advice on this particularly if anybody has tried it out before and what their experience was with it. Thanks
  4. Would love to join but would need a partner. [Hint, hint to anyone out there] Play Beasts of Chaos for those interested and also never played doubles before.
  5. Bloodgreed is unmodified 6s, so no. There is a CT or Artifact (is one but can't remember which) that makes Bloodgreed affect on unmodified 5s and 6s.
  6. If you want to use a single big unit of Spawn I recommend BoC. Herdstone gives (essentially) a Rend, Grashrak's spell can give +1 to hit rolls, Tendrils of Atrophy spell for a further -1 to enemy saves and the Shaggoth spell Sundering Blades to give an actual Rend. This can sum up to hitting on 2s (when you roll a double for random attacks) with -3 to the enemy saves. Then you could also do the whole Gavespawn thing for extra attacks.
  7. Raiders and Centigor are my top 2 choices. Nothing beats summoning 5 Centigor in the middle of nowhere, my opponent not caring about them and then in the next turn have them in the other side of the table doing something important.
  8. Just remember that your CA to gain PCP is only when your General is alive so be careful with your Doombulls. I'd personally just min squad your Bulls in this type of list but that is a personal choice. Not a bad summoning list. I'd also advise not to summon whenever you have points but when you need something in particular.
  9. Be'Lakor ignore save modifiers so he's immune to the Herdstone. I've personally never had 20 man units Bestigor work for me, they become a much bigger and more obvious target and I've never had more than 11 actually attack on the charge. I always believe either take all min squads or take a big brick of 30 to be the distraction for all your min squads. I just don't think 20 has enough benefits to make up for the detriments. (I more often than only get 8 or 9 of my 10 man units fighting on the charge). I also agree with Maddpainting about the Gor. Never more than 10 man but they are an underestimated distraction unit at that size and take more than an average unit to one shot in melee making a reliable cheap screen. The number of time my opponents will attack 10 Gor over 4 Bestigor on the charge is hilarious. Caviat: 20+ size units of Gor and Bestigor are exempt from everything above when taken as Slaanesh. Had 24 Gor kill a blob of 40 Skeletons they are scary good, Bestigor more so.
  10. I think for the most part, you don't really want/need 2 battalions with BOC. The reasons for an additional battalion would be for an extra artifact, extra CP and lower drops. Our battalions can contain most (if not all) of our army giving us low drop lists giving us a good chance of deciding first turn (something you should aim for with BOC). You can only buy 1 additional CP now and with Gavespawn and Allherd Command Abilities being spammable CP this could be useful. Additional Artifact is always more a personal choice but if you are looking for more CP then take the Aetherquartz Broach or The Knowing Eye (for Gavespawn and Allherd lists I recommend the Broach over the Eye because you can spam it, I personally got +4 attacks from a single CP) Our battalions are not cheap so you have to consider if it is worth the cost of a couple of units. I just played in a tournament this past weekend with a 2 battalion Allherd list (wanted both CP artifacts) and it turned out okay (25th out 44). So Multiple battalions are viable but you have to know what you want to do with them.
  11. Both are valid. Just make sure you remember which Chariots and Beastlords are from which batallion (and possibly Bestigor and GBS unless they are all in the DB).
  12. If he takes out a Gor or Tuskgor Chariot unit he won't have the minimum 3 units for the Pestilent Throng. Needs to drop a Beastlord for the Ungors to make it legal. If he dropped the Pestilent Throng with the Beastlord it was still be a 2 drop list since the Desolating Beastherd only has a single slot for a Gorgon/Cygor. Hope this helps.
  13. You need at least 2 units of Ungor/Ungor Raiders for a valid Desolating Beastherd.
  14. I got what you meant (Have personally had a Doombull attack with -5 to my opponents saves) it's just that the artifact states that the rend of the weapon cannot get upgraded better then -3 rend and thought I should make sure the info is precise for the unenlightened to the ways of the beastmen,
  15. The rend buffing artefact that escalates rend with every 10 models is the Allherd relic and caps at -3 rend (sadly). Another benefit of BoC allegiance is the 4 Unalligned battalions, one for each of the Breyherd, Warherd and Thunderscorn and one for Breyherd and Warherd mix. Although they mostly aren't great (with one exception) and not really competitive (again except one), they can be fun if you build a list around them or play skillfully with them can be beneficial. Breyherd only: Gives +1 to charges when arriving from Breyherd ambush. It has a large number of unit requirements which makes pricey but only needing 8+ charges from ambushing Bestigors, which you have them can come in turn 2 from Darkwalkers and reduce that charge to 6+ with cogs can make it an interesting surprise to your opponents. Warherd only: Gives 6" pile-in moves, note this does NOT give you 6" combat range just the pile-in move. With new Warherd discounts this becomes a bit better, especially when taking larger squads of Bulls getting more of them into attack range. Thunderscorn only: Gives extra chance to heal Thunderscorn units and deal out mortal wounds to units within 3" (may be getting this wrong as I have never used it so have nothing really to say about it). Mixherd: Gives Unmodified 6s to hit counts as 2 hits when wholly within enemy territory. This one is actually pretty useful. Got benefit (a worse version of Slaanesh AA but this one also works for shooting and you still have all the BoC AAs) and can easily contain most (or even all) of your army for a low drop list due to it's various unit choices. Only downsides to this Battalion is that Bestigor and Bullgor take up the same slot and it's only 1-3 of them which I feel limiting, only 1 Gorgon/Cygor slot and No Centigor /Tzaangor (any kind). They may not be the best Battalions but they can only be taken in a BoC Allegiance and they can be useful if applied well. Also, I'm new to the forums and the tournament scene. So, Hi to all you fellow BoC players. PS. Just for reference, the Darkwalkers artifact is basically useless: Pick a terrain feature within 1" of the Bearer, on a 2+ for each enemy unit within 1" of said terrain feature deal d3 MW. One use only, use at the Start of your Hero Phase.
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