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  1. I will be soooooo happy with that ! 5 battalion warscrolls it's quite big and maybe we can have a good evolution for our possibilities.
  2. I thought than I can edit my post but no... SECOND GAME : Ironjawz player : 1x Maw Crusha 2x Warchanter 6x Gruntas 3x Gruntas 20x Orruks Ardboys 5x Orruk brutes Scenario was : "The better part of valour" I was very afraid of this scenario, with my only 3x5 Liberators... But I think I was lucky to have an Ironjawz army as opponent. my plan was to place a liberator unit in a corner of the table alone with the auxiliary objective "bait", destroyed as soon as possible this objectif and move them to the objectif in the middle . In the opposite corner an other liberator unit with my 2 stardrake and wizards to keep this objectif all the game like and win 8 points. The last liberator unit stayed in the sky to have a constant threat for my opponent. It was the plan... But my opponent played Ironjawz and played like an Ironjawz too. So he rushed all my army and he didn't care all objectifs. Lucky for me, because with no MW, my army is too tanky for him. The Maw crusha charge was brave, but he did nothing on my stardrake... So same as the first battle, in the end of the round 2 he had lost too much to continue the game and decided to give up. Major victory for me, it was unexpected on this scenario. THIRD GAME : Tzeentch player : Lord of change blue scribes changecaster changeling Magister 3x10 Pink horrors 2x Flamers Scenario : "Battle for the pass" Honestly, I don't know how I could have won against him, the player was Goul a very good AoS player. So I decided to focus on the auxiliary objectifs to have a good place for the tournament. I started the game with a defensive positioning and I started to kill all his leaders. He placed his pink horrors on objectif very fast and for me it was a nightmare to move them after... At the end of tird round I couldn't get back to the score. But I succed my auxiliary objectifs and I killed all his leaders. Maybe I could have try to focus pink horrors after discussion with my opponent, but I'm not sure to have enough damage for these. CONCLUSION : Very happy for my first tournament. I think I was little bit lucky with my opponents, but my list was very strong and very regular. Each battle I do soo much damage than my opponents can do nothing to stop it, but if he take too much advantage on objectifs I can do nothing to change the result... Thanks, I think I will insist to don't take the Castelant. My feeling is than this list is too much tanky and only MW are a threat. During my games I lost : 1st game : 2 liberators 2nd game : 7 liberators 3rd game : 5 liberators and the Prime Hope you'll appreciate my feedback
  3. Thanks @Marcvs, I'm very proud with this result. It was my first tournament and I'm third with the best painting. I will try to give you my feedback. Sorry for my bad english in advance . My list : LEADERS Celestant-Prime (300) Drakesworn Templar (420) - Tempest Axe Lord-Celestant on Stardrake (500) - General - Stormbound Blade - Artefact: Plate of Perfect Protection - Mount Trait: Storm-winged Lord-Exorcist (90) - Spell: Lightning Blast Lord Kroak (320) - Allies UNITS 3 x 5 x Liberators (90) - Warblade & Shield - 1 x Grandblades ENDLESS SPELLS / TERRAIN / COMMAND POINTS Everblaze Comet (100) FIRST GAME : It was against a young player with Lumineth army. His list was quite simple : 2x Cathallar 1x Stonemage 2x20 Vanari sentinels 2x10 Vanari wardens 2x10 Dawnriders The scenario was : "Forcing the hand" I was confident with this scenario , my aim was to be out of range with his vanari sentinels, let him take advantage with the objectifs during first round and keep my 3x5 liberators in the sky. He knew the starcast list because it was your fourth opponent @Marcvs during your tournament (sylvaneth player). My plan was good because he succeed to take advantage with the points, but my damage in 2 rounds was too high for him, approximatly 40-50 MW. After the end of the second round the game was win for me. SECOND GAME : I will continue this evening ...
  4. Yeah thanks all Maturin has give the link for my subject on french warhammer forum. I didn't update it since long time, I will do soon. @Marcvs, I have a good feeling, I will try without castellant. But thanks for your explications. My philosophy : I think we don't need to have Stardrake until turn 3. Each good party when all is ok, I counted until 60-80 MW done at this turn by my army. Normarly my opponent is in so bad position than Celestant prime come to finish all and my Liberators start to come from the sky to take objectifs. After I didn't met all armies, and all party are differents
  5. Hi @Marcvs , thanks for your feedback very interresting. French guy here too, I will try a Starcast too for another tournament, I think less competitive than yours. What is your point of view about Castellant ? I removed him from my list. For my point of view each time I played him, Stardrakes were very strong sure but if my opponent has lot of MW that was not efficient. Staunch defender + perfect plate do the job enough and Castellant is not essential I think. Small pics for my Starcast army
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