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  1. which do you think is better: fang of sotek 500 pt skink starseer general master of star serpent god dagger hand of glory skinks starpriest tide of serpent 30 skinks shield pipe 10 skinks shield pipe ----------------------------------------- skink starseer general master of star serpent god dagger hand of glory skinks starpriest tide of serpent 20 skinks shield pipe 20 skinks shield pipe ------------------------------------------- skink starpriest general master of star
  2. Are there any rules that prohibit my conversions by castrating my creativity?
  3. thank you, but I'm not looking for a way to be knights, I try to understand how much the rules castrate creativity
  4. hi, i am going to assemble my first 1000 points of seraphon, i am fascinated by dinosaurs and i will probably play TQ in Coalisced. However, a doubt has arisen. if I wanted to create a very specific theme and a "lore" to my army of primordial beasts, the following would be accepted: my idea is to remove, while keeping each model hyper recognizable with modifications) the various palanquins / riders from my stegadonts and bastiladons, replace the old saurian riders with consistent conversions of the khorne mastiffs adequately transformed into fast and feral saurians. my idea is a
  5. when we play at 1k, by logic, we halve even goals and halve the odd ones in excess. we halve the size of the field and the number of scenic elements. this more easily leads to melee, ranged abilities that are easier to trigger but the random component of this is just one more after the different dice rolls that affect much of the game.
  6. hello, why in many forums, fb pages and various social networks the majority of the community thinks according to the 2000 points? let's clarify the reason: at 2000 the competitive is balanced, it is the one played in tournaments and gw sells more and is happy. but what always leaves me confused is the following situation: 1: "hello I'm looking for 1000 pt competitive lists" 2: "there is no competitive 1000 pt" 1: "so at 1000 points you are not able to think about what is strong and breaks the meta? Or if there are mini combos that can be implemented to take advantage of the
  7. it is obvious that the thing is coherent, if the majority of players tried to get out of their mental limit of "aos is only 2k" they would also be able to reason in a 1k, 1.5k and apocalypse perspective. and they would know how to think about the question: isn't a 1k ironclad win-more? considering that I have to give up 480 pt to have it in the field and be able to exploit it, not only for the damage, but also in its other uses. if aos was a game where whoever kills first wins then I would only play superheavy and the minimum of battleline and heroes, but it is not.
  8. I don't agree with what you write. you claim that a frigate is too expensive for what it does and claim it loses too much firepower compared to an ironclad. the ironclad thing much more than 2 frigate and has as a difference the absence of roll on the damage, which in theorycraft the ironclad is certainly better, but this does not make the frigate unable to do damage considering then the many variables such as roll, vp , mw or save and extra save (without mentioning the blow of the ass or the bad luck) my question is that the ironclad, considering its cost of 480 pt, is in the small g
  9. the battalion is necessary to maintain the balance with the size of the troops and the high flight. you propose a 1k point competitive list
  10. thanks for the answer, comparing myself with some friends a doubt arose: the ironclad is not too much for 1k points to be a win-more and therefore an excessive investment of points? , I have therefore compiled a second list that does practically the same thing as this one, but with a few more pieces and therefore more control over objectives. Allegiance: Kharadron Overlords - Sky Port: Barak Urbaz LEADERS Aether-Khemist (90) - General - Command Trait : Khemist Supreme - Artefact : Spell in a Bottle UNITS 1 x Grundstok Gunhauler (130) - Main Gun : Sky Cannon 1 x Grundst
  11. hi, I wanted to ask if a 1k point list like this is semi competitive and could give satisfaction on the battlefield. I love thunderers and I would like to exploit them as much as possible, maximizing the movement through the ironclad and the volume of fire in the shooting phase, the idea is to be able to decimate the opponent as quickly as possible so as to freely contest the objectives in the remaining rounds after the extermination. ty Allegiance: Kharadron Overlords - Sky Port: Barak Nar Kharadron Code - Artycle: Respect Your Commanders - Amendment: Trust Aethermatics
  12. butcher conversion, I do not recommend the ogor gluttons, too mono pose and do not give shine to a hero
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