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  1. Hey guys, what do you think that is the best way to run a list with Nagash for competitive tournaments ?
  2. Considering the dimension of their base and the fact that they are armed with nadirite blades, mortek guards can fight in two tanks, both first and second row ?
  3. It is a very nice list, the only problem is that since both leader are named you cannot assign the artifact and general trait to them. Or I am wrong?
  4. Do you think that a list with celestant prime and celestant on stardrake is good ?
  5. Hi guys I am thinking about starting warhammer aos and probably I will choose the bonereaper. Are they competitive right now ? Which is the most competitive list at the moment for them ? Thanks a lot
  6. Hi guys. I want to start warhammer aos and for my first army I decided to choose the stormcast ethernals. First question, are they competitive right now ? Second question which is the most competitive stormcast list at the moment ? Thanks a lot
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