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  1. Announcement Time!! The First AoS GT is happening in Ireland! Due to a number of issues we decided to move the GT to a bigger venue later in the year 2000 Points Matched Play Event 64 Players 5 games 2 Days Held in the Carlton Hotel near Dublin Airport Tickets are 55 Euro To secure your place at this event please send a 25 euro deposit via the following link: https://paypal.me/pools/c/8dnk8xSrHQ any question please PM me or email me at theherophasepodcast@gmail.com Thanks all, Mick
  2. We are starting small but hoping to expand! I am really looking forward to his and hope I see a lot of new faces at the event! To secure your spot its €30 to theherophasepodcast@gmail.com Only 24 spots! 5 Games over 2 days 2000 points matched play event Click on the event link and have a good read. Happy warhammering Mick https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lG8dQu9XGYNdNTXx4wsSCA5p5Lx8Gee7 Entrants List Entrants List 1. Will O'Siorain 2. Sarah McComish 3. John Stangel 4. Luke Kelly 5. Kevin Grimes 6. James Kavanagh 7. Richard Flood 8. Conor Considine 9. David Arnold 10. Dylan Murray 11. Gavin Dorrigan 12. Andy Farrell 13. Rob Kelly 14. Dermot Lacey 15. Jay Kinsella 16. Ritchie Santisteban 17. Ken Chambers 18. Chris Nellis 19. Chris Archibald 20. Eoin Lennon 21. Len Buchannon 22. Nathan Sandison 23. Steffano Coppola 24.
  3. The aspiring deathbringers should both be 16. Also a typo in deathbringer
  4. They got points when silver tower was released. Priced as marauders. Using the old warscroll not the new one.
  5. mo i just realised my list is over by 20 points because ive costed the lord of change incorrectly. it should be 260 not 240. my bad. can i just drop 10 acolytes or something?
  6. Guys this is a big ask but is anyone here driving from Bristol to Cardiff on Saturday morning for this tournament? Made a last minute decision to join a team and struggling to get there for before 9am without it costing a fortune. I arrive in Bristol airport at 7.30. Cheers mick
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