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  1. Everybody's hoping for Tyrion or Swordmasters or a dragon and I'm just here with my fingers crossed for horse archers.
  2. Tolkien borrowed a lot to build his world, but then he told an original and engaging story with it. That's the difference between Tolkien's fiction and Warhammer Fantasy, the latter recycled worldbuilding material to tell recycled stories and there was rarely any stakes or engagement. It was a cool enough world to tell your own stories in if you played WHFRP but the metaplot was incredibly stagnant. Also Sigmar is not Odin. If he is any Norse god, he is maybe Baldr. Ulric would be a closer Odin analogue.
  3. A new edition of Warmaster would be dope.
  4. I still think one of the "hammers" we saw is actually a counterweight for a Lumineth Trebuchet.
  5. I'm calling the company this from now on.
  6. The Ossiarch war machine, the Mortech Crawler, has tonnes of detail including a similar level on it's counterweight. I think detail is just the new norm.
  7. "This is it. This is the Rumour Engine image that’s going to catapult you into internet fame." What if this is the counterweight for a trebuchet, not a hammer at all.
  8. Building a fortress-prison around Slaanesh in order to keep a returning Archaon away would be a cool story move. There could even be an order of elite, greatsword-wielding Lumineth infantry tasked with it's defence...
  9. I'm 99% sure that this is a Babylon 5 reference. One alien species has big fan hairdos like this helmet and in one episode you find out the main character from that species is using a small 3rd arm to cheat in a card game.
  10. They always reserve some to allocate to not just their own stores but other FLGSs. You should be able to find it at your nearest game store.
  11. Spawns are like the cheapest models though, you just use spare bits and green stuff.
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