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  1. well, of course the pricing affects everyone in a different way - for me personally, once i decided to go with a certain faction i get all the models i want for my lists from the cheapest sources possible. Since i am playing mainly AoS on a competitive level, plenty of factors come into play here too naturally, but at one point i compare the investment when buying different Faction Army's as a whole and when i notice substantial price gaps, i simply go with the cheaper one. In the long run i might end up with one or two army's less in both Systems than initially planned. As long as i enjoy the hobby, i can overlook that a record profit company is raising prices on a more or less regular basis, because thats how it works when you own the market with such a popular system... there is an abstract pivot point tho, and should e.g. pricing go thru the roof one day or quality vs price would be off in my opinion, i would switch to something else hobbywise completely simply.
  2. Been following the Topic and Lumineth news in general for quite a while now (HE were my first "proxy" Army back then) and while i like what has been released so far: the Model Range feels somehow incomplete atm, tho the consensus seems to be that we have seen all models by now. Even with the mountain theme in mind i do miss the Dragon/Phoenix style Monster and ballista-style warmachine quite a lot..
  3. New edition was announced, "release of many new models", Necrons were mentioned in particular. New Rules, lots of Point Changes, Codexes will stay valid as PA naturally. FW stuff will change mostly. Wave of new Codexes incoming and something about a new Crusade mod for narrative play.
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