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  1. Dang, that list doesn’t change anything in my competitive list, Hahaha. Basically, Volturnos, Soulscryer, 18 Morrsarr, 3 Ishlaen, and 3 Allopex.
  2. Give me a hammerhead option for Allopexes!
  3. Just picked up my box from my local store. The sprues look amazing in hand. The Alarith warscrolls and rules are really growing on me. Also, the idea of running Teclis is growing on me as I don’t like running named characters. However, he is one bad daddy. Rules wise and lore wise
  4. What time in the US will the pre-order go live? I’m in EST.
  5. Come on all, we need to get these on the table for the doom and gloom starts about how abysmal the army will fare. We don’t even have translations haha... The meta can’t even place Seraphon because of COVID and insufficient data. Let’s all relax, and be optimistic that the army will be fun and competitive. We’ve all waited for this moment.
  6. I’m beginning to really dig the aelementari mechanics and theme they created with the Alarith stuff. The concept of repulsing units off an immovable 5 man unit is really cool.
  7. Am I reading this correctly? Only two heroes able to take Artefacts??
  8. Dang, this sucks. I know 9th Edition for 40k is a big deal, but can we get some AoS sprinkled in? Plenty of things that could be shown. Lumineth/SoB Warscrolls rules, alt paint jobs, so much material to squeeze out on the WarComm page.
  9. Wow, another week of pure 40k.
  10. I’ve got these credit card rewards burning a hole in my pocket for at least another week now...
  11. I don’t think it’s a bad book, the only real issue I have is TLA being a level 1 caster. This guys should be slinging spells all day. Tree Revenants also feel ineffectual in combat combat. Wish they didn’t die to a swift breeze and could dish out some hurt. For 80 points they are only useful for zipping around the board to get opponents to keep a unit on objectives. Winterleaf is the most forgiving to play and can dish out a lot of damage. I am more attracted to Gnarlroot and feel like I’m still not able to dominate the magic phase like an all in spell caster Glade should be able to. It’s close, but it’s just not there with TLA with one cast/unbind. Battalions are useful to get that extra artifact though. You’re pretty much locked in to giving Durthu Ghyrstike so he doesn’t whiff though.
  12. I wish I could get my hands on that WD bat rep so bad. Very interested in seeing what the units will be able to and what they are comparable to right now in game.
  13. That’s true, I glanced over base size, that’s going to be an issue running the Wardens as PG. I thought PG were on 32s. And yeah, I hear you, my club is very lenient with proxies, and so am I, if someone put a lot of time into their army I’m not going to make a fuss. You can always ask what the unit is they are proxying at any time.
  14. Thanks for the help? Like I said, this isn’t a tournament winning list I was looking to make here. I was asking for to help to fill it out and looking to field my collection of what I think are cool models. The only thing I didn’t consider was base size which is the only point that really matters, which you didn’t even mention. . I’ve played two day tournaments where the proxies were pushing the limits of a proxy, but what you’re saying here is a little ridiculous. I’ll still play someone who put a lot of time into their army, you can always ask what unit the proxy represents at any time in the game. I’ll just take my fun little list and have something to play when I’m not playing Idoneth and Sylvaneth.
  15. Well I’m at the point in my AoS journey where fielding a Living City army is feasible for me after the release of LRL combining what I’m planning on buying and what I already have. I’m thinking of just proxying the Lumineth Auralan Wardens as Phoenix Guard for this list. 320 - Anointed on Frostheart Phoenix 100 Anointed 80 - Battlemage 140 - Knight-Incantor 300 Spirit of Durthu 160 Phoenix Guard (10) 160 Phoenix Guard (10) 160 Phoenix Guard (10) 400 Kurnoth Hunters (6) Scythes I’m kind of at a loss of who to make the General and such. This list weighs in at 1830 points. What can I add in to get to 2k? This isn’t meant to be a tournament winning list, but just a chance to field awesome models together. I also don’t have the Flamesypre Phoenix kit yet so I’m not sure if I’m sold on the Frostheart over the Flamespyre either. PG are a pretty sturdy anvil. There are a couple hammers in the list and being to deep strike with the allegiance ability on Durthu, plus the threat of bringing in 6 Kurnoth Hunters from a table edge is pretty nice. this is the formative stage of the list as I don’t own all the models, but will have them once LRL get released. Looking for any and all advice on who take as General, who to give artifacts/Command Traits to and which spells to use from the Lore of Leaves. thanks!!!
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