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  1. Yea so much for being the everchosen and favoured by the four gods of chaos I suppose but it does look very much like it of you read the rules. Too bad.
  2. Two very conflicting answers. Anyone else care to weigh in?
  3. Hello! I have a question about the big guy. We all know Archaon got FAQ’d to only get the benefits from one aura of chaos ability. But what about the warshrine prayers? Specificaly the secondary effect of the prayers all say that in addition to the first effect, if the target has the relevant keyword for whatever prayer being used you also apply the secondary effect. As far as I can understand Archaon has all of the god-keywords he just cant benefit from morse than one aura of chaos per battle. But the keywords are still on his warscroll and so he should be able to get the full ben
  4. That’s what I thought as well. I need that sweet -3 rend on the lord on karkadrak! Lore-wise it feels a bit wierd to have Archaon be from any other realm than the eight-points though..
  5. I would also like to know this. I was under the impression that even though there are no artefacts specifically for host of the everchosen you could still get realmartefacts from malign sorcery if you use those rules?
  6. This is what I thought as well when reading the rules. But the wording still makes it feel a bit unclear if it is refering to auras or the mark itself, hence my question. I can see some good arguments for both sides, but so far I’m leaning towards your interpretation.
  7. If I have a chaos sorcerer lord and Archaon in the same list, Archaon with the aura of khorne but the sorcerer with one of the other auras. Can the sorcerers aura still affect Archaon since he has all of the god keywords? The sorcerer cannot take mark of khorne so I’m looking at the alternatives. Say the sorcerer has slaanesh aura and keeps close enough to Archaon, will Archaon get affected by both his own aura as well as the sorcerers? I know he cant take more than one aura himself but I cant see anything about him not being able to get the affect from another aura from another he
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