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  1. I can't see GW doing this as they've been moving away from rules without models and this is a complete 180.
  2. So LRL have deepkin as allies in the book, but the preview of the 2020 handbook has them as 'desperate allies'. Seems like GW is struggling to keep consistency between different rules and fluff writers.
  3. Fair point. The archers have 30 inches range though so you can sit them back. Couple this will spells to slow the opponent down and it might be enough to remove key pieces before they can reach you. I could see it being a fairly negative play experience though. Or you can just sit a wizard next to telicis. He doesn't need the stones so it's basically auto +4 for a spell a turn to the other wizard.
  4. Your core infantry are wizards. A hero set behind them with twinstones can let them cast first each turn. Doesn't matter if they don't have any use for sunmetal their spell basically becomes give your wizard +1 to cast. It might be possible to set up a caster and two sentinel units in the twinstones bubble. Then you can spam MW with your archers and empower your wizard at the same time.
  5. The general opinion seems thundertusks as huskars or battleline aren't great, anyone had any experience with them?
  6. Band new to this game and just picked up Godsworn. Hoping to get some games in soon. I've entered a (begginers friendly) tournament where you can only use the cards that come with the warband box. Any suggestions on how to build a deck and things to keep in mind when playing them?
  7. Spawn are mortal, can be given any God keyword and are dirt cheap. They're a great filler for God betalions. They're not great units but they do get a lot better in a hero's bubble, and it should be easier to keep them in range as single spawn units take up a very small area.. so you could probably fit Archaon into any of them. That doesn't answer your question about the the pleasure bound warband, but getting it to proc needs you to loose stuff and have out manoeuvred your opponent. I don't rate it very highly personally. I suppose it'd be helpful against armies with lots of stike first.
  8. Getting the hero key word for knights of the empty throne seems like a bit of a trap... I guess they now self buff being StD heros with the key word, but in a 2000 point game you can only get 6 heros and that's 3 spots for a single unit. Unless the 'unit' is the hero?
  9. I'll be very disappointed if the 13th sub-faction isn't skaven.
  10. Yeah you're right they're more reliable to get a charge off. But 10 marauders don't really do anything on the charge. Neither do the cultists for that matter I suppose.. I guess it comes down to style. I didn't really think about going for aggressive summon and charge strategies, seemed better as objective holders or harassers. Getting the charge on the turn you summon is probably more important than the ever so slightly higher damage output. There goes the extremely limited justification haha
  11. To me I just count the dude holding the head as a banner and the skull helmet as a horn. Any opponent who goes rules lawyering over free additional stuff a unit gets isn't going to be a fun oppent anyway so no loss.
  12. Minimum size splintered fang outperform minimum size marauders when brought on as ravager summons outside of hero bubbles. And as stated iron golums hold better. The situations where it's logical to take them are too situational. Only reason way they make sense is if you're a millionaire running a ravager list. Then having them all as summon options makes sense for the niche moments they're better.
  13. For a Tzeentch themed army unless you had something really specific planned you're pretty much always better of adding slaves as allies than the other way around I reckon. Tzeentch slave buffs have such terrible synergy/situationality.
  14. I've yet to try it but I think units of 3 knights with lances are okay in ruinbringer betalions. They're not so much hammers as they are chaff clearers and blockers. Still painting up my army so this is theory. However, 180 points to clear up charge lanes and work as your own screen is important to ensure you get your charges with the other stuff. I think of them as elite chaff, as opposed to elite cavalry. The other way to think of them is as a 180 point missile. They could possibly be efficient going for suicide missions on high value non-unit targets. Enough damage to kill a fair range of casters if they get behind the lines or to knock a monster down a couple tiers and hold it in place for a turn. More to the point about a few key units looking comparatively weaker to other armies, I think it's important to view individual units are part of a whole. Slaves may not have the best units in a straight up 1v1 fight, but we're one of the best armies at ensuring that we don't have to fight 1v1. Teleport hordes to bully weak flanks, deny enemy movement with spells or Korn demon princes. On top of that we a decent amount of stuff that fights first and a decent amount of of ways to defuff enemy units or cause them to fight last. All this says to me that it's an army that should dictate combat rather than just rely on muscles to win. E.g. we should be looking for situations where we get 2 units on one of theirs, then pop the Korn dps cp so that they can't get support in and out always strike last on the unit you're dogpilling.
  15. The other benefit to Singleton units of chariots is now every chariot is a unit champion and gets slightly better stats. I can't see much cause to ever run chariots as more the 1 in a unit, especially in ruinbringers. I guess if you want a 1 drop army and have some spare points.
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