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  1. 1. I feel like a unit of 12 gluttons kill anything that doesnt have like... rerollable +2 save etc, and for that you need mortal wounds, and the fists provide that, also they will take a huge hit at some point. And then the fists cause a decent amount of damage. 2. They get a regiment discount. Also I want a deathstar that I can go and take the big fights stacked with buffs(works better in blood gullet. But quite decent in winter bite and having a 48 wound block for 400p taking the midfield is real potent. If I went msu I would always go 4 ironguts instead as they are an alot better solo unit. 3. I feel that I am not running a balewind in blood gullet due to 3 reasons: tzeentch, lumineth, seraphon. You never get to cast it and the ectra spell you get from bloodgullet gets dispelled more times than not. I actually updated my list quite a bit since my last post. i really wish I had room for a firebelly... him getting off his spell is a gamebreaker vs some armies... but the cats are needed for many objectives and the gnoblars are almost a must have as a screen.
  2. Got sent this really sweet firebelly in a modeltrade. Really like the ideas of firebellies being monks wandering around spreading the good word!(Yes... the word is fire)
  3. He is an absolute game changer though when facing shooting, he can basically negate a doubleturn of shooting once he gets his spell cast +winterbite bonus. He is gonna have a hard time vs some armies, but the times he won the game for me when KO and changehost makes me go first and face a potential doubleturn has earned his 120p in the list.
  4. Yea. Sorta feeling I get with em too. I will experiment with em running 2 medium sized blocks instead of the 12 gluttons, mainly so I dont feel like I am wasting the cmd ability and trait ^^. I like the idea of hitting first in 3 places on my turn and getting -2 to hit yehtees sounds annoying in a way unexpected when facing ogres ^^ ...also I want an excuse to make samurai tengu for my oni ogres.
  5. I have an ogre list I' d love to hear some opinions and hopefully make it even meaner; Allegiance: Ogor Mawtribes- Mawtribe: WinterbiteLeadersFirebelly (120)- Lore of the Sun-Eater: Billowing AshSlaughtermaster (140)- General- Command Trait: Wintertouched- Lore of Gutmagic: RibcrackerFrostlord on Stonehorn (400)- Artefact: Frostfang- Mount Trait: MetalcruncherIcebrow Hunter (120)Battleline4 x Ironguts (220)4 x Ironguts (220)4 x Ironguts (220)12 x Ogor Gluttons (400)- Clubs or Blades with Iron FistsUnits8 x Frost Sabres (160)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 146 9 drops Alright, where to start... Firstly; the way you generally win games is by playing the scenario and I tried to make a list that can play all of them, It has enough battleline for scorched earth, a monster for both the extra points for holding stuff with a monster and a tanky hero that can go for an early objective on three places and to top it all off a large-ish unit of cats+ hunter that can do all sorta of secondaries. Secondly; I considered the meta, and in a vacum I'd alwsys play blood gullet... however in the meta atn you generally don't get to cast spells which negates alot of the blood gullet bonuses and winterbite negates alot of the incoming damage from shooting armies, add a firebelly to the mix and you have yourself some pretty solid - to hit stack. The cats provide a screen and you should have tools to deal with alot of builds. Then you sprinkle in some 'silver bullets' to deal with stuff... msu ironguts for lumineth, ribcracker for ossiarchs etc. Rest speaks for itself. Can take a punch and hit back even harder. Potential flaws: I'd sell my soul for a ten points decrease somewhere... could then drop 2 cats for a cmd point to negate those alpha bravery bombs... fitting in a 100p skal would also be super solid for that extra relic aswell(either ignore -1 rend on flosh of 1 auto dispell) however that is wishful thinking. And this list is a 9 drop making you more often than not lose first turn priority. Shuffling the list into a tyrants gutguard would help with this, however i don't know where to find the points. Places where I see potential savings: 1. Downgrade the flosh to a huskard 80p(... 3+save though...) 2. Drop two cats 40p (below 6 cats they stop being able to preform their role) 3. Drop three gluttons 40p(9 could probably do fine... however 3 ogres for 40p is a steal) 4. Drop the entire cat squad and hunter and bring in a gnoblar screen. 180p 5. Drop the flosh entierly 400p (... tyrant+gutguard+ unit of gnoblars right there) Sorry for the wall of text! But felt I needed to share some of my thoughts aswell as posting the list...also how do ya'lls feel about yhetees?
  6. A lot of people Liked how I painted the Cathallar veil, so I made a guide for it, hope ya’lls like it https://youtu.be/9FMQ9PQOGS0
  7. New episode out! https://youtu.be/PHblZfcyDOE
  8. New episode out! https://youtu.be/PHblZfcyDOE
  9. Teclis animal compani8n. Mindstealer spiranx spare head. Black dragon sadle, morathi spear and visarch body
  10. Just wanted to share the completion of m y cities of sigmar, real proud of my build! Unto the next one! Close ups in spoiler! fountain.mp4
  11. yea, you basically reshuffle the hell outta a gyrocopter. hardest part is making the body of the plane. Thank you ^^ I donated my spare gyrocopter bitz to a friends project though : <
  12. New episode out! Today we try and fix the lumineth Stoneguard!
  13. Alot of people wanted a closeup of the king cow, Here ya'll go.
  14. Just launched a youtube channel with a few likeminded individuals! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCokFUZOkrVbDCq2s_aFjPLg Do check us out and let me know what you think!
  15. We just launched our first pilot episode! Alot of the episodes focus ended up being on the new and shiny spirit of the mountain! Do check us our and let me know what you think!
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