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  1. Quite happy with my be'lakor kitbash! Base soon to follow!
  2. I put some colour on my be'lakor! Base soon to follow!
  3. Hah, I appreciate it! I've taken loads of inspiration from other people, so I can only hope people are inspired by my stuff ^^
  4. Oni Frostlord on Stonehorn Starting to look the part! Gonna give him a samurai esque backbanner and sculpt some more on the "quilen"'s face. C&c appreciated!
  5. With all the teclises, nagashes and kroaks in the current meta I decided my army needed the dark master himself. Still abit wip but I'd appreciate any c&c
  6. Brownstuff... Dries stiffer than Greenstuff making it better if you wanna sand it down/use as structure.
  7. So i made a troggoth hag kitbash using one of the maggotlords and spare dankhold bitz and wanted to share it. It is real easy to recreate and probably alot cheaper than the fw model.
  8. Troggoth hag comission. I really wanna start my own troggoth army now...
  9. Game wise? Terrorgheists, Stonehorns and Keepers are the big 3 scary ones for me... Something that really says "Age of Sigmar" for me would be the Maw Crusha.
  10. So... I made something abit different this time...
  11. Anyone order a bunch of super heated steam? Gyrocopter guarantees within a player turn delivery or your money back!
  12. Also they can ambush without needing to be on the board during the herophase and get their +1 Hit buff! Good shout!
  13. Got a few that would make the list! Each being situationally the best. Handgunners Ungor Raiders Irondrakes Flamers/Starborne Salamanders Gyrocopters with steamguns Just by themselves I find that the basic handgunners are useful being a good screen(Stand and shoot and cheap enough to be expendable) and since they are unconditional battleline they are also easy to include in an army, They also synergise well with buffs and they are easy to buff, just bring a freeguild general and you get alot more dakka on up to 3 units for merely one command point (Although this makes them more unwieldy as they are unable to move and keep their bonuses) large unit of ungor raiders, they are cheap, get to scout move, slap em into a battalion with 6s exploding hits, make sure they are 30+ for rerolls and ambush them unto the board... they are excellent at killing off support character but also softening up targets for your bestigor (once had a 30 man unit bring a terrorgheist down! they are also great in smaler units for objective play and screening stuff. Irondrakes... Probably the most scary shooting unit in the game when all their tech falls into place... 2 shots each with loads of ways to buff em with +hit, +wound and extra rend. And when fired at a monster a trollhammer torpedo is super scary (Once did 11 wounds on a enemy monster). These lads are probably one of the best problem solving units in the game. The reason I put flamers and starborne sallies in the same entry is that they pretty much do the same thing, They teleport and light something on fire. Sure, the sallies can do this with their allegiance while the flamers need their changehost. (Coalesced sallies are also great... although they are abit too fighty for me to include as a "shooting" unit as they excel at both ranged and melee) 180 points, Fortunate son booming on the speakers, Runelord in greywater fastness buffing these lads to 2+ to hit with extra rend. Gyrocopters become super scary against larger units and I suspect we will see more of them in cities lists to deal with a skink/mortek/lumineth/horrors heavy meta. They do work in every city, but I found they are exceptional in Tempest eye and Greywater. Honourable mentions: ...Cygor? Dispelling stuff causes 1 mortal wound... Enough to kill a lumineth unit leader ^^ More meme-ey than good. Hurricanum... More a support piece... But... Comet of cassadora/chain lightning in the Hero phase and then the storm in the shooting phase makes it a potent dmg dealer. Also should mention I haven't played enough Kharadron Overloads to comment on their boats. They do seem abit lack luster for what you pay for them though. The 2+MW repeating Rocket Dr. Robotnic Artifact seems fun though.
  14. Valid points, Although this would require your opponent to make some real majour mistakes... Mistakes you can capitalize on with cats aswell, which also will fill other roles. I am not sure though, might build a few gorgers and have a go with them, but I remain sceptical... How does one make Oni/yokai themed gorgers is the big question now...
  15. While i do agree it is abit miss placed.... Alvagr ancient can be quite game breaking if used right.
  16. ^^ yea... To be honest... I am surprised that it wasn't dropped and just left as a lore piece... it is not an amazing model either so I surely can't sell many copies.
  17. To be honest... even if cats were more expensive than Gorgers I'd still run cats due to the synergies with the hunter, how they fit into a skal and the potential screening you get from them.
  18. Yea...even though they are 100% gw bitz^^
  19. Yea... I mean there has always been strong picks but for me Seraphon becomes boring as they hardly even have to play the game... Sloppy wizard positioning? you can dispell over the entire board and cast through a skink... You lack characters for the objectives? Summon new ones!... An on demand Teleport... switching spells around if you picked the wrong one... No command points? don't worry! next round you'll get 3 new ones! This combined with some real heavy picks in the form of Kroak, Salamanders, Starpriest+ skink combo, bastiladons... Makes seraphon into an easy to play faction that forgives mistakes but also gives you such crazy efficiency per point. If seraphon has an issue it would be few drop armies that can hit first and hit hard that doesn't rely on magic. So Changehost... Strangely enough Beasts of chaos... But also Idoneth and some Ogor/orc builds. But in the hands of 2 equally skilled players currently seraphon have an edge vs most armies. I think GH 2020 might fix some of the issues, but not all... You can literally random roll a seraphon army from the book and in turns out alright.
  20. Hello fellow frostlords, butchers and tyrants. I have decided to make ogors my next project and I've painted up my first testmodel. I usually convert my armies alot so I like to check with the community if I have gone just a step too far on my more extreme projects... so here goes: Would you accept this guy being fielded as an irongut(gonna run an 8 man unit of them)? Base size is correct and he is just as tall as a regular ogre. Any critique is also welcome.
  21. Oni themed ogres? I like the concept atleast. Wip of my next project.
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