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  1. Got it from Discord but apparently the link was briefly live.
  2. Soulblight FAQ is here: https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/yrIo6igrrUO8VVFi.pdf
  3. Azyr was so much better than Battlescribe, imho. Guess I need to give BS another shot.
  4. Allegedly it's a leak from an Italian book, so translated roughly.
  5. New BR story: https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/WJ14iALebY8kXPpb.pdf?utm_source=CUSTOMERS&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=GW_26th_May_Broken_Realms_ENG_&utm_content=&utm_term=&m_i=szp0nCxxNgN0Fe4FxPunLKwOSOwZu5Tdx_3o7%2B4%2BMZ0gS5%2BF_S8dGFZEfkZLvrczjRjGnqS2WwWBhQHdhFW9jac5MtIyv8cssl
  6. GW is now offering 40k:Imperium in the States, what are the chances that they bring Mortal Realms here?
  7. Because spending $600 on 200 points doesn't sound cool. 🤣
  8. Do you have any linkys on this? HeyWhoa once joked about rewriting the BoC battletome for Patreon supporters. TBH, I'd love something like this.
  9. Mostly related to this, it seems like you can make an AoS army and submit it for the Battleforge promo contest. I would love to win a new AoS army for a 40k contest.
  10. He will probably get released on his own, but that could be a long wait (the hero from Looncurse took about 6 months. There were heroes that took even longer). You'll probably be able to find them on ebay/miniswap/whatever but expect to pay a premium.
  11. Well, I'm a dummy. I was thinking that the "Forth-forth, Children" ability was on the Clawlord, not the Warpseer. That's a huge mistake.
  12. So tonight I played against KO at 1500 points. I decided to try a non shooty list because I've always been outgunned by KO. Here's what I ran: The KO player went first, used fly high and took out my Jezzails and 10 clan rats. On my first turn, my Warpseer took out a Gunhauler. I brought out the Monks and WG near an objective and failed my charge to get onto it. He won the next priority roll and went next. He flew high and then took out 28 Monks with shooting and I lost the remainder to Battleshock. So, I know that the Monks needed some kind of support (a hero would have been nice to pass battleshock), but not sure what would work. A Grey Seer and something to Skitterleap? Swap the Warpseer for a Deceiver and send the Clawlord along? Any other advice for handling KO? I tried to protect my backline (failed with the Jezzails, kept the Deceiver and Clawlord fine), but the range on those ships is brutal. Also, Warscroll Builder says that the Skaven Clawlord on Brood Horror is 160, Azyr says 180. Which is right? I don't see it listed in the Errata. Thanks!
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