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  1. Time for another update, these are my Freeguild Guard with sword and shield, first 5 done!
  2. Just realized this post probably belongs here instead of in Cities of sigmar subforum Either way, here is my High Elves, quite a bit of Island of Blood (one of the best kits ever if you ask me!) but there are some other stuff as well. Some units such as the archers are kitbased to look more in line with the rest. They are built and modelled to work as an Cities of Sigmar army, with primarily Freeguild units, but there will probably be other stuff as well. Heroes (Battlemage, General on foot, Annointed, Battlemage) Griffon: Phoenix: Lion riders (Demigryphs with Halberds): Swordmasters (Greatswords): Seaguard (Freeguild Guard / Eternal Guard?) Archers (Crossbowmen): Elyrian Reavers (Outriders): Currently working on more of these Dragon Prince ( Demigryph Knight with lance) Kitbashed Freeguidl Guard with sword and shield
  3. So the solution to my issue with wanting Demigryphs with lances are here. I run my Lion Riders as Demigryphs with Halberds, and make a bunch of these for the lance variety. Dragon Prince / Demigryph Knight with lance
  4. Took a new status image, here is the full army at the moment (also changed to black background) Some closeups, also on black background: Heroes: Griffon: Phoenix: Lion riders (Demigryphs): Swordmasters (Greatswords): Seaguard (Freeguild Guard / Eternal Guard?) Archers (Crossbowmen): Elyrian Reavers (Outriders):
  5. My Demigryphs for now. I'm not sure how well a 6x1 setup works, but it looks cool πŸ˜„
  6. I have almost nothing of that πŸ˜„ But nice list! Have you played with it? How does it do? Whats the game plan?
  7. Thanks! Here's how I do it: Base Sotek green Wash with a mix of blue and green wash Hightlight Sotek green Hightlight temple guard blue Hightlight baharroth blue.
  8. A few more greatswords, making them 20 total. The movement trays are 3d printed for those that wonder, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3199845
  9. A general on foot, battlemage and Anointed on foot, the "general" looks a bit tiny though... scale creep in the works
  10. And a frostheart phonenix, as you can see the bases have been updated to snow. This is done for the rest of the army as well!
  11. I see quite a few people here are using DemiGryphs with halberds, either only halberds or one unit of lances and halberds each. Do you do this for flavour / looks only or are there strategies where halberds are better? From what I've read people are saying lances are miles better... Mostly I'm asking because I wanted to kitbash white lion riders to use as demigryph, and halberds (or axes) fit the narrative so much better πŸ™‚ Looks and theme is important to me but I don't want to take a hugely inferior option πŸ™„
  12. First of all, what you want to achieve? Why do you want them to be another spearman unit when the model you want to use already represents a spearman unit? Do you want a more elite unit? Then you need to make them look more elite! Not necessarily by making them look like elves but something enough to make them distinct. If you want Eternal Guards that look like humans there is always the option to put human heads on EG instead? Unless you happen to have lots of FGG already around πŸ™‚
  13. That is true, and would probably work fine. But I will probably make a real phoenix as well πŸ™‚ And its already painted like this
  14. My two biggest gripes in proxying HE units are the Lothern Seaguard and Archers. Archers are not "that" hard, I say they are obvious candidates for Crossbowmen or Darkshards, but it bothers me that there are no bow units for humans. The Seaguards on the other hand is the one that really bothers me, the unit is iconic in having Spear, Shield and Bow, and there seems to be nothing matching that. They can be elite spearmen ( Eternal Guard ) or regular spearmen (Dreadspears), but the missing shooting is annoying. They can be any shooty unit but then the melee is terrible compared to what the model looks like. For the original post. I added a few that I think work (Mostly focused on HE, here are my own post on the proxy theme https://www.tga.community/forums/topic/24553-high-elves-of-hammerhal/😞 Phoenix guard 1. Swordmasters. No, they are Executioners or Greatswords 2. White Lions Maybe, but other stuff fits better Shadow Warriors 1. Glade guard 2. High Elf Archers No, they don't have enough melee for that 3. Waywatchers 3. Empire Huntsmen Longbeards 1. Dwarf warriors 2. Dwarf Miners Hammerers 1. Dwarf Warrior with 2 hander. Crossbowmen 1. Dwarf Quarrelers 2. Empire/Brettonian Archers 3. High Elf Archers Since there are no archers Handgunners 1. Dwarf Thunderers Dreadspears 1. Louthern Seaguard I miss the shooting, but in a pinch... 2. HE spearmen Eternal Guard 1. Louthern Seaguard I miss the shooting, but in a pinch... 2. HE spearmen Not elite enough, but in a pinch Wildwood rangers 1. White Lions 2. Wardancers Corsairs 1. Freecompany feels more like freeguild guard Luminark/hurricanum 1. War Altar 2. Anvil DreadLord on Black Dragon 1. Dragonlord high elf Sorcereress on Black Dragon 1. Arch mage HE Dragon Freeguild General on Griffon 1. Highwarden With a larger scenic base Drakespawn Knight 1. Dragon Princes Demigryph knights 1. Dragon Princes 2. Converted HE lion riders Outriders 1. Ellyrian reavers since there are no mounted archers Battlemage 1. Loremaster 2. Archmage Nomad Prince 1. Any old HE Noble with suitable weapon Freeguild General 1. Any old HE Noble with suitable weapon
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