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  1. I don‘t know if its in the core book or a ghb, but there were actual maelstrom cards for AoS so you could randomly generate objectives for each of your turns, making the game more dynamic.
  2. My list was centred around 30 Mortek and Arkhan too, so I have sone experience with this concept. Your MVP will be Arkhan, teleporting via Protection of Nagash grabbing unguarded backline objectives while shutting the majority of the enemy magic down.
  3. Its probably nothing new for most of you but I just realized that the CA of the Runefather doesnt say „can only benefit once“. So you could technically use multiple CP to almost guarantee a charge after tunneling* for example. 2 CP + Vostarg would mean a 6“ charge with 20 HGB that just arrived. *Which imo is the best tool we have against Tzeentch alphastrike or shenannigans like Be‘lakor or Katakros -1 to hit etc etc.
  4. I thought so too... But on the + side, I can finally play the Vostarg Grandfyrd Battalion 😄👍🏻 But to be fair, I play in a mostly casual environment so if I‘d want to play Poleaxes I could just use my Broadaxes as counts as. I personally don‘t like it but everyone else is doing so anyway so it‘s not a big deal. Another thing to fellow Vostarg players: Do you use Bael-Grimnir? I really like the character but I think the Warscroll is lacking... I mostly use the custom Scroll for a Runefather on Magmadroth and call him „Bael-Grimnir“ , as losing the Vostarg trait really sucks and playing a Runefather and not making him the general hurts my „fluff feels“ 😕 I wish Baels CA wasnt that crappy.... Edit: They should have ruled it „other Vostarg UNIT“ - this way Vostarg would definately be in line with Hermdar as on a 4+ fighting during Herophase with any unit could be awesome
  5. You as the controlling player always declare which model takes the wound but as soon as you started allocating wounds to a model you must keep on doing so until its dead.
  6. Now you say that Broadaxes are better in a „rare“ case, which is the direct opposite of the thing the mathhammer showed. Its a rare case were poleaxes MIGHT perform better, but still not in a way that makes Broadaxes a „worse“ choice. Edit: But its not worthwile discussing it tbh, I get why people play Poleaxes, I just see no reason for it personally, but thats my opinion.
  7. Archaon is practically immune to Poleaxes. He lets them reroll 6s to hit AND has a 4+ Save against Mws
  8. But all those units you listed still have a way to ignore MWs and will likely not take much damage from the normal poleaxe attacks, at which point you rely on 6s to hit. The broadaxes will still (against a 3+ unrendable save) deal enough damage (due to 2 damage) to take down those threats more reliable due to volume of attacks. (Poleaxes require even MORE attacks to deal estimated damage because they rely completely on 6s to hit). Again, the poleaxes are a tool, you are right with that, but its comparing a very specific cutting tool thats maybe efficient to cut some special material with a lightsaber that just cuts everything equally good.
  9. Yeah, I can‘t stress how valuable regal vision and blazing soul have become/still are! Its insane value on our otherwise very lackluster inspire mechanic and effectively acts as „great fortitude“ update when a fighter is exactly in killing range otherwise. A perfectly timed regal vision/blazing soul made so many strong plays possible, once it enabled a charge with Tefk for me (3 hexes away), oneshotting a 3 wounds fighter with a crit (cleave) scoring me „ferocious charge“ and „what armour?“. If we get lucky and can inspire our whole Warband turn 1 its pretty scary for any other Warband out there out of sudden.
  10. They are not unplayably bad, the broadaxes are just more reliable in almost every situation imo.
  11. Well, I think its safe to say that we are stuck with the current rules for the next years. Which I‘m fine with, the only Warscroll that really sucks is the Runemaster, but he can be fixed by reducing his points to 80. Everything else is just a matter of points as well. Would be cool though if they reworked the Runemaster and made him finally look like the master compared to the Smiter who does everything better for the same cost. They needed to change the master‘s inbuilt prayer to something actually useful. Edit: If he gave the terrain feature the LoS blocking Aqshy firestarter effect instead of deadly, THAT would be awesome! That would be 2 possible ways of blocking los for enemy shooting.
  12. I wouldnt necessarily say many, but sadly those units Poleaxes look good against on paper (eg Mortek Guard) are quite resilient against it (potential 5++ followed by 6++ followed by 4+ with Harvester, 1 Spell gives reroll 6s to hit) so I‘ve come to the conclussion that I rather have -1 rend 2 damage against everything than a chance to do a lot of mortals and otherwise rolling like Vulkite Berzerkers with Axes.
  13. And now lets put mathhammer aside and be a bit more realistic about it. All those numbers are pretty close but those broadaxes don‘t rely on a „proc“ ability that deals MWs, so if you can make them reroll 6s to hit or have protection against MWs (which most elite units have) you basically nullify the output of Poleaxes. Archaon does even both. So a unit of Poleaxes will never be able to realistically hurt him while Broadaxes will slaughter him in one go. There will be some cases where those Poleaxes might outperform by a few points of damage but the cases are so rare that I just wouldnt bother and still go for the Broadaxe.
  14. Its worth a consideration, but my main problem with this card is that all objective markers get moved so you have to plan very carefully. I‘d take the card if I knew I would likely face it just to counter it, but in my local meta people don‘t use such „gimmicky“ cards most of the time. Maybe thats why I had so much success recently, the tactics are more often than not very straight forward (combat/magic/defensive denial) with very little surprise or „deny“ cards. Rebound is a problem though, 33% of possibly losing the game because of it. Edit: Tbh I was very sad to see that Rebound got back, I cheered when the card was removed and I played it myself. It made people stop playing offensive „oneshot“ decks because I (pure luck here) ALWAYS passed that roll.
  15. 1) Ahhh thanks! How did I missed that? Read that card about 10 times because it seemed ridiculously easy for 2 glory. So I‘ll probably remove it and take something like „Claim Retaken“ 2) Haha, Chosen Axes were my first warband and the reason I started a Fyreslayers army in AoS (my main army now, the other one obviously being KO). But it was so tilting to not be able to really do much because the fighters were just so slow and the objective cards so hard to achieve. Profiteers felt much more fun due to their range and inspire condition (which is the best in the game imo, considering how good duardin get when they inspire), but with all those new mechanics and cards Chosen Axes have become the new „hotness“ (get it?) most people just dont know or care about I think.
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