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  1. Hey folks, quick question about the chamon-realm artifact in combination with the -1 rend reducing magmadroth-trait: From my understanding the trait reduces rend characteristic by 1, which means that -2 becomes -1 which then gets ignored by the chamon artifact, so the combination lets our magmadroth effectively ignore -2 rend in close combat. Is that correct?
  2. Wow, the amount of „Ethereal“ Heroes that are going to walk the Realms is disturbing, seems as if Nagash won. Also, you are creating a „UNIQUE“ Hero as stated in the describtion - so no command traits or artifacts for custom Heroes. I will 100% not allow this tool in my games, as it seems to lead to mostly 400p ethereal powerhouses. Internet already took the fun out of it. Edit: My gaming group already planned a „narrative game“ using those rules. Guess what. Each player has a 400p max wounds, max save, -3 rend 6 damage ethereal Hero. I think I‘ll pass on this one.
  3. The main reason I would not run 2 Ironclads even if I had them (apart from fluff) is because its too expensive for „redundancy“ playstyle. What I want to say is that if you got 2 Ironclads the opponent will charge / damage both of them at the same time, knowing that you can only reroll Saves for one of them. In my games so far my opponent tried to focus one down but had a hard time doing so, because of correct spacing, screening, use of rerolls and repairing. In fact I just lost it twice so far but won both games easily. If you want to go for multiple ships take Frigates as they are much cheaper (so they are not that big of a loss if destroyed) and can dish out an almost comparable amount of damage. A Zilfin List with the Attack Squadron and 3-4 Frigates should be pretty good at bursting weaker flanks and grabbing objectives pretty reliable with their Arkanauts. The Ironclad is imo best used solo with as much support as it can get (deathstar playstyle) Just my 2 cents
  4. Its about internal balance. The Ironclad is absolutely worth 25% of our points for what it brings to the table in our army. I think a coalesced Dread will be very hard to kill for our army, not so much for other armies. Its a big costly, therefore valuable target.
  5. Some pics of my 2k points list 🙂 I still can‘t believe how small our model count on that points level is, but on the other hand I completely tabled a Hermdar list recently without losing much. (I lost a gunhauler, 10 Arkanauts and 1-2 Thunderers, he lost about 160 wounds of Fyreslayers) I hope Nurgles grip loosens soon so I can start making profit again! Anyway, stay safe and healthy out there fellow Skyfarers 🍻
  6. Obviously the best use for Thunderers is screened by Arkanauts on an objective. Special Weapons loadout for +1 hit / +1 attack in close combat. There they are brutal.
  7. Most MVP play so far btw: Battle was in Shyish so I used „Soul Siphon“ from my General to heal up to full and deal 4 damage to the Ironclad, just to repair it afterwards for 7 wounds. The look on my opponents face was priceless. I called it „fuel transfusion“ haha
  8. I‘d say there are no real auto includes at all, this army is 100% about your tactics, not your list. That being said, @Sttufe named some things you see many people (including myself) use as they tend to get the job done. My personal auto include is the Ironclad 100%, but I can see people arguing against it to have more units.
  9. I think they dont match the 5+ Save of HGB very well with that Thunderers armor, how about playing them as Hammerers? You could convert a Warden King count as and call them „Grundstok Bounty Hunters“ or sth like that and the CA of the warden king (+1 attack) „marks“ the target. That would be more fitting imo. Edit; I totally forgot that Hammerers stand on 25mm bases though... Yeah so maybe HGB are technically more fitting... What would be cool if you could somehow „show on the model“ that they have a 5+ Save because they are more offensive oriented but their „Scientist Boss“ (aka Runesmiter that absolutely doesnt pray but gives them Aethersteroids (tm) for rr wounds) has a kind of „energy field“ thats why they get the boosted 4++ when within 10“. Without him its 6++ bc baby energy field.
  10. 1. The List: Barak Nar: Brokk Grungsson 240 - He actually deals pretty reliable damage for his points and I love the model. +10 Thunderers would be more competitive though, I just don‘t want to leave him for now. Endrinmaster w Suit 220 - General - Aethercharged Aether-Khemist 90 - Spell (Comet*) Navigator 100 - Perfect against those big bad flying monsters that would otherwise countercharge 10 Arkanauts 90 - early screening / objective grabbing / being annoying 10 Thunderers 240 3 Riggers 100 Gunhauler 150 - Cannon, Torpedo (does D6 mws can suicide bomb a wounded keytarget) Ironclad 510 - cannon, last word (again, probably 20 thunderers and buoyancy aid would be more competitive) Iron Sky 130 - Never take Battleshock, but srsly its more for being 3 drops AND the artifacts Comet 100 The best thing is you can play in every phase of the game. You can unbind, dispel and even cast one of the best damage spells in the game! *First I thought the comet is a waste but he is GOLD, by Grungnis love! Think like that: 100 pts of Riggers will deal about 1 damage each shooting phase depending on loadout and enemy save. 100 points of comet will instantly deal about ~15-30 MWs when hitting the whole enemy line turn 1. AND the most important thing: Soften up those synergy bearers. Its kind of hard sometimes to kill those 5-6 wound Heroes off quickly enough. Not if they are already down to 2-4 wounds. The cherry: You can watch the outcome first and then plan your priority accordingly. And remember: There are armies that cant dispel! (A+) 2. True, though the Ironclad is literally (lul) carrying the game for me. If it was too cheap I think people would lose their mind even more! But I wouldnt complain if it dropped at least 20-40pts. The Admiral is a real bummer though in the aftermath. I LOVE this model but I cant think of him being worthwile, less so when playing Barak-Nar. But I love Brokk and the new Endrinmaster too, so I got over it haha. Hope this helps fellow Admiral!
  11. Yeah I think everyone can relate. Often when building lists I go like: 1. what do I want to play? 2. how can I create some synergies? 3. is there a battalion that combines everything? 4. 500-600p for stuff KO is lacking the 500-600p for stuff without me being able to sufficiently have point 1. covered.. But I got a list thats really close and I havent lost so far. Seems to be pretty solid and thats actually what I was looking for - won‘t probably win any trophies though. Edit: silver lining though - GHB can buff KO so easily by reducing points. Our basic mechanics are strong!
  12. Also its stated that battletome > core rules so they dont need to state that this rule overwrites the allegiance rules. I dont know why people always need to be so literal about everything, trying to squeeze the fun out of everything
  13. I‘d really like them to have some default „combo“ options, especially those dual dagger wielding ladies. eg 3 fury, 1 damage combo reaction: 2 fury 1 damage combo while getting more dice and/or cleave inspired. Would scale pretty hard with things like great strength, ferocious fighter and gloryseeker too! Edit: also, you could equip those combo reactions without needing an opener equipped!
  14. I think the addiction part kind of nails it regarding the hobby 😂👍🏻
  15. What really helps is a Navigator as he can just halve the TGs movement, therefore making it useless. Other than that if he got multiple just focus the General if possible because he is the most dangerous and if he buffed a TG with the 5+ after-save-spell halve that TGs movement and avoid it at all cost while focussing another one down. I found FEC were quite easy to kite out. Not nobrain but absolutely doable with some experience. Edit: I wonder anyway how TGs can stand a chance against our shooting as they are basically 7 Liberators standing in mystical terrain but w/o getting cover. Thats not that impressive tbh but still those big monsters manage to survive longer than they should in my experience.
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