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  1. If I were GW / designer in general I would listen to fans / people who love the product and give constructive / positive ideas how to improve and just ignore the haters. If I‘d get comments like „Omg GW you suck, you ruined Slaanesh, how can you not see how obviously bad the rules are“ I‘d just think to myself even IF it was the case „weeeeell you now got yourself another year of waiting now, gz now go ahead and buy it anyway nerd lol“ A bit exaggerated tbf, but who in their right mind really thinks that you get a positive result by aggressively yell for a change you pers
  2. I feel excited for every army I play (Fyreslayers, KO, OBR and the SCE I just started again due to Dominion release) Changes to CA and Monsters make me excited for my Vostarg, since I‘m fielding 2 Droths anyway which now got so much better, also no more need for LotL makes list building more interesting again, I am really eager to combo Vostarg + Runeson CA for +1 hit/wound in a bubble. Also smaller board will make that run + charge t1 much more impactful. I dont have to say much about KO, as every change so far made them better in my book. Also triumphs are a big! Being abl
  3. Just because those people yelling about balance and rules flaws are the loudest doesnt mean that they are right or even a majority. I think this point came up often enough by now, if you think the devs created a „bad“ game, by all means go ahead and play something different. Just because YOU personally dont like the design choices they are not „obviously“ bad/wrong/whatever. Not talking to someone specific here, just generally speaking.
  4. New RAW it would be -2 (to cancel out +1) but no more than -1 in total.
  5. Finally Skywardens become interesting, even outside of Barak Zon. 6 Skywardens hooking on alphastriking Zilfin Ironclad turn 1 can do some pretty good damage with all out attack. 12 shots at 3+/3+ followed by 13 attacks at 3+/3+ is enough to kill something off an objective while also distracting the enemy from our more important stuff. Also, I dont know who talked about nerfs, I see new triumph as a huge buff! I always used my triumphs for reroll saves to survive the enemies counterpunch, now that I have unleash hell, all out defense I can gladly take +1 to wound !
  6. Duardin in 2022: Grungni 3x 10 Arkanauts 1x 20 Hearthguard Berzerkers 1x Ironclad
  7. Hermdar problems are not my concern, anything making them less of an autotake gets my approval 😉
  8. Looking at the last preview about CP, heroic actions and monster changes I feel very excited for Fyreslayers! Imo we were always CP starving, so being able to use more CAs will be huge (looking at +1 to wound aura from son) Also Heroic Actions, protecting Battlesmith by +1 save first turn or healing him back up every hero phase comes in handy as well. Also Bael-Grimnir with +1 to wound/save is an outright beast for his points. Also roar sounds op! e.g. shutting down Mortek Guards reroll saves? Yes pls! Also its looking as if Unique Heroes always count as gene
  9. Tbh, nobody can tell you whats worth buying atm. I had 10 Judicators randomly flying around from years ago, so I start my new collection with them as they are battleline and probably get a support hero. Otherwise I‘m holding myself back from buying anything until Dominion drops and after that I wait for the Battletome and then plan a 2,5k army that I‘ll buy. As for now, its 100% gambling as nobody yet knows if older Scrolls get revamped or even become/stay viable compared to the new goodness. Lord Relictor & Lord Castellant will probably still be worth it in t
  10. Someone scouted the Annihilators Warscroll and it looked like 3 Attacks 3+/3+/-1/2 which is basically Retributors with +1 attack. With a 2+ Save. Thats bar any special rules they will undeniably have. They either need to make Annihilators very points heavy and/or other Paladins cheapter otherwise or increase the other Paladins output by a lot. Imo Retributors need like 4 Attacks base with their current warscroll to be viable for 190 per 5. Decimators should have like their 2“ ability but with 2 Damage, minimum 2 attacks. Protectors 5 Attacks base, maybe rend
  11. And I‘m just sitting here like a Lord-Impatient waiting for all the new goodness to arrive ... Really hope for some good synergies between all the stuff. In a perfect world the new battletome makes me wanna buy some Liberators again, but I also quite happily just play the new stuff if its enough and it‘ll get the job done.
  12. Great Reveal though, I‘m completely hyped! The Models are next level again, the videos were nicely done and the „8 things“ tackled some really great changes. Can‘t wait to get my hand on the dominion box. So eager to restart my SCE collection (which I sold off 2 years ago) But new = better am I right? 😉
  13. Sure, if you dont care about depth of a game AoS 1.0 was the best version of the game. I enjoyed that as well, but I like rules that allow tactical decisions to win the game. Thats what I define as competitive. Make strategy great again, nerf the supremacy of „the better list“ 👍🏻
  14. I think its better that those rules exist and people forget them / dont know how to correctly use them than to not have more options at all. Gives players like me (competitive mindset) more ways of playing better than my opponent. More rules = more outplay opportunities = more fun because you can be more creative about your tactic than just shove models up the board and roll dice
  15. Except he also got a decent close combat profile, 4+ wound shrug, 2 casts at +1 which makes him the best Sylvaneth caster and a spell that can deal more damage than kroak - and he actually can stand atop of a balewind vortex. All in all he is a pretty solid Hero and I‘d definately include him in a Sylvaneth army. That being said, the song IS kinda lame, would have been much cooler if you got to choose between different effects. I get why you call the design lazy tho, but its not a bad Warscroll.
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